Real estate deeds: Sept. 23-Oct. 3, 2013

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Deeds are compiled from data posted on the Shelby County Clerk’s Web site. Property descriptions are based on the best available information provided in the database and may in fact refer to property and thoroughfares no longer formally identified. Financial terms include any value of the property stated on the deed, even if that amount did not change hands.

SEPT. 23-30

Wells Fargo Financial Kentucky Inc. to Clyde M. and Brenda C. Morgan, Lot 50, Meadowbrook, Section III, Phase I, $135,000

Anthony J. and Kennetta Wagner to Gregory M. and Amy E. Zimmerer, Lot 322, Persimmon Ridge, Phase XV, $68,000

Station Pointe Development LLC to Green Turtle Investments LLC, Unit 609, Building 13, Unit 613, Building 13 and Unit 625, Building 15, Cardinal Oaks Garden Homes, $250,000

Charles M. and Sarah Maines to Billie M. Carter and Janet Bemiss, Lot 172, Osprey Cove, Section III, $132,000

Hubert Colvin and Brenda J. Rogers to Rickey L. Stevens, 16.25 acres, Tract W-2, Ruble Farm West, $265,000

Gary C. and Cleon L. Taylor to Lori Nichols, Lot 273, Persimmon Ridge, $125,000

Brian W. and Diana c. Godwin to Kerry and Dianne Gramig, 11.807 acres, Tract 6, Taylor Wood Estates, $402,500

Lisa A. Thompson to Mark T. Yost, 1.468 acres on Clarks Station Road, $145,000

Michael and Tara R. Rucker to Jon D. and Stephanie E. Hood, 9.94 acres on Pea Ridge Road, $149,000

Sarah L. Ross to Jeffery T. Ross, 1 acre, Quire Farm, $90,600

Chris Gray to Terry W. and Kimberly b. Lake, 28 acres, McAleer and Shuck Properties, $350,000

Kentucky Plum Creek LP to Cheryl Fineman, 14.7 acres, Equestrian Lakes, $345,000

Dominion Homes of Kentucky LTD to Ernest L. and Margaret F. Flaugher, Lot 397, Cloverbrook Farms, Phase 1, Section 3, $192,893

Justina S. and Timothy Ray Johnson to Long Run Holdings LLC, 47.65 acres on Vigo Road and 2.01 acres, Lot 1, Howard White Property, $126,633

David E., and Hannetraude D. Wainscott to Hannetraude D. Wainscott, Lot 54 A-2, Meadowbrook No. 1, $115,000

David E.,  and Hanne Wainscott to Hannetraude D. Wainscott, Lot 10, Weissinger Estates, Section 1, $210,000

David E., and Hannetraude D. Wainscott to David E. Wainscott, 21.97 acres, Ethel Casey Farm North, $23,507.90

William Vandergriff to Rhonda Vandergriff, Lot 14, Brassfield, Section, 1, $168,500

Charles W. and Betty Jo Huffman to Matthew Burgin, 2.011 acres, Tract 1, Donnie Bohannon Farm, $171,500

Russell L. and Margaret F. Romine to Matthew P. and Tanya D. Smothermon, Lot 81, Fairway Crossing, Section 3, $235,000

Pamela J. and Virgil Dwain Montgomery to Brian C. and Stephanie Z. Sanford, Lot 36, Woodfield, Section II, $190,000

Peggie Chandler to Robert E. Doyle Revocable Living Trust, 5 acres, Tract 2, Davis Property, $125,000

Republic Bank & Trust Company to John D. Eckerle and Sheila D. Lee, 5.09 acres, Tract 9, Breitenstein Farm, $658,500

Shirley Shelburne to Kirk D. and Sara L. Michels, 16.41 acres, Tract 1, Shelburne Farm, $100,000

Todd and Tara Truckor to Commonwealth of Kentucky, property on KY 1848, $4,000

Gladys L. Miller to Bruce E. Miller, Lot 311, Tract 2, Trailwood Lakes, $5,000

Bruce E and Barbara Miller to Bruce E. Miller Trust, Lot 311, Tract 2, Trailwood Lakes, $5,000

Dianna Chandler and Milton and Dianna Pribble to Glen O. and Dora G. Alexander, 2 acres, Lot 4, Thurman Property, $190,000

Candice M. Craig and Brandon and McKinzie Rhea Craig Sheridan to Candice Craig Family Irrevocable Trust and McKinzie Rhea Craig Sheridan, Lots 5-6, Southlawn, $72,500

Ronita J. and Earl C. Leach Jr. to Edward Wilson Nye and Linda Sanders, Lots 29-31, Fairlane Acres, $97,000

Joel  and Jennifer Wittenauer and William Anthony Wittenauer Sr. to Scott W., William B., Lynn A. and Lindsay A. Ricke, Lot 66, Guist Creek Ridge, Section II, Phase 2, $159,000

Persimmon Ridge Golf Course Inc. to Dominion Homes of Kentucky LTD, Lot 250, Persimmon Ridge, $114,500

Mary McClean LLC to Shelley Thompson, Tract 18, Canterfield Way, Phase II, $175,000

Justin T. Cooper and Amy Shearer Lingo to Justin T. Cooper and Amy Shearer Lingo, Lot 37, Weissinger Estates, Section III, $280,000

