Real estate deeds: Nov.16, 2012

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Oct. 1-5

Ann Marie Brickzen to Ann Marie Brickzen Revocable Trust, 17.685 acres, Stoneybrook Woods, $1 and considerations

Angie Beasley and Willard w. Tipton to Angie Beasley, 5.9 acres, McCarty Farm, $1 and considerations

Robert Brueck to Robert W. and Judy L. Allen, 1.251 acres on KY 12, $1,500

Chris and Mary E. Zoeller and Cora Sue Miller to Chris and Mary E. Zoeller and Cora Sue Miller, property on Bland Avenue in Shelbyville, $10 and considerations

Steven R. and Kimberly R. Kennedy to Edward P. and Amanda Rae McSwain, Lot 66, Ken Acres,

Christopher and William Lee Perry to Lisa Anne and Patrick Lane Rogers, Tract 1, Central Bank Farm, $185,000

Josh and Tracey R. Devine to Michael Firkins, Lot 6, Greenland, $103,400

Gilbert S. and Bernetta S. Abbott to Thomas S. and Rebecca S. Abbott, 9.32 acres, Tract A, Gilbert Abbott Property, $1 and considerations

Paul E. Frinak Revocable Trust to Sheila J. and Paul E. Frinak, Lot 29, Majestic Oaks, Section 2, $520,000

Christopher T. Diehl to Kevin Edward Brown, 6.03 acres, Tract 10, Lewis Farm, $217,000

Christopher Keen to Tony G. and Pearl M. Gray, Lot 119, Bridlewood Estates, Section 2, $139,000

Janice Kaufman and Carol and James Davis to Diana T. Olson, property on KY 53, $1 and considerations

Station Pointe Development LLC to Green Turtle Investments LLC, Units 612 and 614, Building 1 and Unites 625-629, Building 8 and Units 601 and 605, Building 12, Cardinal Oaks Gardens, $1,054,724.96

Elite Homes Inc. to Sarah and Stad Smith, 5.02 acres, Tract 10, Ethington Farm, $401,630

Woodfield Inc. to Donald Hamilton Inc., Lot 85, Meadowbrook, Section III, Phase II, $27,000

Lee Masonry Products Inc. to Reliable Asphalt Products Inc., 3.42 acres, Lot 2, Irving Materials Division, $590,000

Elizabeth Jean McNey Sweet, Elizabeth J. Erwin and Charles Phillip Sweet III to Lynn Wissman, Lot 77, Hi Point Village, Section II, $135,000

David Lance Grebe to John D. and Brenna A. Finkbeiner, Lot 120, North Country, Section IV, $141,500



Oct. 5-15

Daniel W. and Angela R. Adams to Lonnie and Jane McGaughey, 21.93 acres in Mount Eden, $1 and considerations

Lyndell and Alisa Shepherd to Daisy and Paul Thomas Hamilton, 152.71 acres on Bob Jeff Road, $547,592.50

Lyndell and Alisa Shepherd to  Hamilton Farms LLC, 8.29 acres north of I-64, $101,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Marceline Cobb, Lot 2, Section 1, Meadow Glen, $150,851.06

Michael and Gloria J. Bazan to Deborah and Timothy Swain, Lot 31, Bonniemere No. 1, $12,500

Rashon A. Williams to Rashon A. Williams, 1.91 acres on Bullitt Road, $300,000

Shawn P. Willard to Michael R. Clark, Lot 12, Brassfield, Section 1, $160,000

Joshua and Angela Blank to Zachary J. Hirsch and Lauren Mackenzie Snipp, Lot 86, Hunting Hills, Phase 4, Section 2, $122,000

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp to Ben Hardin, Lot 27, Knobview, $85,550

Janet Lewis, Jason Brown, Shellie Brown, Adam Brown and Jessica Brown, to Steve and Gary Cook, Lot 8, Kendall Acres, $5,833.33

Kentucky Housing Corp. to Federal National Mortgage Association, Lot 7, Lees Court, $97,674.75

