Real estate deeds: Nov. 23, 2012

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Nov. 15-20

Geraldine M. Grant and Mary Gonda Chandler to Erin B. Hughes, Lot 43 Brassfield, Section III, $191,500

Mark and Carol Ross and Jeana L. Ross Tucker to Jeana L Ross, Lot 7, Fairway Crossing, Section 2, $275,000

Mary Jennings and Lois Carey to Sue and Gilbert Haydon, property in Clay Village, $34,100

Linda, Robert S. and Patty B. Ethington to FRE Shelbyville LLC, Lot 23A, Stonecrest Industrial Property, $175,000

GPL Properties LLC to James O. and Veronica G. Benson, property on Clore Jackson Road, $140,000

Larry and Frances Temple to Ben and Melinda Hardin, property on Plainview Drive, $150,000

Ben and Melinda Hardin to Larry and Frances Temple, Lot 27, Knob View, $150,000

Patrick A. and Jane D. Malone to Christopher N. and Leah J. Collier, Lot 9, Shelby Woods, $135,000

Kathy Sue Ogden, Sandra Lou Ogden, Todd Stevenson Ogden to Todd S. Ogden, Lot 14, Hidden Trails Development, $10 and considerations

Mary L. and Michael Robert Stewart, Renae Lawson, Susan Lawson McGehee, Terry McGeehee, Beth Courtney Lawson and Chris Lucien Lawson to Michael Stewart and Chris Lucien Lawson, Lots 27-30, Block B, Bonnie Brae, $100,000

Eve Properties Limited Partnership to William T. and Sara J. Badham, Part of lots 1-2, Block B, Catalpa Court, $127,750

Mark A. Roberts to Amber D. and Brennen W. Hancock, Lot 6, Country View Estates, $220,000

Timothy and Sandra Stites to Colin Purcell, 31.23 acres, Angel Farms, $360,000

Brenda R. Thomas Estate and Brenda Thomas Inc. to Brenda R. Thomas LLC, .85 acres, Tract 1-D, Hi Point Shopping Center, $140,000

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA to Robert L. Green, Tract B, RT Burgin Parcel Divided, $53,000

Melanie C. and Michael Thompson to Patrick S. and Sarah E. Clayton, 1.25 acres, Charleston, Section 1, $162,000

Dominion Homes of Kentucky LTD to Joseph L. Whatton, Lot 239, Cloverbrook Farms, Section 4, $162,276

Persimmon Ridge Golf Course Inc. to William D. and Doris A. York, Part of Lot 14, Persimmon Ridge, Section II, $10,200

Hidden Creek Woods LLC to Robert D. and Jennifer K. Evans, Lot 9, Hidden Creek Woods, $118,300

Sue J. and Melville E. King Jr. and Jeffrey S. Ellis to Lynn L. and Rachel E. Neal, Lots 5-8, Block C, Fieldstone Acres No. 1, $100

Green Grass Properties LLC to Walter Weller Head Jr., Tracts 12-13, Midland Boulevard, $540,000

Thomas H. Chandler and Estelle Brown to Janet S. and Edward M. Serauskis Sr., Lots 1-3, Block D., Aqua Shores No. 2, $156,000