Real estate deeds: Sept. 1-22, 2013

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Deeds are compiled from data posted on the Shelby County Clerk’s Web site. Property descriptions are based on the best available information provided in the database and may in fact refer to property and thoroughfares no longer formally identified. Financial terms include any value of the property stated on the deed, even if that amount did not change hands.


Sept. 1-15

Tommy and Mary Ann Smith to Max Quire, property in Hatton, $14,000

Dana Dowling and Andrea Taroli to Mitch T. and Amy E. Peterson, 5.57 acres on Haley & Figgs Store Road, $274,900

William and Lou Anne Baker to Lisa K. and Mark Coleman Baker, Lot 5, Cloverbrook Farms, Phase 1, Section 1, $173,000

Robert A. & Monica J. Reid Revocable Living Trust to Lydia C. Watson, Unit 830, Building 3, Lot 5, Gardens of Station Pointe, $95,000

Dennis E. Dziedzic to Karlen Dziedzic, Unit 9B, Building 9, Village at Persimmon Ridge, considerations

Mount Eden LLC to David L. Hill Jr. 5.0273 acres, Tract 4, Ruhl Farm, $55,000

Adam and Jacquelyn Krull Fischer to Mary and Joshua Lee Wise, Lot 164, Midland Estates, Section 8, $112,000

Barbara A. Carter to Jeri English, Lot 3, Block 8, Fairview, $152,000

Twin Springs 2010 LLC to Donald Hamilton Inc., Lots 9A and 9B, Reserve at Twin Springs, $25,000

Gregory E. Blasi and Helen F. Pitts to Gregory E. Blasi and Helen F. Pitts, 29.268 acres on Finchville Fisherville Pike, $458,000

Luxon H. Ballard III Revocable Trust to Lucille F. Leake, 1.49 acres on Seven Mile Pike $80,000

Dana F. and Ray A. Stucker to Joe F. Gillenwalter and Sharron M. Hagan, Lot 17, Block C, Catalpa Court, $193,500

Al Bennett Builders Inc. to Michael B. and Jennifer N. Bridge, Lot 40, Fairway Crossing, Section 4, $375,500

Susan McMenamy McFaden Trust to Andrea W. Bittker, Unit 478A, Up Building 8, Cardinal Townhomes, $99,900

David T. and Althea C. Willis Coffee to David T. and Althea T. Coffee, Lot 162, Partridge Run, Section II, $212,000

Robert J. and Susan M. Jackey to Martin D. and Teresa A. Bruce, 3.18 acres, Tract 1, Sparrow Farm, $19,000

Jonathan and Lori Lee Callis to John Diaz, Lot 14, Midland Estates, Section 1, $105,000

WAS Homes LLC to Jacob N. and Ydaira Womack, Lot 129, Partridge Run, Section III, $311,000

Jagoe Land Corp. to Jagoe Homes Inc., Lot 51, Meadow Glen, Section III, $27,000

Brian Hood to James and Ann Ruble, Lot 22B, Fairway Crossing, $142,000

Jeff and Catina Redmon to Kondaur Capital Corporation and Matawin Ventures Trust Series 2012-3, Lots 15-18, Block A, Fairview, Waddy, $95,000

Michael D. and Penny L. Stevens Cook Revocable Living Trust to Robert Wood and Virginia Jacobson, 5.004 acres, Tract 11, Chestnut Grove Farms, $378,500

Michael B. and Cara B. Webb to Alan C. and Alana R. Webb, 5 acres, Tract 1B, Ray View Farms, $210,000

David and Valerie Blethen to Nancy B. Simpson, .5 acre, Cemetery Street, Pleasureville, $76,500

Robin B. and Beverly Simmons to William R. Overby and Bridget M. Townsend, 7 acres on Benson Pike, $217,000

Barbara and Wayne Ashby to Beverly Ann Radcliff, Lots 57-58 and part of Lot 59, Block B, Eastview, $51,500

Herschel T. Downing Estate to Patricia and John M. Masters, 5.19 acres, Tract 2B, Eugenia Hedden Farm, $210,000

Carolyn Sue McGehee to Brenda Carol Thomas, 5.09 acres, Tract 2, Chesapeake Meadows, $51,000

