School menus: Feb. 22 to 26

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Elementary schools– Breakfast: Sausage Pancake Bites (17g), WG Blueberry Muffin (28g), Diced Pears (14g); Entrées: (2) WG Pretzel (28g) w/Cheese Sauce (8.8g), Asian Chicken Bites (19g) w/WG Roll (24g); Sides: Green Beans (8g), Cauliflower (6g), Fresh Apple (25g), Orange Smiles (22g), Pineapple Tidbits (22g), Citrus Blast (14g); Condiments: Promise Margarine (0g)

Middle schools– Breakfast: Sausage (0g) Biscuit (29g) w Jelly (9g), Chocolate Chip French Toast (35g), Bagel (29g) w/Cream Cheese (2g) & Jelly (9g), Syrup (32g); Entrées: Regular or Buffalo Pizza Crunchers (41g), Mini Corn Dogs (30g); Sides: Green Beans (8.08g), Fresh Baby Carrots (10g), Fresh Apple (25g), Pineapple Tidbits (22g); Condiments: Ketchup (3g), Mustard (0g), Ranch Dressing (2g)


Elementary schools– Breakfast: French Toast W/Sausage Links (37g), WG Chocolate Chip Muffin (28g), Pineapple Tidbits (22g); Entrées: Cheeseburger (2g) on Bun (20g), BBQ (16g) on Bun (20g); Sides: Steamed Broccoli (4.64), Seasoned Fries (20g), Lettuce/Tomato/Onion (2g), Sliced Pickles (0g), Fresh Apple (25g), Orange Smiles (22g), Peach Slices (14g); Condiments: Ketchup (3g), Mustard (0g), Salad Dressing (1g), Mayonnaise (0g),

Middle schools– Breakfast: Bacon (0g), Egg (1g) and Cheese (1g) Biscuit (29g), Bacon (0g), Egg (1g) and Cheese (1g), Bagel (29g), WG Choc. Fudge Poptart (38g), Bagel (29g) w/Cream Cheese (2g) and Jelly (9g); Entrées: Honey BBQ Pork Bites (19g), Orange Chicken (19g), Chef Salad (19.96g) w/Roll (24g); Sides: Peas (16g), WG roll (24g), Orange Smiles (22g), Peaches (16.5g); Condiments: Ranch Dressing (1g), BBQ Sauce (11.53g), Promise Margarine (0g), Red French (9g), Italian (2g)


Elementary schools – Breakfast: Breakfast Pizza (26g), WG Apple Muffin (28g), Peach Slices (14g); Entrées: Pizza Crunchers (41g), Trix Yogurt, (20g) String Cheese (1g), WG Snack Crackers (16g) and Elf Graham Crackers (20g); Sides: Cooked Carrots (8.38g), Green Peas (13g), Fresh Apples (25g), Orange Smiles (22g), Mixed Fruit (17g)

Middle schools– Breakfast: WG Chocolate Chip Snack n Waffle (36g), Chicken (4g) Biscuit (26g), Bagel (29g) w/Cream Cheese (2g) & Jelly (9g), Syrup (32g); Entrées: Taco (6g) or Cheesy Chicken (8g) w/WG Tortilla Chips (18g), WG Chicken Patty (15g) Sandwich (25g), Turkey & Cheese Sub (30g); Sides: Corn (21g), Lettuce/Tomato (2g), Fresh Banana (27g), Mixed Fruit (17g); Condiments: Ketchup (3g), Mustard (0g), Taco Sauce (1g), Salad Dressing (1g), Sour Cream (2g)


Elementary schools– Breakfast: WG Brown Sugar Cinnamon Poptart (37g), Mini Strawberry Cream Cheese Bagel (41g), Fresh Banana (27g); Entrées: Sausage (0g) or Ham (1.5g), Some schools will add Scrambled Eggs (0), Cheese Breadsticks (36g); Sides: Biscuit (29g), (2) Hash Brown Wedges (24g), Banana (27g) Baked Apples (21g); Condiments: Ketchup (3g), Promise Margarine (0g), Jelly (9g)

Middle schools– Breakfast: Breakfast Pizza (26g), Cherry Frudel (37g), Bagel (29g) w/Cream Cheese (2g) and Jelly (9g); Entrées: Hamburger (26g) or Cheeseburger (27g), Corn Dog (30g); Sides: Seasoned Fries (42g), Lettuce/Tomato/Onion (2g), Baked Beans (29g), Applesauce (12g), Orange Smiles (22g), WG Choc. Chip Cookies (33.51g); Condiments: Ketchup (3g), Mustard (0g), Salad Dressing (1g), Pickles (0g)


Elementary schools– Breakfast: Chicken (4g) Biscuit (29g), WG Banana Muffin (28g), Orange Smiles (22g); Entrées: WG Chicken Strips (16g), Fish Nuggets (23g); Sides: Baked Beans (29g), Cole Slaw (6.80g), Orange Smiles (22g), Fresh Apple (25g), Diced Pears (14g), Sour Apple Juice (14g), WG Sugar Cookie (34g); Condiments: Honey Mustard (8g), Ketchup (3g), BBQ Sauce (12g)

Middle schools– Breakfast: Ham (1.5g) and Cheese (1g) Biscuit (29g) Ham (1.5g) and Cheese (1g) Bagel (29g), WG Dutch Waffle (43g) Syrup (32g), Bagel (29g) w/Cream Cheese (2g) and Jelly (9g); Entrées: Personal Pan Pizza (36g/35g), Popcorn Chicken (13g) w/Roll (24g); Sides: Tossed Salad (4.57g), Cooked Carrots (8.38g), Fresh Apple (25g), Pears (18g); Condiments: Ranch Dressing (2g), Honey Mustard (8g) , BBQ Sauce (11.53g) , Ketchup (3g), Red French (9g), Italian (2g)

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Other breakfast choices – Elementary school: rotating cereal choices: cinnamon toast crunch (22g), chocolate frosted mini wheats (23g), fruity cheerios (26g), cinnamon Rice Chex (GF) (23g), Cocoa Puffs (25g), RS Frosted Flakes Multigrain (24g), Lucky Charms (23g); white milk (12g), strawberry milk (25g), chocolate milk (23g), apple juice (14g), grape juice (18g), orange juice (12g), pineapple orange (13g).Middle school:Cereal Choices: RS Cocoa Puffs (25g), RS Fruit Loops (24g), RS Frosted Flakes (24g), Cinnamon Toast Crunch (22g), Cinnamon Rice Chex (GF) (23g); Cereal Bars: Cocoa Puffs (30g), Trix (30g), Cinnamon Toast Crunch (30g), Nutrigrain Strawberry (29g); Muffins: WG Apple Cinnamon (28g), chocolate chocolate chip (28g), WG banana (28g), WG blueberry (32g); milk choices: white milk (12g), strawberry milk (25g), chocolate milk (23g); juice choices: apple (14g), grape (18g), orange (12g), pineapple orange (13g); fresh fruit choices: apple (25g), orange (22g), banana (27g)