Julia A. Gantt to Scott L. Abbott, Tract 2A, Gaba Farms and West Sparrow Farm, $1 and considerations

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Tiffany L. and John C. Lindeman, Lot 169, Rolling Ridge, Phase 4, Section 1, $140,000

Loretta J. Rogers to Robert W. Brueck, 26.10 acres, Rogers Farm, $105,000

Hunting Hills of Shelbyville Inc. to Lucy Gentry Easley, Parcel B, Phase 1, Section II, Hunting Hills, $

Joan M. Bethany to Brandon and Natalie P. Bruner, Tract 10, Knob Valley, $160,000

Joseph M. and Georgia L. Curl to David L. and Alicia C. Cardwell, Lot 178, Town N Country, Section VIII, $230,000

Keith L. and Naomi Cable to Brian J. Trent, Lot 40, Woodfield, Section II, $133,000

Thomas E. Schweitz and Janice Emery to Dean G. Perry and Terri J. Perry Schaapveld, Lot 109, Persimmon Ridge, Phase IV, $352,000

Burk Properties LLC to Cynthia M. Fister and Jefferey S. Hulker, Lot 17, Fairway Crossing, Section 3, $32,000

Michael and Lisa Moore to Greer L. Johnson, 2.001 acres, Tract 2A, Bailey Young Farm, $90,000

Evelyn M Carney to Evelyn M. Carney, Lot 2, Hi Point Village, Phase 1, $1 and considerations

Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Bryan Perry, Lot 54 Benson Trace, $27,000

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Elaine and Lloyd G. Mixon, Lot 10, Block E, Aqua Shores, No. 2, $74,000

Kenneth R. and Ann G. McAnear to Susan W. and Lewis M. Lebus, Lot 1, Weissinger Estates, Section 1, $209,000

Kevin T. Nguyen to Massimo and Frida Bianco, 7.51 acres, Tract 13, Whistlestop Farm, $142,000

Karen Webb to Carrie L. Cotton, Lot 32, Bayne Acres, $141,000

Donald J. and Karen Billman to Sarah J. and David Eric Krauss, property on 8th Street in Shelbyville, $184,000

Kevin and Elizabeth Price to Sean M. and Lindsay C. White, Lot 51, Partridge Run Estates, $142,400

James O. and Patricia A. Napier to James A. Ellis, Lot 14 Rolling Ridge, Phase 5, Section 2, $114,500

King Corporate Group LLC to Keith and Brittney Yanke, Lot 10, Overlook at Persimmon Ridge, $55,000

Enrique Olvera Landaverde, Maria D. Olvera and Carmen Martinez Olvera to Amy Knysak and Daniel Skinner, 15.67 acres, Tract 1, Robin Anderson Division, $174,000

Federal National Mortgage Association to Samantha Sharp, Lot 5, Mulberry Heights, $134,900


Oct. 16-Nov. 1

Catherine P. Hornback (aka Bejgrowicz) and Joseph Franklin Hornback to Sharon R. Bentley, Lot 4, Marbrook Estates, $153,500

Carolyn Watson, Charles Watson, Helen Watson, Jerry Watson and Arvin Watson Jr. and Nancy Beasley to Harry Richard Lyon, .0968 acres on KY 12, $10,000

Ricky and Angela Denise Haggard to Martin Boone, 9.85 acres on Smith Road and KY 395, $28,000

Benjamin C. and Rebecca Yost to Mark A. and Lisa A. Richardson, Lot 5, Dale Place, $222,500

Jerry & Mary P. McCray Trust A to Jerry & Mary P. McCray Trust B, Lot 5 and Part of Lot 6, Southlawn, $72,500

Jerry & Mary P. McCray Trust B to Candice M. Craig Trust, Lot 5 and Part of Lot 6, Southlawn, $72,500

Candice M. Craig Trust to Candice M. Craig, Lot 5 and Part of Lot 6, Southlawn, $72,500

