Real estate deeds: June 12-July 9, 2013

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Deeds are compiled from data posted on the Shelby County Clerk’s Web site. Property descriptions are based on the best available information provided in the database and may in fact refer to property and thoroughfares no longer formally identified. Financial terms include any value of the property stated on the deed, even if that amount did not change hands.


June 12-17

Steven D. and Linda Clifton Allen to Allen Living Trust, Lot 1, Wooded Lake, $415,000

Lavern Litsey Estate to Dale M. and Kenna M. Heuer, Unit 17A, Building 17, Villas at Persimmon Ridge, $280,000

Chenoweth Springs Two LLC East Lake field Series to Emily Nichols Thomas and Ben Allen Thomas Jr., Tract 1, East Lake Field Farm, $105,000

Rebecca G. Floyd and Christopher Brewer, Lot 192, Midland Estates, Sec. VII, $112,000

Leanne and Christopher S. Grove to Donald A., John R., Nancy and John Dennis Lorenz, Lots 73-74, Section 6, Indian Springs, $100,000

Kentucky Telco Federal Credit Union to Jennifer Palacios, Tract 1, Kentucky Telco Federal Credit Union property, $112,000

Dominion Homes of Kentucky LTD to Shannon L. and Brittany L. Hoskins, Lot 178, Cloverbrook Farms,  $162,130

Woodfield Inc. to Donald Hamilton Inc., Lot 25, Meadowbrook, Section III, Phase III, $27,000

Sharon A. Buss to Helen S. Poole, .191 acres, Lot 1A, Dogwood Trace, Phase III, $133,000

Balder Living Trust to Charles W. and Betty Jo Huffman, 5.34 acres, Tract 9, McCarty Farms, $280,000

Ball Homes LLC to Diana Cole, Lot 51, Tract 8, Notting Hill, Section 2, $341,867

Jane B. Smith Trust to Jane B. Smith, Lot 11, Forest Pointe Woods, $569,960

Citizens Union Bank to Sarah Bailey, 5.22 acres, Tract 7, Fox Run Acres, $160,000

Michale F. Meinze to WCM Land LLC Series, property on Gordon Road, $1,157,785

Valerie and Glenn Todd Roberts to Susan Miles, 12.3 acres, Tract 1A, Breitenstein Farm, $270,600

Erich L. and Jessica Lynn Ernspiker to Sebastian E. and Marea Aspillaga, 6.08 acres, Tract 3, Johnston Farm, $250,000

Robert J. Berry to Petty Berry, Lot 26, Partridge Run Estates, Phase 1, considerations

Helen S. Poole to Austin L. Redmon, Lots 17-22, Sacrey Place, $133,000

Allen L. and Mamie W. Ricketts to Aaron and Cara Glass, Lot 12, Spring Oak Estates II, $214,000

Ralph E. Gray Estate to Vivian S. and Alvin W. Lisby Jr., property on KY 53, $50,000

David R. and Jessica Rock to Herbert E. and Khristen J. Basham, Lot 62, Meadow Run, $125,000

Robert F. Cobb to Robert T. Cobb, .65 acres on KY 53, $50,000

Louis T. Galati to Louis T. Galati and Jessica R. Hettenbach, Lot 69, Todds Station, Phase I, $165,000

Stacy L. Horvath and Stacy L. Stivers to Donald Ray Perkins and Stephanie Marie Perkins, Lot 40, Rolling Ridge, Phase II, $119,900


June 18-23

Elfriede Overstreet to Overstreet Shelby Irrevocable Trust, Unit 15A, Villas, Section 1, Fairway Crossing, $161,000

Kenneth W. and Sandra K. Phillips to Shawn P. Willard and Jennifer M. Mitchell, 5.767 acres, Steely Farm North, $305,000

Donald Ray and Rita N. Waits to David and Tanya Barnett Wilson, 5.97 acres, Tract 5, Nichols Farm, $98,000

Donald Hamilton Inc. to Barbara Mae Todd, Lot 7A, Reserve at Twin Springs, $160,000

Bank of New York Mellon to Lynn M. and Samuel D. Huff, Lot 241, Persimmon Ridge Phase X, $321,000

Patricia H. Quire to Daniel V. Aguilar, 1.45 acres on KY 1005, $125,000

Ann P. and John Wesley Ruble to Wesley L. and Teri N. Adams, 5 acres, Tract 3, Bohannon Farm, $38,000

Roselynne G. and Douglas H. Crook to David Hornback and David Hutcherson, parts of Lots 12 and 14, Block B, Ashland No. 2, $126,900

Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Gary Curry, Lot 9, Middleton Heights, Block D, $55,000

City of Simpsonville to AKDB LLC, Tract B, Proctor Lane, considerations

Charles e. and Thelma G. Cicchella to Margaret Desoto, property on Maple Street and Burks Branch Road, $63,000

Tammy and Christopher Todd Rannells to David G. and Patricia Wilson, Lot 49, Partridge Run Estates, $159,900

HBC1 LLC to Kevin and Verlinda K. Smith and Jan M. Mathis Intermediary Exchange Accommodation, 5.68 acres, Lot 5, Haley & Figgs Store Farms, $40,000

Dennis Giles to Dennis and Cheryl Marie Giles, 82.95 acres, KY 241, $275,000

Evelyn Poff to Fred Wayne Tapp, property on east side of Parent Lane, $130,000

Robert H. and Jean L. Foree to Doug and Susan Schlosnagle, 45.616 acres on Ditto Cemetery Road, $228,000

Federal National Mortgage Association to Kamala Donohue, Lot 181, Midland Estates, Section 7, $88,500

Jennifer M. Mitchell to David and Jessica Rock, Lot 60, Thoroughbred Acres, $167,000

Hite Management LLC to Austin Hite Hayes and Hannah M. Long-Hays, Lot 1, Part of Lot 3, Ashland Heights No. 1, $1 and considerations

Kentucky Plum Creek LP to Cheryl Fineman, 14.7 acres, Lots 25-26A, Equestrian Lakes, Phase 1, $345,000

Tiffany A. Woods to Erica N. Skinner, Lot 4, Farming Meadows, $94,900

Jeremy and Erica Beth Boyd to Aron L. Howlett, Lot 103C, Trailwood Lakes Inc., $2,700


June 24-28

Priscilla L. and Charles McIntosh to Alyssa D. Lawson, Lot 12, North Country Section 1, $168,000

Roger Dale Lefler to Robert H. and Jean L. Foree, 111.443 acres, Ditto Cemetery Road and Magruder Shipman Pike, $350,000

Federal National Mortgage Association to Jerry and Pamela Daniel, Lot  7, Lees Court, $64,000

Betty Barnett to Kelly J. White, Part of Lots 20-23, Block B, Middleton Heights, $97,500

Steven L. Poole to Michael W. and Alice Darlene Murray, 1 acre, WA Smith Property, CAB 34, SL 338, $53,000

Kevin T. and Debra A. Miller to Cecil Rogers, property on US 60, $139,500

William J. and Michele W. Andriot to Torrey M. and Bethany L. Smith, Tract 2, Northfield Acres, $308,750

Austin Bruner to Felicia and Timothy Scott Bruner, 5 acres, Pea Ridge Road, $10,000

Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Victoria R. Taylor, Lot 194, Midland Estates, Section 9, $78,000

Christy L. Hardison to Alan R. Hardison, property on Hardinsville-Harrisonville Road, $149,000

Jan M. Mathis Intermediary Exchange Accommodation  and Kevin and Verlinda K. Smith to Kevin and Verlinda K. Smith, 5.68 acres, Lot 5, Haley & Figgs Store Farms, $175,000

MJ Properties Inc to West Shelby Land LLC, 52.09 acres, Tract 3B, Oliver Property Divided, $180,119.25

Delyn Kilpack and Paul J. Muren to Mathew D. and Sophea Lyons, Lot 14, Station Pointe, $198,000

Nina M. Franklin to John A. and Loretta L. Quire, Tract 15, Block D. Middleton Heights,


Patrick G. and Jessica L. Giles to Troy Scott Rager, 6.91 acres, Tract 3,  Windhorst Farm, $85,000

Frances William Donald Payne to Wallace R. and Connie Bolin, 1.31 acres, Payne Farm, $5.768

Michael F. Meinze to Citizens Union Bank, 5.21 acres, Lot 20, Rockbridge Farms II, $25,505.53

Michael F. Meinze to Citizens Union Bank, parcels on KY 53, $962,090

John and Angela Jerrolds to Mary Ann Hammond, Lot 42, Bayne Acres, $142,000

Logan and Tiffany Shields to Erin and John Darren Willis, 5.71 acres, Tract 11, Nichols Farm, $52,000

CoastalStates Bank to Jennifer J. Campbell and Sharon L. Gavin, Lot 7, Mackey, $50,000

Dogwood Homes of Kentucky LLC to Eleanor V. and Jake Donavan Cheney, Lot 26, Highlands at Summersfield, Section 1, $110,950

