Real Estate deeds: March 23, 2012

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Feb. 1-12

Nadene Starrett Mason Estate, William D. and Jeannie Mason and Melinda L. Stoess,  to Amber N. and Charles R. Stoess III, property on Clarks Station Road, $10 and considerations

Thompson Real Estate Holdings LLC to Melissa and Christopher Thompson, Tracts 3A-1, Shelburne Farm, $158,000

James and Karla Ferguson to Brad and Shari Thompson, Lot 130, Rolling Ridge, Phase 4, Section 1, $132,500

Forever Communications Inc. to Capcity Communications LLC, property on U.S. 60, $15,000

Randy B. and Sheila A. Van Matre and Franconia Real Estate Services to Theresa V. and Leslie M. Walters and Franconia Real Estate Services, Lot 65 Meadow Run, $137,000

104 Cherry Hills Lane Land Trust to Darin O’Neil, Lot 27, Persimmon Ridge, Phase 1A, $365,000

Heather R. and Thomas Scott Boatright to Master Craft Homes LC, Lots 26, Hidden Creek Woods, Section 1, $600,000

Thomas W. and Sharron A. Holderfield to Thomas W. Holderfield Living Trust, 33.009 acres, Tract 3, Wilder Farm, $103,000

Jeffrey A. and Lottie Garland Jones to William J. and Nicole L. McVey, 6 acres, Tract 6, James Reynolds and James Bailey property on KY 148, $243,500

Quality Real Estate LLC to Sandra Partin, 5.03 acres, MJ Farms, $98,500

James A. and Lucy G. Landers to Kenneth Edwards, Lot 13, Block E, Aqua Shores, $78,500

Charles and Karla Spencer to David and Jessica Farmer, 49 acres on Hempridge Road, $147,000

Hazel C. Stivers to Glenn H., Teresa S. and Cherie Layne Stivers, 189.12 acres on Frankfort Pike, $756,480

Robert Allen Vest to Holly Vest, Lots 7A-D, Wellington Estates, and Lot 16, Flowers Property, $296,250

Edna Werder to Edna Werder and Shari Lynn Ballinger, Lot 11, Greenland Park, $97,500

Jeffrey and Michele L. Dawson to Lacey K. Lamon, Lot 84 Summersfield Place, Phase 1, $130,000

Edward Thomas and Ruby Diane Booker (guardian) to Elydia A. Thomas, 58.25 acres on Zaring Mill Pike, $32,500

Sandra L. and Michael J. Carroll to Patrick G. and Jessica L. Giles, 24.53 acres, Tract 4, Windhorst Farm, $343,750

Office of Veterans Affairs to U.S. Ban, Unit 506, Building 10, Cardinal Townhomes, $77,555

Elks Inc. to Frankie Hortenbury, Lot 24 Southgate, $137,000

Knobview Partners LLC to Dorothy Graves, Lots 5G-1A, Dogwood Trace, Phase 5, $132,000

Summersfield Place LLC to Dogwood Homes of Kentucky LLC, Lot 79, Summersfield Place, Phase 1, $37,000

Republic Bank & Trust to G&K Holdings, Lot 149 Midland Estates, Section 8, Lot 55,  Mulberry Heights, Lots 12-13 Village View Section 1, $292,000

Steven W. and Karen M. Aulbach to John C. and Kimberly S. Leet, 7.23 acres, Tract 14, Ethington Farm, $58,500

Marlene S. Thomasson to Jessie G. and William Leonard Crum, 5.001 acres, Fred Tapp Property, $178,974.44