Real estate deeds: Nov. 5-30, 2013

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Deeds are compiled from data posted on the Shelby County Clerk’s Web site. Property descriptions are based on the best available information provided in the database and may in fact refer to property and thoroughfares no longer formally identified. Financial terms include any value of the property stated on the deed, even if that amount did not change hands.

Nov. 5-Nov. 30

Wells Fargo Bank NA and First Franklin Mortgage Loan Trust to Lynn A. and Rebecca L Fox, Lot 141, Cloverbrook Farms, Phase 1, Section 2, $123,000

Shawn and Jennifer Willard to Cereise White Snyder, 7.34 acres, Tract 5, Forest A. & Catherine Smith Trust, $21,000

Andrea E. May to Stephen P. May, Tract 1, Pollard Property, $114,000

John A. and Natalie D. Wilson to Janan A. and Kathy S. Jona, 2.859 acres, Tract 1, Rucker Farm, $31,250

Citizens Union Bank to AKL Custom Homes LLC, Lots 3-4, Dogwood Villa Patio Homes, $20,000

Tamara Bounds to Khristen J. and Herbert E. Basham, 1 acre, Tract 5B, Guist Creek Meadows, $75,000

Lauren Jacobs Tingle to Julie A. Jacobs, Lot 8, Guist Creek Ridge, Section II, Phase I, $190,000

Robin S. Dunavan Estate to Sue D. and Sammy Noe Jr., 98 acres on KY 12, $125,000

John William Hundley III and Joan Rae Hundley to John William Hundley III and Joan Rae Hundley, Lot 1, Block A, Catalpa Court, $1 and considerations

Betty J. and Larry R. Price and Patricia A. and James L. Edelen to Jamie and Mark Osborne, property on La Grange Road, $34,100

Jonathan J. and Angelica G. Saunders to Russell D. and Karla R. Skow,, 1.672 acres on KY 148 and Zaring Mill Road, $190,000

Rodney P. and Mary Lu Dempsey to Ronald L. and Susan M. Hawley, Lot 98, Brentwood, Unit IV, $239,500

Lynn K. Hill to Michael T. Hill, Lot 128, North Country, Section IV, $120,000

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet to East Kentucky Power Cooperative, 9.599 acres at I-64 and Buck Creek Road, $115,200

Patricia C. Quire to Richard Lee Quire, 40 acres, Tract 2B on Hatton Road and .74 acres, Quire Property, $25,000

Oscar and Ruth Hazelett to Steve and Beulah Martin, Lot 64, Block 1, Trailwood Lakes, $1,500

Commonwealth Bank & Trust to Equity Unlimited LLC, Unit 476A, Building 8, Cardinal Townhomes, $69,900

Presequity LLC to Timothy S. Anderson, Lot 137, Todds Station, Phase II, $145,500

Matthew S. and Catherine May Burgin to Philip D. and Deborah E. Balder, Lot 141, Hi Point Village III, Phase II, $169,500

Philip D. and Deborah E. Balder to Janae Adams, Lot 72, Hi Point Village II, Phase II, $139,000

Donald Hamilton Inc. to Christian and Dominique Reese, Lot 87, Meadowbrook, Section III, Phase II, $153,000

James E. and Brenda B. Webb to Mark, Thomas and Irvin Kupper, 6.06 acres, Tract 2, Ernest Webb Farm, $40,000

Christine A. and Eric T. Brown to Deborah L. Fisher, Lot 262, Persimmon Ridge, Phase XII, $395,000

Angela and Stephen Tracy to Matthew S. and Karen L. Collins, Lot 4, Block 8, Fairview Addition,

Dogwood Homes of Kentucky LLC to Rosemary J. Henley, Lot 71, Summersfield Place, Phase I, $142,074.16

Action Real Estate LLC to Cherry and Thomas Settle Jr., 15.008 acres, Tract C, Old Stone Farm, $337,500

Randall S. and Rebecca Jane Bradley to Rebecca Jane Bradley Revocable Living Trust, 4.638 acres, Tract 2, Hill Property, $99,900

Charles A. and Beverly Harrod to Charles A. and Beverly Harrod, 10.001 acres, Tract A, Harrod Farm, $185,000

