Real estate deeds: May 3, 2013

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April 6-12

Travis J. and Traci J. Dickerson to Mark K. and Stephen J. Martin, Lot 127, Section 1, Bridlewood Estates, $144,500

Howard and Rosalie Costello to Howard and Rosalie Costello, Unit 825, Building 8, Lot 35, Gardens of Station Pointe, considerations

Kyle E. and Charlsie A. Rader to Ronald E. Keen III, Lot 73, Midland Estates, Section III, $120,000

Sue and Darrell Buechele to Linda A. Doll, Tract 5, Davis Property, $120,000

William W. Mahuron to Katherine R. Turner, Lot 2, Hunting Hills, Phase 4, Section II, $150,000

Carolyn Payne to Charles W., Richard and Sandra Barnett, 40 acres on Elmburg and Six Mile Pike, $70,000

Donna Ray Bruner to Rodney C. and Tiffanie F. Moore, Lot 3A, Bruner Property Divided, $60,000

Charles R. and Claudette Marshall to Charles R. and Claudette Marshall, Lot 100, Hunting Hills, Phase 3, Section II, $117,500

Beulah Mae Schroeter and Guy Thomas Schroeter, Lot 74, Brentwood, Unit 3, $340,000

Patricia H. Bland to William T. and Bonnie A. Renda, Lot 10, Cox & Fletcher Farms, $250,000

Anthony Lee Shields and Rose Marie Shields to Bethany and Vincent Mattingly III, 15.79 acres on Hochstrasser Road, $126,585

257 Properties LLC to Christopher Paul Carlisle, Lot 2, Fairmeade, $89,900

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Department of Veterans Affairs, Lot 183, Midland Estates, Section 7, $110,163

Robert T. Cobb to Robert F. Cobb, .65 acres on KY 53, $50,000

Little Mary Old Regular Baptist Church to Bobby Pridemore, property on 7th Street in Shelbyville, $25,000

Gary D. and Sherry Hendricks to Gary D., Sherry, Michael A. and Heather Hendricks, Lot 18, Indian Springs, Section 3, $252,000

Gary E. and Jacquelynn Stoess to Edgar P. and Gina G. Montero, Lot 23, Osprey Cove, Section 2, $23,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Christopher James Mishio an Christina R. Mishio, Lot 154, Cloverbrook Farms, Phase 1, Section 2, $137,320

Wandella Dorsey to MLB Ventures LLC, property on Frankfort Pike, $20,000




April 13-20

John W. and Joann Bain and Donald N. and Judith G. Bentley to Coty W. Bain, Lots 1-4, Block A, West Eden Addition, $30,000

George L. Mauck to Robbie A. Hardin, Lot 4, Dogwood Trace, Phase 1, $95,000

Lonnie and Jane McGaughey to Michael and Tatum hart, property in Mount Eden, $59,000

Susan Mary Ratcliffe and Don T. Ratcliffe to Don T. and Susan M. Ratcliffe Trust, part of lots 15-16, Bayne Acres, $105,000

Shelby County Fiscal Court to U.S. 60 Water District, 1.126 acres near Peytona, $5,000

James Mattingly to Roy H. and Betty B. Hall, Unit A, UP Building 1, Cardinal Townhomes, $89,900

Sara Townsend to Brad Davis, Tract A, Catalpa Court, Block B, Lot 38 and northern half of Lot 36, $120,500

Jason C. Armao to Jason c. and Mary C. Armao, 5.03 acres on Clore Jackson Road, $275,000

Scott Hilliard to Scott Hilliard, 5.37 acres, Tract 22, Pulliam Farm, $290,000

Callie Scrogham to Eric Temple, property on Harrisonville Bagdad Pike, $40,000

Citizens Union Bank of Shelbyville Inc. to Donald Hamilton Inc., Unit 20A, Building 20, Villas At Persimmon Ridge, $106,000

Anne W. and Alfred S. Joseph III to Stephen H. and Joseph A. Solomon, Lot 12, Wooded Lake, $100,000

Anne W. and Alfred S. Joseph III, Alix L. Joseph, Amy E. Joseph Timothy B. Bell and Matthew Landon and Amy Joseph Landon to Stephen H. and Joseph A. Solomon, Lots 13-14, Wooded Lake, $200,000

