Redistricting forums Monday and Tuesday

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Will address criteria, concerns

By Ashley Sutter

Shelby County Public Schools has responded to the growing population with a much-needed new school, breaking ground in July on the Marnel C Moorman School off Discovery Boulevard, near Collins High School.

The new school, which will serve students K-8, is set to open next fall, and to fill the seats at Marnel C Moorman, some rearranging is necessary.

The district has formed a committee consisting of parents, teachers and administrators across the county to help with the redistricting process that will move approximately 300 elementary students and 300 middle school students to the new school. These changes will reduce the enrollment of all other schools in the district, including the high schools were 8th grade students will be moved out of Shelby County and Collins high schools and back to their respective middle schools.

Next week the district will host two public forums to further explain the redistricting committee’s work and timeline.

The first forum will be 6 p.m. Monday at Shelby County High School in the theater.  Collins High School will host the second forum in its theater at 7 p.m. Tuesday.

The forums will mirror one another, both addressing the same concerns, said Cyndi Powell Skellie, Shelby County Public Schools’ public relations coordinator.

“Both meetings will be similar, it’s just meant to give multiple opportunities for people to attend,” she said.

Skellie said Mike Clark, the district’s director of student services, will share dates for committee’s meetings, introduce committee members, present the timeline for the committee’s work and share the criteria for the redistricting process.

The criteria considered in the process includes:

§  Building capacity

§  Geographic location

§  Neighborhoods

§  Potential for growth

§  Transportation

Further information about what will be discussed can be found by clicking the ‘Redistricting 2019-2020’ under the ‘About Us’ tab on the district’s website at www.Shelby.kyschools.us.

In addition to the presentation, Skellie said questions would be taken from the audience.

“If people have questions about redistricting, this is the place the address this,” she said.

A third meeting is also set for Dec. 10 that will address the work that has been done up to that point, as well.

Anyone with questions regarding the forums may contact the district office at 633-2375.