Stuart Lee Shindlebower, Belinda Shindlebower, John William Shindlebower and Estrella Shindlebower to John William Shindlebower and Belinda Shindlebower, Lot 1, Flowers Property, $70,000

Stephen Alexander Gordon to Senta Kaleena Carr, Lot 88, Highlands at Summerfield, Section 1, $123,500

Donald Ray Smither Jr., Malinda Husband, Georgette P. Smither, Anthony Scott Smither, Sheila A. Smith and Sheila Goold to John and Teresa Woods, .52 acres on KY 395, $25,300

George S. McCarty Jr. to Joseph L. and Mary Helen Johnson, 7 acres on Six Mile Creek and 6.75 acres on Frankfort-New Castle Pike, $40,000

Joseph J. and Terri D. Barber to Malek and Catherine M. George, 3.51 acres, Tract 1, First Farm, $240,000

William A. Stone Sr. Estate to Emmanuel A. Stone, 39.398 acres, Jennings Farm, $26,000

Harold W. and Phyllis A. Thompson to Teresa Thompson, Lots 51-54, Block E, Tower Heights, $1 and considerations

Flock of Four LLC to Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Lot 1A, Junior Jennings Property, $385,000

Elite Homes Inc. to Joshua M. and Angela G. Blank, 5 acres, Tract 5, Gravett Farm, $354,079.19

Douglas and Michelle Bartholomew to Judy and William Clifford St. Croix, Lot 200, Persimmon Ridge, Phase IX, $405,000

Jeffrey L. and Jennifer Hieb to Robert J. and Roxann V. Hieb, 137.34 acres, Tract 4, Knob Valley, $24,773

Federal National Mortgage Association to Cynthia Alvano, Tract 8, Schifferdecker Farm, $205,000

Bonnie I. and Bobby E. Casey to Bobbie E. Casey and Linda C. Cook, Lot 5, Bayne Acres, $86,000

Corey and Mackenzie Beyerle to Katherine and Joseph Kyle Laduke, Lot 7, Rockbridge Farms II, $45,000

James M. and Kathy Poole Housley and Housley Living Trust to Tony J. and Angela S. Oakley, Lot 96,  Todds Station, Phase 2, $167,000

Albert Moffett Inc. to Melvin T. and Laura L. Nethery, Lots 1 and, Willow Wood, $385,000

Virgil and Beatrice Montgomery to Virgil Dwain Montgomery, Lot 36, Woodfield, Section II, $1 and considerations

Roy F. Neel Estate to Gregory and Kimberly Ann Kelly, Lots 38-44, Block B, Tower Heights, $154,000

Donald Hamilton Inc. to Kenneth J. and Kathryn L Couch, Lot 58, Old Millage Village, Section II, $196,000

Christopher H. and Ashley E. Sanders to Jennifer R. and Jeremy E. Vermier, Lots 9A and 10A, Ashland Section 4 and 16-foot easement, $91,200

Kerman Properties IV LLC to BLK Properties LLC, property on Washington St. between 6th and 7th streets in Shelbyville, $55,000

James L. and Betty Henderson to MDW Realty, Lot 9, Sparrow Farm, $134,200

June M. Burger, Austin Hite Hays and Hannah Hays to Austin Hite Hays and Hannah Hays, Lot 39, Block E. Greenland Park, $1 and considerations

Lloyd M. and Kathy L. James to William T. and Natalie D. Montell, Lot 9, Old Mill Village, Section 1, $232,000

Ralph A. and Susan N. Raisor to John Falconer, Lot 84, Rolling Ridge, Phase 5, Section 1, $135,000

Ray Thomas Estate to Danny Joe Dempsey, Lot 13, Block B, Aqua Shores No. 1, $67,000

Christopher L. Langford to Amber M. and Justin Paul Schenk, Lot 80, Hunting Hills, Phase, Section II, $161,000

Carson Lee Nation and Samantha Smith Nation to Owen and Carol Nation, Lot 28, Hi Point Village, Phase I, $73,500

