Real Estate deeds: May 25, 2012

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April 2-4

Rodney W. and Donna Laswell to Frank T. and Meyrose Hensley, Lot 87, Fairway Crossing, Sec. 2, $241,000

Gary H. and Nancy H. Clark to Jerry L. and Janet M. Sutherland, 3.78 acres on Busey Road, $58,500

Matthew R. and Emily L. Cecil to Wendy and Dustin Cody Johnson, Lot 2, Hunting Hills, $145,000

David H. and Gwen A. Lister to Matt Cave, Lot 95, Persimmon Ridge, Phase IV, $397,000

Walter M. Klicker to Lora Janine Klicker, Lot 34, Meadowbrook No. 1, $107,500

HBC1 LLC to Benjamin C. and Rebecca S. Yost, 15.22 acres, Haley & Figgs Store Farms, $75,000

John T. and Bonita A. Miller to James B. and Brenda S. Hall, Lot 7 and part of Lots 8, 6, 7, Block B, Southlawn Manor, considerations

Stacey Lynn Colson to Rommel Lockewood Colson, Tract 2A, Walter Lynn Roberts Farm, $1 and considerations

Karl B. and Monica R. Paulson to Karl B. and Monica R. Paulson Living Trust, Lot 314, Persimmon Ridge Phase IV, $630,000

SHB Holdings LLC to Larry & Sherry Powers Family Limited Partnership, Lot 8, Cloverbrook Farms, Phase 1, Section 1, $185,000

Trio Realty Company and Stuart Flowers to Commonwealth of Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, property on KY 1848, $154,000

Elizabeth Walters Settle, Jess M. Settle, James Robert Walters and Carolyn J. Walters and Kitty Walters Caudill Revocable Trust to Commonwealth of Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, property on Veechdale Road, $98,000

James E. and Jessie C. Grant to James M. and Karen M. Grant, 5.01 acres, Tract 1, CAB 1, Slab 364, $235,000



April 5-8

Charles H. Hornell Jr. to Richard L. Soonamore Jr., Lot 145, Osprey Cove Sect. V, $151,900

Cenlar FSB to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., property on KY 362, $1 and considerations

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to James D. Garmon and Lawren Just, property on KY 362, $221,900

Farmers Deposit Bank to Russell Riner, Lot 17, Robin Place, $142,500

Bruce Wendell Nation to Judith Ann Nation Estate, property on U.S. 60, $80,000

Bruce Wendell Nation to Judith Ann Nation Estate, property on Dalton Schoolhouse Road, $43,900

Dominion Homes of Kentucky LTD to Robert L. Neat, Lot 121, Cloverbrook Farms Sect. 5, $124,714

Shannon and Brenda V. Woods to Robert W. Jones III, Lot 74, Sect. 1, Meadow Glen, $144,000

Albert Moffett Inc. to Ricky J. and Ellen S. Fontaine, Lot 12A, Arbor Green, Sect. 1, $145,000           

David James Bethany and Joan M. Bethany to Joan M. Bethany, Tract 10, Knob Valley, $150,000



April 9-11

Mathew C. and Katherine J. Thompson to Ben and Kinsey Chambers, Tract 6C, Rutledge Farm East, $60,000

Carl Shane Campbell and Aleksandra A. Campbell to Brian D. and Lorraine E. Givens, Lot 55, Osprey Cove, Sect. IV, $129,900

Virginia Vickers and Virginia Clements to Virginia H. Clements, Lots 100-101, Watch Hill, $625,000

James and Patricia Carman to Crissie L. Underwood, Lot 3, Block G, Ashland Heights No. 2, $125000

Peggy Marie Sparrow and Kriston S. Haag to Jeremy B. Davis and Amanda Powell, Unit 817, Building 9, Gardens of Station Pointe, $78,500

Edward Lee and Debbie N. Lloyd to Robert A and Alexandra Lloyd, 5.03 acres, Tract 6, Fox Run Farms, Sect. 1, $1 and considerations

Beneficial Kentucky Inc. to Michael W. and Tanya E. Blair, Lot 35, Woodfield, Sect. II, $144,900

Judith Ann Nation Estate, Larry Todd Tindall, Lori Ann Tindall Quire Mason, David Mason, David Bradley Burge, Reagan Burge, Eric Franklin Burge to Eric Franklin Burge, property on Dalton Schoolhouse Road, $57,000

Jagoe Land Corp to Jagoe Homes Inc., Lot 42, Meadow Glen, Sect. III, $28,460

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Danny Louis and Lauren A. Rosilio, Lot 42, Meadow Glen, Sect. III, $167,982

William L. and Mary G. Palmer to Richard and Linda Hendrickson, 3.44 acres, Walter Figg Farm, $84,000

US Bank NA to Sonya Thompson, 9.97 acres, CAB 6, SL 310, $550,000

Crume Hundley Oil Company Inc. to Shelby County Parks & Recreation Board, property on 7th Street in Shelbyville, considerations

