Reward offered for missing dog

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Neighbors saw 2 girls in red Sunbird take him

By Todd Martin

Casper was set to play an important part on Lynn Hirsch’s cattle farm.

“The last dog, I had him for fourteen years, and Casper was from the same line,” Hirsch said. “He’s just a young pup, so he hadn’t really learned [how to work with the cattle on the farm yet], but I was getting ready to send him to be trained. You could see he had it.”

Casper’s potential as a farmhand – and because Hirsch was fond of his newest animal and friend – is why Hirsch is so upset that the dog, an Australian Shepherd, was taken right off of Locust Lane on Sept. 5. In fact, he’s offering a $500 reward for the dog’s return.

“He was following my son, Steve’s, truck and these girls pulled up in a red Pontiac Sunbird, and called him to the car. He was so friendly, he went right to them,” Hirsch said.

“Then they pulled into my neighbor’s driveway and scooped him right up.”

Hirsch said he hopes the culprits, described as two sandy-haired girls, were just picking the dog up because it was getting too close to La Grange Road.

“Maybe that’s what they were doing, just trying to protect him,” he said. “But since no one has come around to see who he belongs to, I’m getting kind of worried.”

Hirsch said his neighbors witnessed the event, so when the report was taken it was treated as a theft. He also noted that he had spoken at length with Shelby County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Gene Witt about the “dognapping.” Witt did not return a message from The Sentinel-News seeking comment.

Hirsch said he’s at his wits end.

“I’ve talked to the pound, and no one has seen him,” Hirsch said. “We’ve put up signs everywhere. My granddaughter put it on the Internet, and someone told her that the dog was seen on Antioch Road [west of Locust Lane]. But I went out there and talked to every house and nothing.”

Because the dog hasn’t turned up and every lead seems lost, Hirsch wonders if Casper is the only dog that’s been stolen.

“In my travels looking for Casper, a lot of people have said they thought their dogs might have been taken, too,” he said. “I asked the sheriff’s office about how many they get and they said not many. I guess people don’t turn it in because they think the dog just wandered off, but then it never turns up.”

Hirsch said if you have any information, contact him at 220-7156.