Robbie A. Hardin to Robbie A. Murphy, Lot 4, Dogwood Trace, Phase 1, $130,000

Kenneth W. and Sandra W. Phillips to Sandra W. Phillips, 5.5164 acres, Tract 1, James Farm, $1 and considerations

Juan J. Valdez Jr. to Juan J. Diaz Valdez and Lucia Valdez, Lots 38-39, Block D, Indianapolis Sub., $8,000

Dominion Homes Of Kentucky LTD to Angel E. Pellot and Mayra E. Gonzalez, Lot 172, Cloverbrook Farms, Phase 1, Section 3, $146,881

James L. and Brenda K. Rucker to Rucker Family Living Trust, Lot 46, Magnolia Place, Section II, $263,500

Betty Cain to Evelyn Jueann Turner, Lots 34-37, Block B, Tower Heights, $187,000

WAS Homes LLC to Justin T. and Amanda E. Atkins, Lot 80, Fairway Crossing, Section 3, $259,250

Buckeye Properties LLC to B Developed LLC, Lots 17-20, part of lot 16, Block A, Simpsonville Gardens No. 1, $63,000

Robert L. Green to Joshua L. Hall, Tract B, Burgin Parcel, $81,500

Bobby L. and Shirley A. Wood and Troy and Vickie Bruner Scrogham to Glenn E. and Roxana P. Reed, 5.75 acres on KY 55, $150,000

Smitha Family Limited Partnership to Sherman and Terry Smitha, 23.14 acres, Tract 3, Ruby’s Farm Divided, $700,000

Summersfield Place LLC to Dogwood Homes of Kentucky, Lot 130, Summersfield Place, Phase I, $28,166.50

Clifford C. and Constance A. Kuhn to Tracy Scott, 21.46 acres, Tract 2 A-B, Kuhn Farm, $120,000

Debbie and Michael T. Case and Becky Adams to Josh A. Case, Lot 11, Meadow Run, $90,000

Debbie and Michael T. Case and Becky Adams to Becky Adams and Josh A. Case, Lots 17-19, Block B. Greenland Park No. 2, $99,000

Debbie and Michael T. Case and Becky Adams to Debbie and Josh A. Case, Lot 8A, Rockbridge Heights No. 2, $99,000

Debbie and Michael T. Case and Becky Adams to Becky Adams and Debbie and Josh A. Case, Lot 8B, Rockbridge Heights No. 2, $90,000

Debbie and Michael T. Case and Becky Adams to Becky Adams and Debbie and Josh A. Case, Lot 8C, Rockbridge Heights No. 2, $90,000

Debbie and Michael T. Case and Becky Adams to Becky Adams and Debbie and Josh A. Case, Lot 8D, Rockbridge Heights No. 2, $90,000

Tommy and Ann Little to David and Catherine L. Ambach, Lot 38B, Trailwood Lakes, $15,000

Billy H. and Reva S. Bohannon to Tim Houston Bohannon and Cheryl King Bohannon, 5.01 acres on Bohannon Road, $60,000

James M. and Catherine A. Williams and Barbara Kennett to Jay P. and Debra A. Short, 10.17 acres, Lot 8, Indian Springs, $281,000

Scott D. and Monica Bidwell to Eric C. and Kali Erhardt, Lot 3, Rolling Ridge, Phase I, $125,000

Timothy S. and Kathy Neace to John R. Rucker, Lot 21, Brittany Estates, Section IV, $142,000

John S. Marcum to Jeffrey P. and Julie M. Henley, Tract 2, Bowles Estate, Washburn Road, $75,000

Kondaur Capital Corporation to Joseph Collins Smith Jr., Lots 15-18, Block A, Fairview, $63,500

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation  to Joshua and Christy Kay Miner, 1.135 acres on Bardstown Pike, $185,000

James D. and Diane Threlkeld to Miles C. Threlkeld, Lots 3-7, Threlkeld Property, $75,000

