Real estate deeds: May 31, 2013

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Deeds are compile from data posted on the Shelby County Clerk’s Web site. Property descriptions are based on the best available information provided in the database and may in fact refer to property and thoroughfares no longer formally identified. Financial terms include any value of the property stated on the deed, even if that amount did not change hands.

May 13-19

Federal National Mortgage Association to Richard C. Lawrence and Christa Harmon, 5.52 acres, Tract 5, Buzzard Roost Farms, $63,000

Virginia J. Vanoy and Brad J. Stone to First Capital Bank of Kentucky, Lot 7, Old Dominion Farm, $697,500

Donald Hamilton Inc. to Bradley and Sherry Carter, Lots 36 and 97, Meadowbrook, Sec. III, Phase II, $148,500

Kent Young and Kenneth Wayne Young (guardian) to Nancy Reinhart and David Mitchell, Tract 1 and Tract 5A, Kleinschmidt  Division, $202,500

Martha K. Bruner to Paul and Anna Harvey, Lot 22, Creekside Village, Phase II, $132,000

Federal National Mortgage Association to Stowaway Inc., Lot 4, Greenland No. 1, $60,000

Samuel G. and Sheila S. Woods to Donald H. Swigert, Lot 21, Meadowbrook No, 1, $30,000

Bank of New York Mellon to Christa A. and Allen Th. Martin, property on KY 148, $24,605

James E. and Michelle O’Brien to Macro Plastics Inc., 1.6 acres Industrial Foundation property, $35,000

E.G. Properties to Macro Plastics Inc., 5.1 acres Tract A & D, Industrial Foundation property, $450,000

Macro Plastics Inc. to James E. O’Brien, .2 acres, Industrial Foundation property, $1 and considerations

Robert D. and Jennifer Hughes to Joshua L. Goldey, property on Guist Creek Lake, $59,000

E&D Land LLC to James and Amy Morehead, Lot 15, Raizor Farm, $30,000

Brandon C. Smith to Samantha Smith, Lot 8, Dale Place, $165,000

Jacqueline Davis to Wendell C. and Laura B. Dennison, 8.35 acres, Tract 6, Nethery Farm, $250,000

Tiffany L. and Jamaal G. Shunnarah Jr. to Omer W. and Renee Davis, 5.01 acres, Tract 5, AVB Farm, $220,000

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Jonathan R. and Jessica A. Siminski, Lot 48, Section III, Meadow Glen, $155,000

James M. and Teresa B. Smith to BLK Properties LLC, property on Plainview Ave., $210,000

Clara P. Landers Estate to Bishop Trust, Lot 22D, Fairway Crossing, $164,000

Corrine Ruhl Trust to Donald W. Gilmour and GNK LLC, 5.0273 acres, Tract 4, Ruhl Farm, $35,200

Richard A. and Jamie H. Ruttinger to Steve and Robyn Schultz, Lot 107, Todds Station, Phase II, $215,000

Kingbrook Commerce Park to Commonwealth of Kentucky, .902 acres on KY 1848, $66,000

Kingbrook Commerce Park to Commonwealth of Kentucky, .232 acres on KY 1848, $73,100

Kingbrook Commerce Park to Commonwealth of Kentucky, property on KY 1848, $33,225

Seven Mile Properties to Jack T. and Jeri P. Irwin, 129.97 acres on Seven Mile Pike, $99,640

Karen Anne Phulgaonkar to Richard Allan & Marilyn Mae Ross Rust, Lot 117, Todds Station, Phase 2, $189,000

Debra Lyn Reid to Edward E. and Pamela C. Hawkins, 18.41 acres, Tract 3A2, Elza Raizor Farm, $325,000

Ben and Melinda Hardin to Blake S. and Katelyn S. Lawyer, Lot 29, North Country, Section 2, $149,850

Michale Matthews to Sara D. Barbour, Lots 1-2, Block B, Eastview, $50,000

Bobby E., Linda C. Casey and Linda Cook to Joseph and Holly Kellam and Charles Logsdon, Lot 5, Bayne Acres, $$109,900

Kathryn W. and Robert Hicks to Stephen M. and Kayla Legge, Lot 3, Ken Acres, $88,500

Oldham C. and Rebecca J. Raisor to Lighthouse Property Management, Lot 5, Section 2, Arbor Green, $7,000


May 20-28

Debby and Thomas E. Runyan and Bryan C. Hix to Debby and Thomas E. Runyan and Bryan C. Hix, 20 acres on KY 362, $125,000

Summersfield Place LLC to Dogwood Homes of Kentucky LLC, Lot 71, Summersfield Place, Phase 1, $28,328.47

Noltemeyer Capital LTD to Kingbrook LLC, Lot 5, Kingbrook Commerce Park, $1.525 million

Federal National Mortgage Association to Manuel Olivares Flores, Lot 43, Spring Valley, $25,000

Peggy Jean Chambers Estate to CIC Land Trust, Lot 14, Bualto, $33,500

PBI Bank Inc. to Timothy and Alicia R. Rowe, Tracts A-B, Jones Farm, Catridge Road, $136,000

Horace W. and Elizabeth C. Brown to Trailwood Lakes Lot Owners Association, Lot 73A, Trailwood Lakes, No. 1, $5,500