Commonwealth Credit Union Inc. to Alyanna M. Peake, Lot 24, Knobview, $165,000

Clayton D. and Stephanie K. Fleischer to Anthony J. and Ashley S. Aldridge, Lots 9-13, Block A, Greenland Park No. 2, $128,500

Robert G. Jones Estate and David A. and Margie Jones and Kitty Lynn Brady to David A. and Kitty Lynn Brady, Lots 52-55, Block D, Simpsonville Gardens No. 2, $110,000

Donald A. and Lee Ann Mercurio to William A. Cooksey, Lots 18-19, Block B, Hazel Heights, $82,000

Michael C. and Kimberly J. Wade to Sara L. and C. Christopher Weiter, Lot 146, Persimmon Ridge, Phase VII, $365,000

Gerald A. and Cathy A. Bennett to Runchero Farms LLC, 42.39 acres and 2 acres, residual Tract 4, Shelburne Farm on Haley Road, 365,000

Revere Packaging LLC to Pearce Industrial Properties LLC, property on Pearce Industrial Boulevard, $1.44 million

Alizadeh Holdings Inc. to Christina Laila Alizadeh, 29.85 acres on Moody Pike and KY 55, $170,000

Jerry W. and Michelle R. Stepp to John J. and Lee Anne Hines, 5 acres, Lot 7, Brunerstown Farms, $241,000

Kentucky Telco Federal Credit Union to Michelle and Gerald W. Terrell Jr., Tract 2, CAB 8, SL 299, $123,900

Jennifer Nicole Webb to Christina and Nicholas A. Davis, Lots 21-23, Block C, Greenland Park No. 2, $110,000

Lindsay Marie May and Jeffrey David May to Kelly Jo and Shawn Michael Cresap, Lot 71, Guist Creek Ridge, Section II, Phase 3, $180,000

Corrine Ruhl Trust to Kamsjem Properties LLC, 13.9988 acres, Tract 6, Ruhl Farm, $28,000



OCT. 1-3

Julie Shearer Estate to Tabatha and Larry L. Baker Jr., Lot 3, DuBourg Farm No. 1, $104,000

Lonnie and Jane McGaughey to Lonnie and Jane McGaughey Revocable Living Trust, 3.121 acres on Mount Eden Road, $107,000

Persimmon Tree Realty Inc to Jeffrey Allen Wence, Lot 12, Overlook at Persimmon Ridge, $150,000

Stephen Vibbert and Gary Baer to Willie Ray Vibbert and Putnam Properties LLC, .62 acres, Tracts 13-14, Baker Farm, $225,000

James T., Bobby W. and Donna J. Pitcock to Hollie T. Parker Sr., Lot 55, Block 1, Trailwood Lakes, $5,000

Donald and Johnette S. Cotton to Joseph A/. and Deborah H. DuPont, Tract 6, Braxton Estates, $450,000

David C. and Paula Ann head to Jeff and Melanie Pendley, Lot 64, Thoroughbred Acres, $156,500

Deborrah K. Marcum Brown and William Todd Brown to Lisa J. and Charles B. Meyer Jr., Lot 26, Southgate, $155,000

William C. and Loy b. Schooley to Jona and Joshua B. Chisholm, Lot 23, Rolling Hill Estates, $154,900

Douglas W. and Erika L. Simms Ross to Ronnie H. and Carole E. Singleton, Lot 125, Todds Station, Phase II, $210,000

Eric Dale Palmer and Kylee Dawn Palmer to Zachary Shaw, Lots 7-9, part of Lot 6, Block B, Greenland Park, No. 2, $115,000

James F. and Diann P. Jones to Brenda I. Rodriguez, Lots 4-5, Block D, Indianapolis Subdivision, $12,000

Jeffrey A. and Cynthia A. Kraus to Karthryn R. Love, 15 acres, Tract 1A, Frazier Farm North, $619,000

Timothy A. and  Teresa A. Thompson to Cassidy Abbott Orr, Lot 67 Osprey Cove, Section II, $150,000

Anne F. Sheen to Betty J. and Hartwell Montfort, 16.249 acres, on KY 241, $103,000

Timothy A. and  Teresa A. Thompson to Cassidy Abbott Orr, Lot 68 Osprey Cove, Section II, $16,000

Kristie L. Brown and Timothy L. and Kristie L. Moss to Timothy L. and Kristie L. Moss, Lot 47, Cloverbrook Farms, Phase 1, Section 1, $170,000

Oretta A. Switzer Living Trust to Oretta A, Switzer Living Trust II, 7.95 acres, Tract 13, Bellefonte Estates, $675,000

Odyssey Land Inc. to Sharon C. and Robert L. Howell Jr., Lots 165, 166, 178, Bridlewood Estates, Section 3, $45,000

Dollie Jean Ellis Estate to David M. and Shirlene C. Ellis, Lot 73, Town N Country, Tract 3, $125,000

Bardy L. and Peggy S. Bryant Revocable Living Trust to Dan and Alea Haydon, 1.25 acres on Buzzard Roost Road, $228,750

Secretary Of Housing & Urban Development to Ann E, Moussette, .332 acres, Tract 1, Elsey Beale Property, $80,000