Shirley Shelburne to Kirk D. and Sara L. Michels, 13.51 acres, Tract 2, Shelburne Farm, $89,500

Royston C. and Ethel H Welch to Deanne F. Daniels and William R. Hollingsworth, Lot 5, Knob View Estates, $160,000

Dominion Homes of Kentucky LTD to Tommy and Lettie N. Green, Lot 407, Cloverbrook Farms, Phase 1, Section 3, $164,669

Donald Hamilton Inc. to Shannon S. and Allison G. Shafer, Lot 63, Old Mill Village, Section II, $279,200

Doug L. and Lauren Miller to Amanda L. Renfrow, Lot 13, Ardmore No. 2, $100,000

Jeremy S. Watson and Lori Watson Shindlebower to Deborah L. and Harry S. Abarientos, Lot 13, Guist Creek, Section II, Phase 4, $ 195,000

John C. Hurt an Debra L. McKinney to Hurt McKinney Revocable Trust, Lot 4, Silver Creek, $370,000

Diana L. and Phillip T. Donovan to Diana L. and Phillip T. Donovan, property on U.S. 60 in Graefenburg, $1 and considerations

Julie Norton to Donald J. Norton, 6.266 acres, Rucker Farm, $135,000

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Michael T. Hill, Lot 128, North Country, Section IV, $120,000

Reynolds Way LLC to Marshall Realty Company, .73 acres on old KY 53, $255,000

Betty J. Gray to Betty J. Gray Living Trust, 15.05 acres, Kent Land Farms South, $100,000

Janeen and Dennis Mengert to Elisabeth and Jamie Wells, Lot 42, Creekside Village, Phase II, $162,800

 Albert Moffett Inc. to Philip S. Nutter and Midwest Real Estate Trust, Lot 10, Arbor Green, Section 2, $55,000

Albert Moffett Inc. to Philip S. Nutter and Midwest Real Estate Trust, Lot 4, Arbor Green, Section 2, $55,000

Stephen R. and Jeannie Bourg to Waddy Baptist Church, 14.35 acres, JW Mackey Property, $66,950

PBI Bank to Larry G. and Sue F. Jones, Lot 26, Silver Creek, $210,000


Nov. 1-2

AKL Custom Homes to Doug and Lauren N. Miller, Lot 83, North Country, Section 4, Phase I, $189,900

Felicia J. Burba (Miller) to Felicia J. Burba, Tract 13, Sky View Estates, $215,000

Federal National Mortgage Association to M. Sams, Lot 24, Section 1, Arbor Green, $48,500

Gabriel A. Wood and Ashley N. Carwile to Jacob L. and Emma J. Stidham, 1.968 acres on old Finchville Road and 1.2 acres, part of lot 33, Block B, Brown Acres, $112,500

Ann R. Seppenfield to Lou Ann Clements, Tract 5, Hargadon Farm, $35,000

Federal National Mortgage Association to Benjamin Steffen, Lot 23, North Country, Section 1, $129,000

Lucy Ann Franklin and Robert Allen Clark to Robert A. and Wanda L. Clark, Lot 2, Dove Acres, $25,000


Nov. 3-8

Jagoe Land Corporation to Jagoe Homes Inc., Lot 78, Section 1, Meadow Glen, $26,000

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Susan K. Hoffman, Lot 78, Section 1, Meadow Glen, $169,500

Bank of Oldham County Inc. to Patricia A. Meredith, Unit 22A, Building 22, Villas at Persimmon Ridge, $157,000

S&R Properties LLC to Gregory P. and Jaclyn N. Tibbs, Lot 10, Estates at Notting Hills, Phase I, $166,000

Robert and Ashlie Eads to Rhecille and Michael E. Burgin, Lot 12, Southgate, $149,000

Nila Jean Gillahan and Vickie Chatman to Hubert Colvin and Brenda J. Rogers, 16.25 acres, Ruble Farm West, $183,000

James E. and Ronda Ann O’Donoghue to Randy C. and Amanda L. Clark, Tract 10, Highland Meadows, $265,500