Leggett & Platt Inc. to Trumbo Farm Service LLC, Tract 1, CAB 8, SL 255, $762,500

Edward L. and Laurel Combs to Laurel Combs, Barbara Martin and Dawn A. Mortinsen, Lot 33, Orchard Crossing, Phase 1, $104,850

Republic Bank & Trust Company to Wynter Reneaux Collins, 10.05 acres, Tract 5-6, Sanderline Farm, $857,590

Citimortgage Inc. to Tiffany Johnson, Lot 27, Hi Point Village, Phase 1, $124,900

Walter D. and Bettye B. Reynolds to Gary L. and Beverly A. Tapp, Tract 2, CAB 1, SL 339 on KY 55, $50,000

Martha F. Peting to Daniel Lee Rutledge and Gary Lee Rutledge, Mary Sue Rutledge and Victoria Carter, 58.88 acres, Tract 4, White Farm, $250,000

Elizabeth A. Spaulding to Simpsonville Enterprises LLC, property on US 60 in Simpsonville, $400,000

Laura and Roger Dunaway to Brent F. and Allison F. Miller, Lot 20, Station Pointe, Phase 1, $218,000

Minnie Jane Scrogham Estate to Deanna S. and Carlos Dale Chesser, 54.93 acres, Tract 1, Hollie L. Cook Farm, Mount Eden, $65,000

Patricia A. Burke to Gilbert Darrell Burke, 5.5 acres on Pleasureville Cropper Pike and lot in Pleasureville, $63,000

Citizens Union Bank to B. Developed LLC, Lot 10, Fairview Block 5, $65,000

Jesse P. Stewart to Jonathan S. and Jasmine T. Exum, Lots 1-4, Cross Keys Cove, $125,000

Lucas S. and Chastity Branham to Brad Henderson, Lot 126, Rolling Ridge, Phase 4, Section 1, $137,000

Amy L. Hogan, Amy L. Measle and Debra G. Newton to Ricardo Castillo Salgado and Katherine Ceballos Uribe, Lot 18, North Country, Section 1, $149,000

PBI Bank Inc. to Stephen R. and Donna R. Meador, property on High Street, $14,000

Terry and Constance Putnam to EKS Inc., 1.367 acres on Hempridge Road and .66 acres on KY 714, $178,000

William Lauren Stewart to William Lauren Stewart, 16.25 acres, Morris Clark Road, $159,360



Sept. 16-22

Friedland Realty Associates to Friedland Realty LLC, 15 acres on KY 55, $1 and considerations

Dominion Homes of Kentucky LTD to Louis D. Fischer, Lot 173, Cloverbrook Farms, $190,670

Dominion Homes of Kentucky LTD to Matthew J. Sailor, Lot 171, Cloverbrook Farms, $171,000

Dominion Homes of Kentucky LTD to Gregory N. Buntin and Stacey E. Marshall, Lot 403, Cloverbrook Farms, $171,318

Edward Greiner Estate to James Lee Greiner and Callie Alexis Greiner, 6.36 acres, Lot 9, John V. Barnett Farm, $175,000

David M. and Shirlene C. Ellis to James L. and Brenda K. Rucker, Lot 46, Magnolia Place, Section II, $263,500

Ray A. and Bettye R. Wetherington to Thomas E. and Laura Frances Barker, property on Mount Eden Road, $11,250

Jackey L. and Ruth C. Edwards to PL Lyons Inc., 6.89 acres, Tract 8, Greenhaven Farm, $56,814.71

Woodfield Inc. to AKL Custom Homes LLC, Lot 28, Meadowbrook, Section III, Phase III, $27,000

Linda Geiger, Betty Jane Geiger and William E. Geiger Jr. and Deborah Sue and Arthur Logan to Wilma J. Waits, Lot 3, Dogwood Trace, Phase 1, $115,000

Susan Nicole Saufley and Zack Church Saufley Jr. to Susan Nicole Saufley and Zack Church Saufley Jr., Lot 72, Fairway Crossing, Section 2, $275,000

Shane M. Kessinger to David A. Fort, Lot 202, Rolling Ridge, Phase 3B, considerations

