Real estate deeds: Sept. 21, 2012

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July 19-22

Kentucky Plum Creek LP to Robbie E. Gartman, 5.02 acres, Lot 10, Equestrian Lakes North, Phase 1, $50,000

Melvin Jesse Patterson and Joyce Ann Patterson to Melvin Jesse Patterson and Joyce Ann Patterson, 8.82 acres on KY 395, $87,000

John A. and Brandy Collins to Benjamin E. Bleecker and Diane O. Moore, 1 Acre on Frankfort-New Castle Turnpike, $5,000

Michael and Gloria J. Bazan to Amy R. Vanhoose and Rita Young, .28 acres, Bonniemere, $1 and considerations

Timothy J. Bengert to Timothy J. Bengert Trust, 2.71 acres, Weissinger Estates, Section III, $1 and considerations

Mathew W. and Mollie A. Sammons to Martina L. Dubicki, Glenna S. Lucas and Roy Lucas, Lot 3, Mulberry Heights, $143,500

John A. Roppel to Ronald E. and Flora J. Chandler, Unit 1, Greenland Park Condominiums, $80,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, to Rashon A. Williams, property on East Side of Eminence Pike, $40,500

SA Group Properties Inc. to R. Danesh LLC, Tracts 2, 4 and 5, Simpsonville Commerce Center, $10 and considerations

Summitt Storage LLC and Candido and Angelica Sangabriel to Juan F. Palacios and Leormin Flores, property on Buck Creek Pike and Veechdale Pike, $38,000


July 23-25

Fannie Mae to Alysia Elmore, 5.25 acres In Tract 2 and 5.14 acres In Tract 3, Cranbourne Grange Road, $167,000

Richard A. and Lily Drury to Terry Hockensmith, Lot 31, Creekside Village, Phase II, $160,000

Sara E. and Thomas B. Monarch to Heather and Ross Caldwell, 30.01 acres on Jacksonville Road and 24.96 acres, Parcel B, DMC Farm, $484,900

James T. and Sue Zanne Morris to Brittany Michelle Heckman and Robert Naelitz, Lot 96, Rolling Ridge, Phase I, $137,000

Robinson Family Trust to Bradford A. and Tammy Boltz, Part of Lot 3, Block 1, Fairview, 4

Patricia D. and Louis A. Harman to Linda G. and Leo Frank Jr., property on Guist Creek Lake, $145,000


July 26-29

Jerry and Mary P. McCray Trust to Charlene B. and Steven W. Clark, 2.24 acres on KY 55, $210,000

Denis P. and Janice D. Raleigh to Fifth Third Bank, 1.019 acres, Lots 38-39, Majestic Oaks, Sec. 2, $213,000

Precision Built Homes Inc. to Angela and Ronald E. Miracle II, 5.05 acres, Tract 7, Chesapeake Meadows, $348,000

Michael and Stephanie Mehring to James W. and Erin Goodlett, Lot 29, Creekside Village, Phase II, $160,000

Richard, Ashley, Greg and Susan Hartsough to Wendy L. Price, 5.81 acres, Lot 8, Russell Farm, $239,780

Robert Brueck to Robert W. and Judy L. Allen, 80.72 acres, Shelbyville-Christiansburg Depot, $318,128.44

PBI Bank to Jerry & Sue LLC, property on 9th Street In Shelbyville, $20,000

Lee and April Salyer to Bank of New York Mellon, Lot 295, Persimmon Ridge, Phase XIV, $516,000

Charles T. Mullins Sr. Family Living Trust to Brian J. Michel and Kristin N. Logan, Lot 1, Oakmoor Woods, $88,000

Terrell H. Pinnick to Stephen E. and Janet L. Snow, 1 Acre on Aiken Road, $37,500

JP Morgan Chase Bank NA to Sylvia Head, Lots 5A, 6A, Meadowbrook No. 1, $68,500

Candice Ethington, Candice Isa and Fernando Isa, Lot 138, Rolling Ridge, Phase 5, Section 2, $168,000


July 30-31

Kelmanson Living Trust to Kelmanson Family Trust, 5 acres, Tract 17, Overlook Bend, $355,300

Robert L. and Cynthia T. Green to Vickie A. Johnson , Lots 13-15, Block B, Webbmont, $90,500

Donald E. and Sheila Cull to Daniel Torpey and Cynthia Vimont, 8.09 acres, Tract 11, John V. Barnett Farm, $273,400

Albert Moffett Inc. to Daniel Torpey and Cynthia Vimont, Block C and Lots 20-23 Block D, Beckhams Addition, $480,000

William P. and Victoria Broadus to Charles R. and Sloane A. Hord, 5 acres In Tract 1, 5 acres In Tract 2, Lester & Nellie Bohannon Farm, $66,000

Shelbyville Historic District Preservation Foundation to John T. McGinnis, property on Main St. Between 10th and 11th Streets, $180,000

Eugene H. Currens Trust to Kimberly Ann Ellis, Pat of Lot 20, Block A, Middleton Heights, $74,000

Dominion Homes of Kentucky Ltd. to Jordan N. and Kathryn M, Fromholt, Lot 152, Cloverbrook Farms, Phase I, Section 2, $148,833

Evelyn V. Bell to Emmy Houweling, Lot 1, Dogwood Trace, Phase 1, $110,000

Michael S. and Afton N. Hornback to Michael D. and Sonia Hartman, Lot 50, Meadowbrook, Phase 1, $90,000