Real estate deeds: Sept. 14, 2012

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July 9-11

Kevin R. and Kelly Hinkle to Matthew P. Eaton, Tract 20, Henry Veech Road Farms, $61,000

Joanna J. and Charles D. Miller to Gary W. and Rebecca L. Blankenship, Lot 1, Hunters Pointe Estates, $605,000

Marie B. Wright to Marie B. Wright, 1.54 Acres and 14.88 Acres on Beechridge Road, $1 and considerations

Marie B. Wright to Louann Sensabaugh, 40 Acres on Beechridge Road, $1 and considerations

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA to Marci L. Boston, Lots 47-50, Highlands, $35,000

Dale and Shirley Yerian to Kevean D. Adams and Ruth Bismonte, 5.428 Acres, Bramblett Farm Divided, $222,000

John and Tiffany Lindeman to Brett Marlow, Lot 11, Greenland No. 1, $87,000

Geneva F. and James S. Mitchum to Glenn and Patricia Gibian, Part Of Lot 10 and Lot 11, Block D, Aqua Shores, $140,000

Bobby Joe King to Lyndell L. and Alisa R. Shepherd, 1 Acre on Bardstown Road, $110,000

William D. O’Nan and Billy O’Nan to Brenda K. and Wayne M. O’Nan, 2.11 Acres on Vigo Road, $25,000

Wilson Land LLC to Brennen Hancock and Amber D. Jaggers, Tracts C and D, Wilson Farm, $70,000

US Bank NA to Mark A. and Shannon Lee Denney Properties LLC, Unit 506, Building 10, Cardinal Townhomes, $52,000

Charles Lee Davis III to Eddie R. Davis, Lots 1A and 1-4, Block B, Maple Park Addition, $15,000

William D. Cummings and Internal Revenue Service to B Developed LLC, Lot 1, Block C, Catalpa Court, $78,000

Kenneth Wayne Cheatham and Kelly Melton Cheatham to Republic Bank & Trust Company, Tract 15, Majestic Oaks, Section 1, $1 and considerations



July 12-15

Sandra L. Bazan to Timothy G. and Kayla R. Wiley, Lot 154, Hi Point Village III, Phase II, $125.500

Shelbyville Shelby County Parks & Recreation Board to New Mount Zion Baptist Church Inc., 12.53 Acres on east side of Freedom’s Way, $90,000

Twin Springs 2010 LLC to Twin Springs 2010 LLC, Lot 2A Reserve At Twin Springs, $100

William D. and Susan M. Thorne to Louis M. and Gayle L. Marston, , Lot 3a, Reserve At Twin Springs, $100

Twin Springs 2010 LLC to William D. and Susan M. Thorne, Lot 3B, Reserve At Twin Springs, $100

Kathy Livers to Pamela M. Aldridge, Lot14B, Reserve At Twin Springs, $100

Twin Springs 2010 LLC to Kathy Livers, Lot 14A, Reserve At Twin Springs, $100

Ashworth C. Payne Jr. to Kentucky Housing Corp., Lot 23, North Country, Sec. I, deed in lieu of foreclosure

Kentucky Housing Corp. to Federal National Mortgage Association, Lot 23, North Country, Sec. I, deed in lieu of foreclosure

Hi and Jean. S. Riggs to Brent A. Evans and Natasha L. McDaniel, Lot 148, Bridlewood Estates SEC. 1, $130,000

Stacy Beard and Jane White to Jeremy and Laura Wells, Lot 14, Longview Estates, $127,000

AKL Custom Homes LLC to Derek B. and Chrystal A. Sparks, LOT 98, North Country, Sec. 4, Phase 2, $197,000

Shelby Lewis LLC to Zoeller Properties LLC, .194 Acres on West Side Of 10th St., $5,000

Thelma and Ernest W. Cloyd to Michael James and Kayla M. Kinney, Lot 20, Hunting Hills, $115,000

Rogers Realty Trading LLC and Jennifer H. Decker Living Trust to Michael and Cara B. Webb, 19.36 Acres, Tract 16, Greenhaven Farm, $59,000

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Barry T. and Lee Ellen Webb, Lots 30-34, Block D, Simpsonville Gardens No. 2, $80,100

Barry T. and Lee Ellen Webb to First Source Appraisal LLC, Lots 30-34, Block D, Simpsonville Gardens No. 2, $80,100



July 16-18

Anna Marine Walker to Thomas Ray Walker, 5.64 Acres on KY 1472, $1 and considerations

Wilbert and Carolyn Hudson to Charles and Dorethea Richmond, William L. and Mary C. Holder, Thomas Whitlow, Tyrone and Judith Walker and Phillip R. Thomas, Lot 26A, Trailwood Lakes Inc., $1303

Mary Ann and Arnold T. Van Etten to Patrick and Jennifer O’Donnell, Lot 177, Persimmon Ridge Phase VIII, $420,000

George L. and Christine M. Tapp and Tapps Feed & Farm Supply to Shelby County Board Of Education, .43 Acres on Kentucky Street, $65,000

Catherine Whisman to Rebecca Whisman, Lot 15, Rolling Acres, $90,600

Timothy G. and Kayla Renee Wiley to Charles G. and Geraldine McCullough, Lot 21, Ken Acres, $88,000

Margaret M. Hughes to Alan B. Hughes, 15.83 Acres Near Tick Creek, considerations

Alan B. Hughes Revocable Trust, Alan B. Hughes, Douglas L. Hughes and Phyllis R. Hughes to Douglas L. and Phyllis R. Hughes, 143.82 Acres on Lick Road, $35,597.28

Dominion Homes Of Kentucky LTD to William J. Hammond, Lot 78, Cloverbrook Farms, Section 5, $112,022

Dominion Homes Of Kentucky LTD to William P. Janiszewski, Lot 73, Cloverbrook Farms, $129,284

Dominion Homes Of Kentucky LTD to Heather E. Downey, Lot 166, Cloverbrook Farms, Section 5, $158,105

Dominion Homes Of Kentucky LTD to Robert A. Holt, Lot 164, Cloverbrook Farms, $148,910

Amy C. and William D. Starks Jr. to Bryan B. Romine, Lot 127, North Country, Section IV, $137,000

William Leenerts to Judy D. James, Unit 826, Building 3, Lot 35, Gardens At Station Pointe, $99,900

Roy Bruce Nethery and Joyce Nethery to Rut N Strut Farms LLC, 134.21 Acres on Coyote Crossing, $1 and considerations

Erin K. Forman to Michael P. Forman, Property on Main Street In Simpsonville, $114,000

Community Exchange Service LLC to HILPPS Shelby County Properties LLC, 1.29 Acres, Tract 17, Breighton Business Center, Section 2, $267,898.86

Janice A. Jaggers to Joel D. Jaggers, 1.05 Acres on Mulberry Eminence Road, $123,000

Jeffrey T., Jeremie N. and Laura H. Kelly to Dallas L. Kelly, 1.012 Acres on KY 12, $12,000

Republic Bank & Trust Company to Derrick S. and Rebecca S. Rhodes, Lot 6, Oakmoor Woods, Section 1, $517,274

Angela M. Doyle to Roger D. and Ylan Tate, Lot 66, Hunting Hills, Phase I, Section II, $127,000

Larry G. and Cheryl Ann Shuck to John Schwab and Equity Trust Company, Lots 1-5, Valley View Farms, No. 1, $98,000