Angela and Darrin W. Harris to Jamie L. Harris and Adrien McKiness, Lot 95, Hi Point Village, Phase 1, $146,500

Barbati Real Estate LLC to JRS Restaurant Corp., Tract 1E, Hi Point Shopping Center, $600,000

Mary Decker to Linda g. Shelor, 15.05 acres, Tract B, Old Booker Pike Farms, $585,000

Osprey Limited LLC to Peach Properties Home Rentals LLC, Units 33, 34, 64, 65, Acre C-3, Villas of Osprey Cove, $510,000

AKL Custom Homes LLC to Jeffrey West, Lot 29, Meadowbrook, Section III, Phase III, $225,900

Shirley M. and John M. Loudermilk III to Steven W. Grimes Jr., Lot 47, Mulberry Heights, $150,000

Gary S. Beams to Thomas R. and Patricia C. Burton, Tract 17, Taylor Wood Estates, $350,000

Michael S. Bohannon to Gary L. and Beverly Tindle, Tracts 4, 6-10, Joseph Smith Farm, $200,000

Kimberlee S. Gillespie to Maurice D. and Shannon Bishop, Tracts 1-3, Hundley Farm Divided, $240,000

William J. Case and Lisa M. Cassetta to Stonecroft Homes LLC, 18 acres, Equestrian Lakes, Phase 1, $325,000

John M. and Sennis M. Loudermilk to Katherine Diedre Taylor, Lot 33, Meadow Glen, Section 2, $154,000

Horace W. and Elizabeth C. Brown to Mark and Cheryl Harley, Lot 164, Trailwood Lakes, $ 3,550

Icon Cardinal Investors LLC to Garry L. and Elaine H. Waits, Lot 121, Cardinal Club Estates, $45,000

Sharon C. and Robert L. Howell Jr. to B&N Properties LLC, Lot 172, Bridlewood Estates, Section 3, $10,218.14

Sharon C. and Robert L. Howell Jr. to B&N Properties LLC, Lot 114, Bridlewood Estates, Section 2, $6,766.91

Kevin D. and Stephanie Raisor to Glenda and Gerald Douglas Perry, Tract 4A, 5.018 acres, Catridge Road, $80,000

Edward M. Chambers, Martha Chambers, Gayle C. Patterson, Betty C. Harris, Gladys A. Chambers Naomi C. Hundley, Perry Johnson, Joanne Johnson, Anthony Dwayne Harris and Alex Chambers Jr. Estate to Jake Ethington, Lot 34, Village View, $ 26,000

Mary Louise Bohannon to Billy R Bohannon & Jane S Revocable Living Trust, .716 acres on KY 1506, $125,000

Station Pointe Development LLC  to Green Turtle Investments LLC, Unit 629, Building 15, Cardinal Oaks Garden Home, $250,000

Green Turtle Investments LLC to Samuel R. and Barbara J. Clark, Unit 629, Building 15, Cardinal Oaks Garden Home, $249,000

Donald and Teresa F. Williams to Daniel, Mark, Nicole and Jessica Williams, Tracts 1-2, Anna Lou Williams Estate, $65,000

GP Enterprises LLC to Julieta Aguilar, .5 acre on Chambers Lane, $20,000

Lowry Living trust to Gale D. Altrock and Carol R. Younger, property on Antioch Pike, $36,000

Barbati Real Estate LLC to Commonwealth Bank & Trust, 1.054 acres, Lot 1, Meyer Property, $750,000

Jon. D. and Carol S. Henson to Craig and Virginia FB Hood, Lot 1, Spring Oaks, No. 2, $240,000

Robert D. Lawrence to Ashlea Christiansen, 5.018 acres, Lot 17, Brunerstown Farms, $107,500

Dallas E. and Patricia Burgin to Garces Jorge C. Sanchez and Diana Trejo Hernandez, Lot 3, Southgate, $126,750

Citizens Union Bank to Mary F. Decker, Unit 10B, Building 10, Villas at Persimmon Ridge, $170,000

Susanne L. Harrod to Danea J. Holloway, 5.43 acres, Tract 11, Henry Veech Road Farm, $375,000

Kristin N. and Steven R. Robinson to Amanda K. McClain, Lot 117, Hi Point Village III, Phase 1, $135,000