Real estate deeds: May 24, 2013

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April 29-May 4

Billy Joe Wood to Wood Home Services & Rentals LLC, 1.01 acres, Tract A, Ed Ferry Jr. Farm, $42,500

Vaughn W. and Debbie A. Payne to John C. and Tina L. Morris, 5.012 acres, Lot 12, Hidden Creek Woods, $90,000

Helen M. and Adolph Joseph Cleary to Adolph J. and Helen M. Cleary Trusts, 85 acres on Six Mile Creek, $220,000

Lena, Nesia  and Morris Stivers Jr. to Lena Stivers, Lot 28, Village View, Section I, $1 and considerations

PBI Bank Inc. to Presequity LLC, property on Henry Clay Street, Shelbyville, $9,000

PBI Bank Inc. to Presequity LLC, Tract 1, Wigginton Parcels, Bland Ave., $8,000

PBI Bank Inc. to Presequity LLC, property on 7th Street in Shelbyville, $8,000

Anthony Auxier to Freida H. and Jonathan P. Seppenfield, Lot 31, Partridge Run Estates, $155,000

HBC1 LLC to Kimberly and Cliffton Willoughby, 5.15 acres, McCarty Farm, $25,000

Timothy H. and Connie S. Brandenburg to Darren and Jerri Foote, 5 acres, Tract 8, Landspur Hill, $385,00

JJS Development LLC to Epsilon Realty Company LP, 6.31 acres in Shelby Business Park, $2.65 million

Chris & William Lee Perry Rental to Christopher Perry, William Lee Perry and Machelle Perry, Lots 90 and 93, Section 9, Midland Estates, $1 and considerations

Joseph E. Hall to Bonnie J. Hall, 13.48 acres, Tract 1, Bruner Farm, $6,500

Steven C. and Judy L. Eddy to Shawn W. and Pamela Pickens, 5.908 acres, Tract 1, Heise Heights, $250,000

Joseph A., Anne P., Priscilla H. and Stephen H. Solomon to Joseph A., Anne P., Priscilla H. and Stephen H. Solomon, Tracts 12-13A, Wooded Lake, $115,822.78

Joseph A., Anne P., Priscilla H. and Stephen H. Solomon to Joseph A., Anne P., Priscilla H. and Stephen H. Solomon, Tracts 13B-14, Wooded Lake, $184,177.22

Perry D. and Linda E. Lyons to Eugene K. and Cynthia L. Seelow, Lot 88, Fairway Crossing, Section 2, $247,600

Donald E. and Sheila Cull to Cynthia Vimont and Daniel Torpey, 7.42 acres, Tract 12, John V. Barnett Farm, $1 and considerations

Homer E. and Nellie L. Druin to Brandi A. Bryan, Lot 27, Glenview Estates, $149,900

Randall Edgar Johnson and Kristin Dawn Chandler Johnson to Randall Edgar Johnson and Jamie C. Hatchell, 5.06 acres, Tract 4, Shuck Farm Divided II, $115,000

Donald and Nancy Duncan to Robert Fockele and Rondal Keith Jervis, 14.64 acres on Lebanon Road, $55,000

Joseph B. Henderson and Julie E. Harper to Joel P. Dorignac, Unit 426, Building 4, Cardinal Townhomes Condos, $99,900

Orville Dean Dyke, Orville W. Dyke and Larry D. Dyke to Kim Shaw, 15.27 acres on Christiansburg-Elmburg Road, $67,000

Hamilton Housing Rental LLC to AKL Custom Homes LLC, Lot 36, Section 1, Old Mill Village, $36,500

Gladys Young Estate to Timothy N. White, Lot 48, Partridge Run Estates, $

Charles V. and Vern T. Blissitt to Jason H. and Tisha R. Mondy, Lot 1, Reserves at Todds Station, $173,631

US Bank Trust NA and Volt 2012 NPL 1 Asset Holding Trust to Juan Pena, Lots 24-26, Ardmore, $32,500

Linda G. and Leo J. Frank Jr. to Robert D. Hughes, property on Guist Creek Lake, $59,000

Jane Anderson to Callie Walker, Lot 10, Hillcrest, $39,050

Maureen T. and Eric Michael Bland to Philip D. and Deborah E. Balder, Lot 72, Hi Point Village, Section II, Phase II, $141,000

Dave and Carolyn Jeffries Blanton to Ryan L. Isaacs, Lot 1, Wheeler Farm, $31,600

Brian J. Mischel and Kristin N. Logan to Jonathan D. and Nikki C. Thacker, Tract 1, Oakmoor Estates, $101,000

Stanley E. and Patricia A. Thompson and Carolyn S. Hall to Carolyn S. Hall, Lot 99, Brentwood, Unit IV, $1 and considerations

