School menus: Aug. 13 to 15

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Elementary schools – Breakfast: Breakfast Pizza (26g), WG Apple Muffin (28g); Entrées: Hot Dog(1g) on Bun (20g), Chicken Tender Wrap w/Cheese (35.6g); Sides: Vegetarian Baked Beans (32.97g), Cole Slaw(7.14g), Fresh Banana (26g), Mandarin Oranges(12.69g); Condiments: Mustard(0g), Ketchup(3g)

Middle schools – Breakfast: Cinnamon Roll (36g), Breakfast Wrap (14g)w/Salsa (3.78g), Banana Bread (44g), Bagel(29g) w/Cream Cheese (1g) & Jelly (9g); Entrées: Pizza Crunchers (41g), Mini Corn Dogs(30g), Pretzel (28g) w/Cheese Sauce(4.2g); Sides: Tossed Salad(4g), Corn(18.77g), Fresh Apple (15g), Mandarin Oranges(12.69g); Condiments: Ketchup (3g), Mustard (0g), Ranch (1g)


Elementary schools – Breakfast: Cinni Minis (40g), WG Banana Muffin(28g); Entrées: Grilled Cheese (V)(24g), Hamburger(1g) on Bun(20g); Sides: Seasoned Fries, Lettuce/Tomato/Onion, Fresh Apple(15g), Fresh Orange (15.4g), Mixed Fruit(16g), Chocolate Pudding (23g); Condiments: Ketchup(3g), Mustard (0g), Salad Dressing (1g), Mayonnaise (0g)

Middle schools – Breakfast: Breakfast Pizza (26g), WG Bfast Bun (39g), Strawberry Danish(20g), Cinnamon Bagel (33g) w/Cream Cheese (1g); Entrées: Honey BBQ Pork Bites(7g) w/WG Roll(20g), Chicken Strips (16g)w/Roll(20g), Small Chef Salad(13g) w/Roll(20g); Sides: Steamed Broccoli(9.42g) with Cheese Sauce (2.1g), Vegetarian Beans(32.97g), Fresh Apple (15g), Peaches(16.5g); Condiments: Honey Mustard(5g), BBQ Sauce(11g) Ketchup(3g), Ranch Dressing(1g), Margarine(0g)


Elementary schools – Breakfast: Breakfast Wrap (14g). WG Chocolate Chip Muffin(28g); Entrées: WG 4x6 Cheese Pizza (V)(37g), WG 4x6 Pepperoni Pizza (P)(36g);  Sides: Corn (21g), Tossed Salad (4g), Sour Apple Juice (14g), Fresh Apple(15g), Diced Pears(18g); Condiments: Ranch Dressing (1g)

Middle schools – Breakfast: Egg (1g)& Cheese(1g) Biscuit (28g), WG Strawberry Pop tart (38g), Banana Bread (44g), Bagel(29g) w/Cream Cheese (1g) & Jelly (9g); Entrées: Cheesy Max Sticks (34g)w/Marinara Sauce(8g), Fish Nuggets (23.g)w/WG Hash Puppies(12g), Ham & Cheese Sub meal Deal(76g); Sides: Fresh Baby Carrots(5.79g), Green Beans (3.76g), Fresh Apple (15g), Diced Pears(15g); Condiments: Ranch Dressing(1g), Ketchup(3g), Tartar Sauce (0g)

Available daily for breakfast: White milk (12g), strawberry milk (25g), chocolate milk (23g), apple juice(14g), grape juice (18g), orange juice (13g), pineapple orange (13g); fresh apple (10.5g), fresh orange (9g), fresh banana (26g).Elementary school: Cereal Choices – Aug. 13-15, cinnamon toasters (22g), chocolate frosted Mini Wheats (23g), Fruity Cheerios (20g), Rice Chex (GF) (16g); August 18-22, Cocoa Puffs (20g), RS Frosted Flakes Multigrain (24g), Lucky Charms (23g); August 25-29, Cinnamon Toasters (22g), RS Frosted Flakes Multigrain (24g), Lucky Charms (23g), Rice Chex (GF) (16g). Middle school: Cinnamon Toasters (22g),  Cocoa Puffs (20g), RS Fruit Loops(24g), RS Frosted Flakes Multigrain (24g), Rice Chex (GF) (16g),  Daily Cereal Bar Choices, Cocoa Puffs Cereal Bar (28g), Trix Cereal Bar (28g), Cinnamon Toast Crunch Bar (27g), Nurtrigrain Strawberry (29g), Oatmeal Choc Chip Bar (24g)

WG Apple (28g), Banana (28g), Blueberry (32g) and Choc Chip (28g) Muffins