Woodfield Inc. to Donald Hamilton Inc. Lot 15 Meadowbrook, Section III, Phase III, $27,000

Mary Catherine Hutcherson Estate to Brian S. Miller, Lot 73, Meadow Glen, $143,000

PBI Bank Inc. to Kamsjem Properties LLC, Lot 2, Village View, Section 1, $25,000

Tim McGuillen, Neville G. McGuillen and Sue McGuillen to Neville G. an Sue McGuillen, Lot 17, Lone Oaks, Phase 2, $10 and considerations

Donald Hamilton Inc. to Christal D. and Gregory T. Armstrong, Lot 4, Knob View Estates, $168,700

Walter E. and Carol Y. Wilson to Jill Reynolds and Rebecca B. Reynolds, 16.46 acres, Tract 11, Tuttle Farm North, $364,500

Carol W. and Charles Hebel Jr. and Hebel Properties 2012 Inc. to Hebel Properties 2012 LLC and Snyder Holdings LLC, Tracts 19A-2 and Tracts 11 and 318, Gaba Farms East Hebron, $1,478,950

Carol W. and Charles Hebel Jr. to Hebel Properties 2012 LLC, 123.47 acres on U.S. 60, $1,544,250

Carol W. and Charles Hebel Jr. to Hebel Properties 2012 LLC, 1.27 acres on U.S. 60, $145,000

Clay and Jennifer McMillan to Christopher L. Langford, Lot 47, Cardinal Club Estates, The Links, $302,500

Christopher and William Lee Perry to Stephen Tyler Diehl, Lot 1, Ashland Heights, $100,000

310 Main LLC to 328 Main LLC, property at 4th and Henry Clay Streets in Shelbyville, $91,000           

Nov. 9-14

John Wesley Ruble and Ann Ruble to Michael S. and Afton N. Hornback, Tract 14, Ruble Farm, $188,000

Corrine Ruhl Estate to Justin L. Yeary. Lots 33-35 and part of Lot 36A, Block C, Greenland Park No. 2, $88,500

Luther and Sandra N. Henry to Jerry D. McCormick, 5.0058 acres, Tract 1, St. Clair Property, $210,000

Mary Lou Smith Madigan to Madigan Rentals LLC, Tract 2, Lucille Smith Subdivision, $1 and considerations

Station Point Development LLC to Key Homes LLC, Lot 57, Cardinal Club Estates, $47,500

William E. Mischler, Donnie Gene Bramblett, Linda Frances Jennings and William D. Jennings to Jamie L. and Kurt J. Smith, 63.29 acres, Tract C, Bramblett Farm, $206,000

J. Blacketer LLC to Hebel Properties 2012 LLC, Tracts B1, A, 2, 3, Hill Winds Farm, $1,317,680

Farmers Deposit Bank and Citizens Deposit Bank to Ashley Beach, Lot 7, Robin Place, $5,000

Geoffrey Smith Durham and Diana J. Smith Durham to James Frederick Phifer and Patti Eubanks Phifer, 31.25 acres, Tracts 1-2, Bennett Property Divided, $1.9 million

Jennifer P. Anglin to Angelo L. and Cynthia M. Baniago, Lot 64, Osprey Cove, Section 2, $144,900

Charles A. and Mary E. Marcellino to Benjamin P. and Angela M. Shinabery, 5.01 acres, Lot 1, Scrogham Parcel, $72,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Alan R. and Marian Babish, Lot 5, Country View Estates, $178,700

Karen L. Bradford to Stone Financing LLC, property on 8th Street in Shelbyville, $143,500

Dominion Homes of Kentucky LTD to Eric and Melanie Seeders, Lot 401, Cloverbrook Farms, $164,359

Kelly A. and Roy Fitchett and Tom Wathen to Tom Wathen, 13.83 acres, Burwell Todds Point Farm, $1 and considerations

Amber M. and Roberto Oscar Valerio II to Horace Lareine, Lot 8, Lakeview, $110,500