Kimberly B. Cheney to Deric W. Senecal, Lot 93, Rolling Ridge, Phase IIA, $126,500

Conrad V. Everly to Scott R. Schweitzer, Lot 100, Midland Estates, Section V, Phase I, $114,900

James E. and Carole P. Frazier to J. Brent Frazier, 36.38 acres on Burks Branch Road, $231,000


April 21-26

William W. Henry to William T. and Cortney L. Henry, Lot 47, Midland Estates, Section II, $108,500

Federal National Mortgage Association to Lighthouse Property Management LLC, property on Snow Hill, $28,000

Woodfield Inc. to AKL Custom Homes LLC, Lot 4, Old Mill Village, Section I, $36,500

Jagoe Land Corp. to Jagoe Homes Inc., Lot 39, Meadow Glen, Section III, $28,460

Jane C. Swindler to Diane S. and James Kyle Hayden, property on U.S. 60, $80,000

Federal National Mortgage Association to Hamilton Housing Rental LLC, property Lots 3-5, Block A, Webbmont, $65,000

PNC Bank NA and Denver B. Cornett Jr. Residual Trust to Denver B. Cornett Jr. SC Decanting Trust, 10.714 acres, Ridgemore Estates, $237,000

Heather and Brenden Nowak to Melissa R. and John R. Leeper II, Lot 214, Persimmon Ridge, Phase IX, $450,000

Head Recovable Trust to Gregory James Schulz and Caroline Head Schulz, 23.22 acres on KY 53, $139,250

Cecil W. and James Etta Goodloe to Cecil W. Goodloe, Lot 43, Charleston, Section 2, $210,000

PH Real Estate Inc. to First Farmers Bank & Trust Company, Lots 3, 5-13, 19-27, 29-33, 38, 40-45, Reserves at Todd Station, $775,136.02

Key Homes LLC to Nedry Velez Vega and Marissa Velez Vega, Lot 57, Cardinal Club Estates, The Links, $299,500

Karem Homes Built Inc. to Paul K. and Susan B. Smith, Lot 115, Cardinal Club Estates, Phase IV, $563,198

Western District LLC to Dayle and Bernice Davis, .214 acres, Equity Street, $10,000

Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Donald Scott Thompson and Christin Paige Thompson, Lots 56-58, Block D., Simpsonville Gardens No. 2, $177,000

Robert A. and Penny R. Dennie to Robert Todd Cobb, .6 acres, Demaree Branch Road, $33,500

Federal National Mortgage Association to Bruce and Christine Pawley, Lot 125, Bridlewood Estates, Section 1, $118,000

Joyce and Fred H. Mathis Jr. to Kelly F. and Jennifer L. Mathis, 38.97 acres on Bob Rogers Road, $68,500

Kim and Roddy Williams to Candace W. Robinson and Henry Lee Cottle, Tract 1, Timberwood Farms, $395,000

R.H. and Generose Bennett Partnership and Hallie B. Reiling to Robert and Sue Andriot, property on Main Street in Shelbyville, $35,000

Pegasus One Properties LLC to Robert E. Purnell Jr., Tract 2A, CAB 7, SL 280, $160,000

Joseph E. Hall to Bonnie J. Hall, Lot 11, Block B, Lot 7, Block A and Lot 12, Block B, Aqua Shores No. 1, $69,300

Christopher M. and Debra A. Duvall to James M. Frasier Jr., Lot 21, Rolling Ridge, Phase II, $140,000

Barnes Group Inc. to SID Tool Company Inc., property on Pearce Industrial Road, $3.52 million

Thelma Lee Busch and Mark D. Busch to Brandon Fox, Lots 36-39, Block A, Brown Acres, $92,000

Patricia C. Quire to Donnie and Shirley Haydon, 2.01 acres, Tract 2A, Quire Property, $35,000

Jesse and Ginger Van to Chad Bailey, Track H, Hail Farm, $58,000

Thomas and Juana Kough to Devon and John A. Lindsey, Lot 131 Hi Point Village III, Phase II, $158,500