Real estate deeds: Oct. 10-31, 2013

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Deeds are compiled from data posted on the Shelby County Clerk’s Web site. Property descriptions are based on the best available information provided in the database and may in fact refer to property and thoroughfares no longer formally identified. Financial terms include any value of the property stated on the deed, even if that amount did not change hands.


Oct. 10-16

Dogwood Homes of Kentucky LLC to Kelley M. Goins and Randall E. Johnson, Lot 68, Summersfield Place, Phase I, $157,000

Josephine C. Slucher Estate to Lashbrooke J. Davidson and Martha S. Kupchinksky, Lot 2, Saunders Farm, $185,000

AKL Custom Homes LLC to Christopher G. and Rebecca G. Brewer, Lot 36, Section 1, Old Mill Village, $240,000

Ronnie and Sally Hollingsworth to Peggy S. Bryant, Lot 17, Knob View Estates, $210,500

PBI Bank to Jerry & Sue LLC, .99 acres, Jos P Properties, $17,000

Trula V. Pilcher to Dorothy S. and Lonnie H. Trent and Mark R. and Elizabeth T. Tyler, property on Dalton School House Road, $20,000

Harold Thom Estate and Mark R. and Elizabeth T. Tyler to Mark R. and Elizabeth T. Tyler, 8.74 acres, Lot 19-B1, Whistle Stop Farm, $1 and considerations

Harold M. Thom Estate to Trent A. and Mary T. Shaftner, 5.32 acres, Lot 19-A1, Whistle Stop Farm, $260,000

Robert E. Reed and Sarah Reed Braswell to Mary Beth Goodrich, 1 acre, $45,000

Benjamin M. and Bren R. Salyers and to JC Rental Properties LLC, Unit 486, Building 9, Cardinal Townhomes, Phase 4, $94,000

Denise D. and Mark Jesse to Katherine Michele Fields, Lots 44-46 and Parts of Lots 43 and 47, Highland Manor, $80,000

Joey and Johnna Griffith to Betty Gilbert Cain, .14 acres, Cropper, $73,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Matthew Wilkins, Lot 149, Cloverbrook Farms, $118,000

Western District LLC to Elite Warehousing Inc., property on Equity Street, $165,000

Rooney A. Woods and Gerald Wildt to Regina M. and Marcus H. Davis Sr., Lot 1, Dale Place, $210,000

Angela Cathleen Cawthon/Statz to Robert Edward Cawthon, Lot 113B, Trailwood Lakes No. 1, $1 and considerations

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA and Bank One NA to David L. and Irene LaFlair Sexton, 18.03 acres, Figgs Store Road, $226,000

James A. Douglas to Timothy and Teresa A. Thompson, 5.36 acres, Tract 4, McIntosh Farm, $300,000

Marsha Gail Moore and William Allen Moore to Vickie L. Scrogham, .75 acres, new Tract 1, Wilson Farm, $40,000

Regina M. and Marcus H. Davis Sr. to Steven G. and Lisa A. Roadcap, 5.001 acres, Lot 4, Benningfield Farms, $265,000

Michael W. Cronin Living Trust to John M. Faulkner Jr., Unit 1, Building C, Cardinal Townhomes, $103,000

Barbara J. Hall Estate to Susanne Harrod, Lot 18, Magnolia Place, Section $230,000


Oct. 17-20

Bobbye J. and Robert Jeffrey McCarthy to McCoun Farm LLC, 107.218 acres, Dover Road, $450,000

James T. Whitaker Sr. Trust to James T. Whitaker Jr. and Joanne N. Whitaker, Tract 2, Whitaker Property, $1 and considerations

Michael S. Bohannon to Gary L. and Beverly Tindle, 5.52 acres, Tract 5, Joseph Smith Farm,  $30,000

Woodfield Inc. to Donald Hamilton Inc., Units 311A and 311B, Town N Country, Section XI, $50,000

Grand United Order of Odd Fellows in America to Lincoln Foundation, property on U.S. 60, $100

Debbie K Willard to Timothy B. Willard, 2.024 acres, Anderson Lane, $50,000

Thomas U. and Barbara M. Finnell to Tabitha Lyn and Barry Paul Stenger Jr., .4 acres on McCormick Road, $69,000


Oct. 21-27

3 JS Investments LLC to Robert John Agnew III, 2 acres, Shelbyville Road, $164,000

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Paul and Viola Hatter, 7.7 acres, KY 148, $62,500

Brenda and Ronald Metcalf to Eleanor Asher, TR 1, CAB 8, SL 88, $400,000

Danea J. to Richard T. Holloway, 112.5 acres, Graceland, $560,000

Richard T. Holloway to Danea J. Holloway, 22.76 acres, Hancock Farms, $400,000

Danea J. to Richard T. Holloway, 90.19 acres, Guist Creek, $475,000

James R Conti Jr. to Mary S. and Susan c. Hummel, 29 acres, Haley Road, $240,000

Robert and Jennifer Persinger to John M. Adams, Lot 5, Block A, Ashland Heights No. 1, $116,000

Roger C. Green Sr. to Robert L. Green and Roger C. Green Jr., 48 acres on Seven Mile Pike, $90,000

Jack t. Jackson to Amber and Donald G. Scholl III, Lot 148, Midland Estates, Section No. 8, $110,000           