Paula J. Dewitt to Hubert Colvin, 16.25 acres, Ruble Farm West, $290,000

Perry T. and Mary Lou Cornell to Louis C. Vaughn, 36.042 acres on KY 1922, $225,000

Robert and Alexandra Lloyd to Regina and Thomas Parks, property on Cross Keys Road, $130,000

Steve and Brooke Kearfoot to Steve Kearfoot, Lot 18, Todds Station, Phase 1, $165,000

Randall H. Blankenship to Levi and Lori White, Lot 66, Old Mill Village Sect. 1, $256,700

Derek J. Mayo to Kevin Storey and Robin Seeders, Lot 41, Thoroughbred Acres, $179,500

HBC1 LLC to H. Barry and Carolyn H. Smith, Tracts 8-10, Point View Farms, $10 and considerations

Marion G. Bohannon and Denise More Bohannon to Steven L. and Stephanie E. Doyle, 12 acres, Tract 2, Balassa Farm, $270,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Chadley Graham, 2.5 acres on Zaring Mill Road, $71,500



April 12-15

Dennis E. Smalley to Horace W. and Elizabeth c. Brown, Lot 159B, Trailwood Lakes, $2,000

Bettie C. Saunders Estate to Ked R. Fitzpatrick, Lot 106, Town N Country, Sect. 4, $154,612

Osprey Limited LLC to Peach Properties Home Rentals, Units 52-54, Area C-3, Villas of Osprey Cove, $1 and considerations

Kevin C. Burk and Valerie R. Carey to Jeremy and Kristin Carmack, 1 acre on Cedarmore Road, $103,146

Brassfield Inc. to ARKL Custom Homes LLC, Lot 99, North Country, Sect. 4, Phase 2, $23,500

AKL Custom Homes LC to Tara L. and Polly A. Deaton, Lot 103, North Country, Sect. 4, Phase 2, $185,000

William A. Rashon to William A. Rashon, .48 acres on Bullitt Road, $1 and considerations

Frederick D. Smith to Frederick D. and Carolyn J. Smith Family Trust, Tracts 8-9A, Rockbridge Farms III and Tracts 8A-1, Rockbridge Farms II, $390,500

Steven L. and Stephanie E. Doyle to Johnna C. and Brian J. McHugh, Lot 18, Reserves at Todds Station, $239,000

Tinkers Properties LLC to Jerry and Susan Gribbins, Parcel AA, Jos P. Properties, $166,500

Scott M. Reinhart to Karen W. Reinhart, Lot 41, Meadowbrook, Sect. III, Phase II, $194,500

Patsy J. Jones to Shirley Darlene Lambert, Lots 28-31, Block B, Brown Acres, $69,000

Ermin G. Herrick to William K. and Martha Smith, Parcel A, Herrick Farm Residual, $3,000



April 16-18

Nancy Davis to Kevin S. Casey, Lot 2, Ardmore No. 2, $95,500

Julie and James Mulcahy and Donald T. Prather  and Greta M. Prather to John H. Cope Jr. and Jennifer B. Cope, 23.917 acres Tract 6A, Mulberry Crossing, $362,500

Kentucky Association of Counties to Shelby County Kentucky,  Waterlines, considerations

Kamal M. Zagale, Mary Zagale  and Mary Winters to Kamal M. and Mary Zagale, Lot 23, Old Stone Farm, $280,000

Judith Ann Nation Estate, Larry Todd Tindall, Patricia Tindall, Lori Ann Tindall Quire Mason, David Mason, Eric Burge to Lori Ann Mason, property on Frankfort Road, $85,000

Ricky, Lynn, Melissa, Timothy and Vickie Downs, Tammy and Ranson Mattox to Thomas and Victoria Paula Mitchell, Lot 146, Block 2, Trailwood Lakes, $40,000

PBI Bank to Michael D. and S. Elaine LaForest, 19.79 acres, Tracts 4-6A, William Martin Farm, $95,000

Victory and Jessica Hall Hughes to Carlos Lopez Sr. and Columbia Lopez, Tract 13, Brittany Estates, $123,000

Kellie L. Hornback to Veronica Nichols, Unit 7, Washington Square, $77,000

Barbara and Donald L. Norton, Donald Ray and Waldine Vest to Dennis Cole, Parcel A, CAB 8, SL 252, La Grange Road, $500

John and Martha Carol Parker, James L. Ketcham, Paul David Heightchew, Alicia Heightchew, Joy Elaine Poole, Ronnie Poole, Stacey H. Ketcham  to John and Martha Carol Parker, .53 acres, Tract C, Heightchew Farm, $1 and considerations

John and Martha H. Parker, Ronnie and Joy Elaine Poole, James L. Ketcham and Alicia Heightchew to Heritage Acres LLC, 100 acres on Locust Lane, $1 and considerations



April 19-22

Jagoe Land Corp. to Jagoe Homes Inc., Lot 38, Sect. III, Meadow Glen, $1 and considerations

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Joan B. Lancaster, Lot 38, Sect. III, Meadow Glen, $190,159

George O. and Darcy L. Nobile to Nathan Adams, 67.04 acres in Tract 1A, 15.01 acres in Tract 1B, Drane Lane Farms, $305,000