Kiara and Clifford Sands to Elvin Kelly Byrd and Sandra Ferris Byrd, Tract 2, Ed Hart Farm, $10 and considerations

Neal A. and Elizabeth A. Bennett to James C. Manion, 5.38 acres, Tract 9, Nethery Farm, $38,000

Guy K. and Betty K. Grubbs to Byron K. and Sarah B. Reeves, 2.19 acres on Grubbs Lane, $130,000

May 5-May 11



James T. Whitaker Sr. to James T. Whitaker Sr. Trust, property in Jefferson and Shelby counties, $3,844,420

Janeen Mengert to Dennis G. Mengert, Lot 3B, Mapleview, $105,000

Dennis G. and Janeen Mengert to Dennis G. and Janeen Mengert, Lots 23-24, Park Place, Phase II, $70,000

Dennis G. and Janeen Mengert to Dennis G. and Janeen Mengert, Lot 62, Charleston, Section 2, $205,000

Betty Jo and Jeffrey Lynn Davidson and Deborah Ann and Edward Troy Morrison to Charles Bennett, Lot 38, Block 2, Trailwood Lakes, $6,500

Federal National Mortgage Association to William and Christina Tucker, Lot 151, Partridge Run, Sec. II, $144,000

Secretary Of Housing & Urban Development to Aaron and Lisa Hall, Lot 65, Osprey Cove, Sec. 2, $110,000

Larry D. Stivers Family Trust to Shelley Thompson, 5.011 acres, Lot 19, Canterfield Way, $175,000

Michael W. and Christina Davis to Julie and John L. McCain III, Lot  98, Persimmon Ridge, Phase IV, $389,000

Jack E. and Charlese Blair to Eric J. and Kristan S. Mowder, 1.39 acres, Weissinger Estates, Sec. 1, $315,000

Titus B. and Christine Riner to Kyle and Jessica Turner, 8.849 acres, Tract 2, Guist Creek Meadows, $264,000

Dogwood Homes of Kentucky LLC to Annelize Miranda Deane, Lot 23, Highlands at Summersfield, Sec. 1, $127,950

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Levi Anderson, Tract 1A, Haydon Division, $27,000

American Founders Bank Inc. to B Developed LLC, Lot 191, Bridlewood Estates, Sec. 3, $10,000

Denise Hicks Parker to Denise Hicks Parker, property on Rose Street, $29,000

Jessica M. Tennill and David Farmer to Laura A. and Kenneth D. Moody, Tracts 1-2, Old Burks Branch School House Property, $186,750

Samuel R. and Sarah M. Jewell to Samuel R. and Sarah M. Jewell, Lot 104, Hi Point, Phase 1, $1 and considerations

Robert Lee Belwood and Karen Kay Belwood to Steven W. and Charlene B. Clark, 124.3 acres on KY 43, $500,000

AKDB LLC to Louisville Outlet Shoppes LLC, property on Buck Creek and Veechdale Roads, $2,786,019.19

AKDB LLC to Louisville Outlet Shoppes LLC, 2.005 acres on Veechdale Roads, $148,722.55

Louisville Outlet Shoppes LLC to Red Acres LLC, 2.005 acres on Veechdale Roads, $148,722.25

Red Acres LLC to Louisville Outlet Shoppes LLC, Property on Proctor Lane, $148,722.25

AB Brandon Inc. to Horizon Louisville LLC, 6.88 acres on Veechdale Road, $710,000

Woodfield Inc. to Donald Hamilton Inc., Lot 5, Old Mill Village, Sec. 1, $36,500

Shelbyville Properties LLC to Edward A. and Janet G. Snider, Tract 2, Sunny Meadows, $210,000

Charlton R. and Natasha S. Sweazy, to Secretary Of Housing & Urban Development, Lot 3, Orchard Crossing, $118,608.58

Bank of America NA and BAC Home Loans Servicing LP to Danielle Moore, Lot 10, Meadow Glen, Sec. 1, $118,500

John Dennis Lorenz and Barbara, John R., Donald A. and Nancy L. Lorenz to John K. and Laura Beville, Lot 63, Sec. 6, Indian Springs, $68,800

S&R Properties LLC to James Todd Barbour and Gina Suzanne Barbour, 5.02 acres, Lot 14-E, Pleasantview Farm & Estates of Notting Hill, $155,000

Fenley Trust II FBO to Stephen H. and David H. Fenley, property on KY 12, $62,000

Amy R. Dunn to Joseph T. Dunn, 5.13 acres, Tract B, Ware Farm, $170,000

Nellie and Ricardo Gonzalez Sr. to Nellie Lee Druin and Homer Eugene Druin, Lot 19, Brassfield, Sec. 1, $202,000