Janice E. Sutton to Janice E. Sutton Revocable Trust, Unit 12C, Villas, Section 1, Fairway Crossing, $150,000

Melanie J. Defler and Clark H. Defler Revocable Living Trust and Joan H. Defler Revocable Living Trust to Melanie J. Defler, property on Ellis Road, $265,026.16

Judith L. Keitz to Sarah and Damian Parnell, 12.42 acres, Tract 1, Rockbridge Farms I, $95,000

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Jack D. Clifford, Lot 39, Meadow Glen, Section III, $228,880

Barbara Steinrock Revocable Trust to Sandy Lloyd and Jeff, Mike and James Gregory Steinrock, Lots 349-350, Block 2, Trailwood Lakes, $6,300

Charles A. and Beverly Harrod to James Earl Way, .002 acres, Tract D, Harrod Property, $1 and considerations           

James Earl Way to Charles A. Harrod, .002 acres, Tract C, Harrod Property, $1 and considerations           

Douglas C. Nash to Daniel L.. Victoria, Garry L. and Marue Sue Rutledge, 37.82 acres, Tracts A, 6-7, Zenger Farm South, $225,000

James Moore and Lucinda Moore Patterson to Stuart and Connie L. Eisenback, Tract 1, CAB 8, SL 281, $70,000

Stivers Land Company to Mary Ann Perry, 2 tracts, Main and Washington St. in Shelbyville, $85,000


Oct. 28-31

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Presequity LLC, property on Main St. between 5th and 6th in Shelbyville, $60,500

B Developed LLC to Christopher M. and Jessica J. White, Lot 4, Block 10, Fairview, $142,000

Brent K. and Amber McGaughey and Brent K. McGaughey Testamentary Trust to Brent K. McGuaghey, Lot 25, Section 1, Arbor Green, $10 and considerations

Morgan A. and Melissa A. Dunn to Muncie Meade, Lot 2, Section 1, Indian Springs, $44,000

Persimmon Ridge Golf Course Inc. to Dominion Homes of Kentucky LTD, Lot 327, Persimmon Ridge, Phase XV, $57,250

FRE Shelbyville LLC to Shore Ventures LLC, Lot 23A, Stonecrest Industrial Property, $1.992 million

Dominion Homes of Kentucky LTD to Michelle L. Tedford, Lot 394, Cloverbrook Farms,  Phase I, Section 3, $195,471

Dominion Homes of Kentucky LTD to Carl Lee Nunn III, Lot 177, Cloverbrook Farms, Phase I, Section 3, $149,839

Timothy and Jessica Lange to Jeffrey F. and Karen E. Lange, Lot 7, Block 17, Fairview Addition, $75,000

Kentucky Housing Corp. to Timothy and Jessica Lange, 1.054 acres, Tract 1, Ritter Road Farms, $78,500

Calvin and Betty Burris to Daniel Joshua Bullard and Sarah Elizabeth Bullard, 8.03 acres, Greenhaven Farm, $150,000

John F. and Leila Swaim and Keshia T. Clemons to Samuel J. and Anne B. Eyle, Lot 6A, Fairway Crossing, $200,000

Kenneth J. and Linda M. Winkle to Brian D. and Kristin Hope Grubb, 57.92 acres, Graefenburg Bullards Cross Pike and North of I-64, $390,000

Charles E. Migdol to Lauren Jacobs, Lot 8, Guist Creek Ridge, Section II, Phase I, $70,000

Joel P. Dorignac to Jeri P. Irwin, Jack T Irwin Sr. and Jack T. Irwin Jr. Unit 426, Building 4, Cardinal Townhomes, $110,000

David and Ghedra Dunn to Kenny L. Smith, property on U.S. 60, $125,000

Dominion Homes of Kentucky LTD to Michael and Terry E. Appa, Lot 396, Cloverbrook Farms, Phase I, Section 3, $218,235

Ross and Heather Caldwell to Kevin Zimmerly, 30.01 acres on Jacksonville Road and 24.96 acres, Parcel B, DMC Farm, $315,000

Camella Katheryn Willard Declaration Trust to Charles E. and Eula Masters, property on KY 395, $123,750

EKS Inc. to Bryan C. and Whitney Glover, 2.02 acres on KY 714 and 1506, $195,500

Anya and Randall L. Carnes Jr. to Andrea L. and Joseph L. Brandenburg, 25 acres on KY 12, $472,000

Steven W. and Elizabeth A. Heightchew to Kelli J. and Thomas R. Hasfurder Jr., 2.18 acres on KY 241, $142,000           

Louis B. and Barbara J. Donnahoe to Brooke A. and Edward P. Ernst, Lot 104, Rolling Ridge Phase 4, Section 1 and corner of Lot 103, Phase 4, Section 2, $152,500

Andrew L. and Annie K. Anderson to Ryon W. Kustes, 3.86 acres, Tract 2, Hamilton Farms LLC, $142,000

Ralph G. Love Estate to Anna Ruth Dutton, Lot 15, Partridge Run Estates, $118,000

Stephen D. and Ann Coleman to Diane B. Coker, Lots 1-2, Block A, Extension of Southlawn lot, $95,000

Michael F. Meinze to Kamsjem Properties LLC, 1.41 acres on U.S. 60, $10,000