Rogers Investment Realty LLC to Larry K. and Theresa A. Rogers, Lot 1, Maple Heights No. 1, $1 and considerations

Karen T. Sparrow and Jerry W. Brown to Julia A. Gantt, 1.87 acres, Gaba Farms West, Sparrow Farm, Hebron Road, $15,000

Stephanie C. and Mark G. Braden II to Amber M. Moore, Lot 71, Midland Estates, Sect. 3, $125,000

Citizens Union Bank to Doreen B. Platea, Lots 8C-8A, Fairway Crossing, $137,500

April L. Harris to Steve W. and Deborah A. Harris, Lot 81, Meadowbrook, Sect. III, Phase I, $152,000

Jeffrey K. Lohr and Cinamon La Hue Lohr to April L. Harris, Lot 144, Partridge Run, Sect. II, $209,500

Amy D. Diehl to Christopher T. Diehl, 6.03 acres, Tract 10 on KY 55, $220,000




April 23-25

Henry and Barbara J. Mathis to Bryan Morgan Perry Jr., Lot 41, Benson Trace, Sect. 1, $80,000

Thomas E. Jones and Lisa K. Summers to Courtney Farms LLC, property on Vigo Road, $500,000

Federal National Mortgage Association to Donald Diamond, .46 acres on Stapleton Road, $17,000

Persimmon Tree Realty Inc. to Patricia R. and Dan R. McReynolds Jr., Lot 2, Overlook at Persimmon Ridge, $100,000

Brandon Finke and Samantha Wood and Federal National Mortgage Association to Samantha Wood, Lot 51, Hi Point Village II, Phase I, $162,000

Austin Hite Hays and Hannah Hays to Hite Management LLC, Lot 59, North Country Sect. III, $1 and considerations

Kevin and Cheryl L. Sallee to Benjamin R. and Candice Toadvine, Lot 12, Long Run Woods, Sect. 1, $163,500

Brassfield Inc. to Worth Brown Custom Builders LLC, Lot 100, North Country Sect. 4, Phase 2, $26,000

James L. Wilcox to David O. and Tiffany D. Sanford, 5.45 acres, Tract 4, Richardson Farms East, $10,000

Dogwood Homes of Kentucky LLC to Noelle Barnes, Lot 32, Highlands of Summerfield, Sect. 1, $109,500

James C. Runner to Dora L. Runner, Lots 6-8, Block A, Greenland Park, No. 2, $1 and considerations

Keenan W. and Margaret L. Braden to Olin L. Claggett, Lot 18, Cloverbrook Farms, Phase 1, Sect. 1, $168,000

Robert Anthony Blankenmyer and Kathy Blankenmyer to Priscilla L. Blankenmyer and Robin L. Embry, Lots 45-47, Block A, Grandview, $83,200

Persimmon Tree Realty Inc. to King Corporate Group LLC, Lot 10, Overlook at Persimmon Ridge, $100,000

Roy H. and Betty B. Hall to Roy H. and Betty B. Hall, Unit A, Building 1, Cardinal Townhomes Condos, $95,000

Citizens Union Bank to Michael A. Lutke, Tract 3, Long Run Estates, $290,000

Sherry L. and Thomas G. Wagner to Susan S. and Frank N. Wilder III, Lot 5, Station Pointe, Phase 1, $188,000

William L. and Jessie G. Crum to Hannah Schaeffer Mudd and Christopher S. Mudd, Tract 1, Crestview Estates, $60,000

James A. and Rhonda K. Collins to Lola B. and Max J. Marley Jr., Lot 66, Fairway Crossing, Sect. 2, $264,500

William A. and  Patricia Tucker to Julie P. Mulcahy, property on Main Street between Plainview and Ashland, $215,000


April 26-30

Andrew J. Puckett and Carrie D. Puckett to Stephen M. and Jennifer D. Schnur, Lot 56, Cloverbrook Farms, Phase 1, Sect. 1, $163,000

Dominion Homes of Kentucky to Tim and Chelsie Lee, Lot 363, Cloverbrook Farms, Phase 1, Sect. 1, $162,178

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp to Ernest and Mary Francis Lisby, property on Mount Eden Road, $61,000

Hazel Marie Shaw Estate to Jake A. Snider and Raetta Carol Brewer, property in Bagdad, $37,500

Charles F. and Sabrina J. Schwandt to Thomas G. and Sherry L. Wagner, Lot 13, Henry Veech Road Farm, $315,000

Michael David McCall, Cheryl L. McCall and Mark Douglas McCall to Mark Douglas McCall, .376 acres on Antioch & Scott Station Pike, $35,0006

Joseph and Aubrie Dulmage to Terry and Pamela McCourt, Tract 7D, Rutledge Farm East, $270,000

Pamela J. Beams to Gary S. Beams, property on Buck Creek Road, $1 and considerations

Michael P. and Linda M. Roman to Gerald B Hammond and Maria Elena Mujica, 26.657 acres, Harrington Farms, $500,000