Miles C. Threlkeld to AKL Custom Homes LLC, Lot 6, Threlkeld Property, $24,000

Miles C. Threlkeld to James D. Threlkeld, Lots 8-12, Threlkeld Property, $75,000

Deborah L. Dwyer to Michael B. Wyant, 5 acres on Buck Creek Road, $219,900

Mark S. and Linda K. LeCompte to Mark S. and Linda K. LeCompte, property on Eminence Pike $175,000

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Timothy S. and Kathy L. Neace, Lot 40, Meadow Glen, Section III, $225,000

US Bank NA and Structured Asset Investment Loan Trust to Kamsjem Properties LLC, Lots 36-38A, Bagdad High School Addition, $44,500

Nash Revocable Living Trust to Scott and Beverly Nash, property on Todds Point-Crestwood Road, $105,000

City of Shelbyville to Tegrant Diversified Brands Inc., Tract 18, Hi Point Industrial Park, $687,225

Show Bound Enterprises Inc to Charles D. and Jennifer L. Williams, property on Main St. in Simpsonville, $84,000

Billy B. and Katrina Napier Stapleton and Stone Financing to Paul A. and Julie Poplin, Lot 46, Indian Springs, Section 5, $342,000

Steven Morris Cook Estate to Jason Brown, 125.3 acres, Jackson Highway, $300,000

Katia Neira to Tammy and Bradford Boltz, property on Main Street, between 10th and 11th in Shelbyville, $46,500

Richard E. Burchette and Roy Johns to Alexander Lyn Properties LLC, Lot 53, Bayne Acres, $107,500

Roger Drury to Alexander Lyn Properties LLC, Lots 9 and 11, Block B. Ashland Heights, $93,000

Olive Branch United Methodist Church Trustees to Joshua Nathan Pulliam and Shonna Rebecca Pulliam, property on KY 148, $10,000

Mary M. Janson Estate to John R. Janson Jr., 4 acres on Colt Run Road, $250,000

Steven W. Grimes Jr. to Carmen and Steven W. Grimes Jr., Lot 47, Mulberry Heights, $150,000

Ray M. and Martha E. Quire and Debra M. Head to JC Rental Properties LLC, .69 acres, Parcel B, Ray Quire Property, $40,000

Bobby E. O’Nan to Ronald H. and Doris L. Smith, 10.01 acres, Tracts 4-5, Wade Farm, $258,500

Valerie and Glenn Todd Roberts to Tyler Corey, 5.69 acres, Tract 1, Breitenstein Farm, $542,500

Egon Tirbs Jr. Estate to First Source Appraisal LLC, Lot 3, Katherine Cook Farm on KY 395, $76,000

Dominion Homes Of Kentucky LTD to John and Angela Duffy, Lot 395, Cloverbrook Farms, Phase I, Section 3, $187,393

Michaele Gilligan to Rebecca and Ross Bradley, Lot 34, Midland Estates, Section II, $111,900

Jerry Ray Page and Teresa Moynahan Page to Thomas H. and Debra H. Owen, Lot 30, Weissinger Estates, Section I, $311,000

Pamela Jackson to Robert A. and Cody M. Burton, Lot 34, Indian Springs, Section 2, $232,000

Petrey Trust to James H. Petrey, 211.66 acres, Tracts 1-2 Skyview Estates and Tracts 1-2 Locust Grove Estates, Zaring Mill Road, $1.25 million

Presequity LLC to Ryan Lesy and Catherine M. Donohue, Lot 190, Bridlewood Estates, Section 3, $141,900

Justin M. Smith to Edward Douglas Smith and Justin M. Smith, Lot 25 and part of Lot 27, High School Court Addition, $39,000

Timothy D. Irvine to Matthew and Kathleen McCartney, Lot 50, Charleston, Section II, $255,000

Stephan M. and Melodie Schmidt to Andrew J. and Sirion Spencer, property on Dover Road, $185,000

Paul M. and Ame L. McClain to Jordan A. and Andrew J. Lardner, 0.5277 acres, Hempridge Road, $135,000

Citizens Union Bank and Julie A. and John A. Keeton III to Steven B. Garland and Kimberly Kay Garland, Lot 14, Hidden Creek Woods, Section 1, $148,000

Kenneth R. and Vincetta Gravett to Lyndell and Alisa R. Shepherd, property on Old KY 55, $80,000