Real estate deeds: Nov. 2, 2012

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Aug. 27-Sept. 3

Robert B. and Cassandra L. Loudermilk to Sheri and Charles H. Stone Jr., Lot 38, Brittany Estates, Section 2, $115,500

Sharon C. and Robert L. Howell Jr. to Anthony Sloan, Lot17-16A, Rockbridge Farms II, $136.000

HBSF Inc. to William Russell Fowler, Tract 13A, Breighton Business Center, Section 1, $95,000

Ralph and Darlene M. Pulliam to WCM Land LLC Series 10, 18.0494 acres on Southville Hempridge Pike, Lots 1-10, Pulliam Estates, $760,000

TS 2010 LLC to Donald Hamilton Inc. Lots 7A and 7B, Reserve at Twin Springs, $25,000

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Department of Veterans Affairs, Lot 183, Midland Estates, Section 7, considerations

Angela M. Polly to Forrest B. and Elizabeth A. Chilton, Lot 15, Cloverbrook Farms, Phase 1, Section 1, $191,200

Robert L. and Kathryn B. Fritz to Charles J. Miller and Lacy Lee Baker, Lot 76, Persimmon Ridge, Phase 1B, $360,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Bank of America NA, Tract 1, William Dwight Raisor Property, $10 and considerations

John M Crawford and Hongyi Li to Phedreck and Charita Chambers, Lot 4, Brittany Estates, Phase IV, $122,500

Robert B. and Connie Lee Thorne to Tobert B. and Connie Lee Thorne, Lot 14, Country Manor, $10 and considerations

Elizabeth Shuck Estate to Ricky L. and Karen H. Warford, .04 acres on U.S. 60 in Clay Village, $37,400

Dennis and Vicki R. Year to Bill Winburn, Rhonda Lee Winburn, Michael Lee Winburn and Judy Roberts, 1.009 acres on Steve Wood Road, $3,500

John T. and Virginia C. Evans (aka Smith) to Joshua C. Bright and Cacey b. Bentley, 1.004 acres, Tract 3, John Barnett Farm, $112,500

Thomas M. and Karin Ann Babits to John K. and Bethann I. Franke, 10.01 acres, Long Run Road, $475,000

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. To Jamie Coleman, Lot 27, Woodfield, Section 1, $132,000

Julius Earl Breitenstein and Carol Straub Breitenstein to Dennis A. and Karen R. Stovall, 5.256 acres, Tract 7, Berger Farm, $57,500

W.A. and Judy Smith to William C. and Mary P. Debord, 14.44 acres, Tracts A&B, W.A. & Judy Smith Farm, $142,000

Kevin N. and Kendra F. Husk to Laura Gowers Aldridge, Lot 114, Rolling Ridge, Phase 4, Section 3, $121,000

Torrey and Bethany Smith to Zachary W. and Sally A. Tipton, .648 acres on KY 53, $90,000

Virginia R. Bruner Estate to Joseph and Jennifer Webb, Lots 21-23, Block C, Greenland Park No. 2, $90,000

Davis Wood Properties LLC to Louis and Jamie Garcia, Tract II-B, Bradley Farm, $68,200

Billy D. Smith to Montana Smith, Lot 1, Dover Subdivision, considerations

Glenn and Elizabeth G. Rosenberg to Brian and Pam O’Loughlin, Lot 173, Persimmon Ridge, Phase VIII, $450,000