School menus: Aug. 19 through 23

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Elementary schools – Breakfast: pizza strip (28g), WG blueberry muffin (25g); entrées: mandarin chicken w/rice, mini corn dogs; sides: veggie Provence baby carrots w/ranch, banana, peach slices(16.5g); condiments: ranch dressing, ketchup(2g), mustard (0g). Don’t forget your milk

Middle schools – Breakfast: sausage and cheese biscuit (26g); apple frudel (36g); entrées: cheeseburger (2g)/hamburger(1g) on pretzel bun (29g), pork BBQ (16g), sandwich (29g), Sunbutter box; sides: sweet potato waffle fries (25.7g), lettuce/tomato/onion/pickles(.8g), fresh banana (26g), pineapple tidbits (15.5g); condiments: ketchup(2g), mustard (0g). Don’t Forget Your Milk


Elementary schools – Breakfast: yogurt parfait w/granola orange mini loaf (28g); entrées: turkey roast w/gravy, WG chicken nuggets; sides: mashed potatoes,broccoli (10.5g), banana, applesauce, WG roll w/margarine, WG sugar cookie; condiments: honey mustard (10g), BBQ sauce (7.5g), ketchup (2g). Don’t forget your milk

Middle schools – Breakfast: cheesy biscuit poppers and salsa WG, mini blueberry waffles (32g); entrées: country fried steak (18g) w/WG roll (24g), chicken nuggets (14g) w/WG roll (20g); entrées salad (9.5g) w/WG roll (20g); sides: steamed broccoli (10.5g), mashed potatoes (15.7g), fresh banana (26g), peach slices (15g); condiments: margarine (0g), honey mustard (5g), BBQ sauce (11g), ranch dressing (3g)


Elementary schools – Breakfast: breakfast pizza (24g), WG apple muffin (26g); entrées: cheeseburger on WG bun, scrambled egg, sausage or ham; sides: biscuit w/jelly, hash brown sticks, lettuce/tomato, sliced pickles, banana, baked apples; condiments: mustard (0g), ketchup (2g), mayo. Don’t forget your milk

Middle schools – Breakfast: cheese omelet (2g) w/biscuit (25g), banana bread slice (44g); entrées: assorted 4x6 pizza (37g), popcorn chicken (13g); sides: tossed salad w/mandarin orange (14g), green beans (4.54g), fresh banana (26g), applesauce (22g); condiments: raspberry vinegarette, honey mustard (5g), BBQ sauce (11g), ketchup (2g). Don’t forget your milk.


Elementary schools – Breakfast: WG chocolate chip snack n waffles (43g), WG banana muffin (26g); entrées: chicken rings w/WG roll, BBQ pork rib w/WG roll; sides: tossed salad w/ranch, cooked carrots, baked beans, banana, mixed fruit (16g), pudding cup; condiments: honey mustard (10g), BBQ sauce. Don’t forget your milk

Middle schools – Breakfast: breakfast pizza (24g), Sunbutter sandwich; entrées: chicken Fajita (1g) w/tortilla (24g), Fiestada pizza (52g); sides: tossed salad (4.48g), refried beans (24g), corn (17.7g), lettuce/tomato, fresh banana (26g), mixed fruit (16g); condiments: ranch dressing (3g), sour cream. Don’t forget your milk


Elementary schools – Breakfast: Ham and cheese biscuit (25g), WG chocolate chip muffin (27g); entrées: WG cheese pizza, WG sausage pizza; sides: sweet potato fries, green beans (4.54g), banana mixed fruit (16g). Don’t forget your milk

Middle schools – Breakfast: Pizza Strips (28g), mini biscuit w/gravy; entrées: pizza cruncher (P), fish patty (14g) sandwich (22g), Sunbutter box; sides: fresh baby carrots (4.22g), baked beans (33g), cole slaw (8g), fresh banana (26g), sliced pears (17g); condiments: ranch dressing (1.9g), ketchup (2g).Don’t forget your milk.