Katherine and Steve William Hamilton to Meridian Construction LLC, Lot 221, Persimmon Ridge, Phase IX, $60,000

Corinne Ruhl Trust to Ronald E. and Sharon L. Skelton, 11.52 acres, Tracts 2-3, Ruhl Farm Divided, $77,299.20

Corinne Ruhl Trust to Burk Properties LLC, 5.0119 acres, Tract 5, Ruhl Farm Divided, $19,295

Jagoe Land Corp. to Jagoe Homes Inc., Lot 40, Meadow Glen, Section III, $28,460

Dominion Homes of Kentucky LTD to Jeremy  and Maria Fairbourn, Lot 412, Cloverbrook Farms, Phase 1, Sec. 1, $162,440

Persimmon Ridge Golf Course Inc. to Fusion Builders, Lot 325, Persimmon Ridge, Phase XV, $99,000

EKS Inc. to St. John United Methodist Church of Shelbyville, Lots 2-3, Martinsville Gardens, Section 1, $50,000

CD Management LLC to CD Management of Shelbyville Inc., Tract 14, Breighton Business Center, Section 1, $450,000

Michael R. Trzpit and Abby M. Cottongim to Justin Warren and Mark and Kim Coleman, Lot 8 and Part of Lot 6, Block B, Ashland Ave. No. 2, $125,000

Donald Hamilton Inc. to Brandon S. and Ashley E. Standafer, Lot 15, Meadowbrook, Section III, Phase III, $148,500

Kentucky Housing Corp. to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development, Lot 194, Midland Estates, $108,900

Darrell Anthony Aldridge to Janet and Paul Toussaint, 4.2 acres, Tract A, Ridgemore Estates, $8,000

Temple Homes Inc. to Tammy Lane, Lot 3, Dale Place, $198,000

Mary Kate Poling to Randy and Monika Lawrence, 13.35 acres, Tracts 4 and 8-B-1, Angel Farm, $345,000

Janet Smitha to Lee D. Smitha, 5.95 acres, Tract 3E, Martin Farm, $125,000

First Farmers Bank & Trust Company to Dale and Sharon H, Kramer, Lot 27, Reserves at Todds Station, $27,900

Hidden Creek Woods LLC to Citizens Union Bank, 4.326 acres, Lots 5, 6, 8, 13, 14, 23, 25, Hidden Creek Wood, Section 1, $4,532,200

Fifth Third Bank to Sherry D. and Craig Eibel, 10.019 acres, Majestic Oaks, Section 2, $120,000

James D. and Lageni C. Justice to Jala Properties Inc, Lots 35-38, Block D, Simpsonville Gardens, No. 2, $100,000

Christopher and Machelle Perry to Justin E. Andrews, Lot 183, Midland Estates, Section 9, $119,500

David Jennings Hutcherson and David Ryan Hornback to Spring Smith Yocum, Lot 6, Farming Meadows, No. 2, $103,000

Joseph P. and Andrea N. Burton To Taylor Trass and Jonathan V. Allen, Lot 158, Hi Point Village III, Phase II, $125,000

Thomas E. and Lynn Dunbar to Eaton Capital Management, 8.471 acres, Tract 1, Trailwood Scrabble Road Farms, $8,471

Dunbar Farms Inc. and Eaton Capital Management Inc.. to Double R Ranch LLC, several parcels, $1.725 million

Dunbar Farms Inc. and Eaton Capital Management Inc. to Farmway LLC, 43.07 acres, Tract 2-3, Trailwood Scrabble Road Farms, $275,000

Donna and J.W. Wilson and Marsha and William Allen Moore to William Skinner Jr., Joyce Skinner, 96.31 acres, Wilson Farm, $203,000

Donna and J.W. Wilson and Marsha and William Allen Moore to Marsha Gail Moore, property on Jacksonville Road, $1,000

Marsha and William Allen Moore to Marsha Gail and William Allen Moore, Tract 1, Wilson Farm, $40,000

E.C. McEwan Trust to Amy Kaufman, 1.72 acres on U.S. 60 in Simpsonville, $60,000

Timothy R. and Oretta A. Switzer to Alexander G. Hagan and Jessica P. Herman, Tract 8, Fox Run Estates, Section 1, $215,000

PHH Mortgage Corp. to Federal National Mortgage Association, Lot 117, Midland Estates No. 6, $90,966.90

Secretary Of Housing & Urban Development to Karen and Ricky Warford, 1.33 acres, KY 395, $58,250

Albert J. and Janet N. Jozik to Karen M. and Jeffrey W. Sims Sr., 18.4 acres, Tract 9, Catwalk Mini Farms, $240,000

Melodie E. Schmidt to Brandi N. Elwell, Lot 78, Hunting Hills, Phase 4, Sec. II, $124,500

Florence L. Penfold to Gary L. Penfold, Lot 3, Daniel Division, $87,500

Nicholas and Lisa Bush to Derrick S. Gorman, Lot 7, Arbor Green, $85,000

Paul and Anna E. Harvey to Harvey R. and Fleur R. Swenson, 3 acres on Zaring Mill Road, $185,000

James C. Azbill and Mary Pat Nixon Azbill to Mary and Dean Donoho, Lot 14, Park Place Phase II, $55,000