Neff Investments LLC and Robert Neff to Commonwealth of KY, property on KY 1848, $51,250

Matthew J. Anderson to Chad S. and Michelle Leigh Biddle, 240.983 acres on Taylorsville Road and 3.04 acres on KY 55, $1.25 million

Worth & Dee Ellis Farms Partnership, Ellis Aina LLC, Booker White LLC, James Moody Ellis, Richard Dee Ellis Jr. and Robert Worth Ellis to Elsrun LLC, Ellisa Aina LLC, Booker White LLC , 15 acres on Ellis Road, $90,000

Elsrun LLC to Aina Ellis LLC and Booker White LLC, 434 acres on Eminence Pike and Maddox Hill Road, $60,000 (undivided portion)

Elsrun LLC to Elsrun LLC, 15 acres on Ellis Road, $90,000

Iva Joyce Woods Estate to Jamie T. Wood, Lot 10, Hazel Lawn, $75,000

Citizens Union Bank to William T. Cravens Living Trust and Janet G. Cravens Living trust , Lot 8A, Reserve at Twin Springs, $128,000

David M. and Kelly R. Fiorini to Cara L. Cape, Lot 166, Rolling Ridge, Phase IV, Section 1, $129,500

GNK LLC to Mt. Eden LLC, 5.0273 acres, Tract 4, Ruhl Farm, $35,200

Mohammad H. and Robin R. Musa to Perry Morgan Bryan, 1.02 acres, Lot 98, Weissinger Estates, Section III, $377,000

Susan and Paul T. Cox to Reba C. and Frank L. Kelley, Lot 25, Country Manor, $202,000

MainSource Bank to Kamsjem Properties LLC, 34.31 acres, Bardstown Frankfort Pike, $110,000

Peoples bank of Taylorsville to B Developed LLC, 82.69 acres, Ritter Pike, $695,000

Kamsjem Properties LLC to B Developed LLC, 34.31 acres, Bardstown Frankfort Pike, $110,000

Donald L. and Lea A. Kamer to Matthew and Rebecca Wright, Lots 8-9, Bonniemere No. 1, $136.500

Citizens Union Bank to C. Lewis Mathis Jr. and Jan M. Mathis Trust, property on Washington Street, $65,000

Joseph N. Smith Estate, Lulsa Gardner Smith Estate, Michael S. Bohannon and Lucinda Moore Patterson to Michael S. Bohannon and Lucinda Moore Patterson, Tracts 1-11, Joseph N. Smith Farm, $920,000


June 29-July 5

Thomas R. Roberts to Katherine D. Roberts, 22.33 acres, Tract 8, Catwalk Mini Farms, $121,900

Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Sheng Yuan Ho, Lot 120, Midland Estates, Section 6, $65,000

Willis C. and Sandra Jo Murphy to Hugh C. and Mary Anne Montgomery, 22.86 acres, 2 tracts, Spaulding Farm, $485,000

Philip Lee and Kathy Bland to Bland Family Limited Partnership, property on KY 1005 and Stapleton Road, $65,000

Phillip Lee Bland, Ronald H. Bland, Carolyn Bland, Kathy Bland and Michael Dale Bland Revocable Trust to Eric and Maureen Bland, 5.02 acres, Tract 1B, Bland Farm, $25,000

Federal National Mortgage Association to R&W Property Management LLC, Lot 8, Hunting Hills, $100,000

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Secretary of Veterans Affair, Unit 35, Building 8, Lot 35, Gardens of Station Pointe, $85,045.45

Matthew T. and Lauralee Douglas Samples to Jason R. Littleton and Brittany M. Ball, Lot 8, Bridlewood Estates, Section 1, $146,000

Mae Clark to Robert P. Dorgan II and Virginia N. Price, property on KY 53, $1,000

James E. and Dianne P. Jones to Orlando and Brenda Rodriquez, Lots 35-37, Block D, Indianapolis, $18,500

Michael F. Meinze to Citizens Union Bank, 1.28 acres, Tract 18, Breighton Business Center, $156,973.33

City of Simpsonville to Louisville Outlet Shoppes LLC, Tract 1, Proctor Lane, $100

Carolyn A. and David Cameron Blanton to James Monteith, 1.29 acres, Tract 2, Aldridge Farm, $159,000

Justin T. and Amanda Atkins to Darlene M. Snow, Lot 12, Part of Lot 13, Block C, Middleton Heights, $92,500

George and Laura Irvin to Household Finance Corporation II, 20.453 acres, Gee Farm, $137,197.43

Bank of America NA to Billy Pridemore, property on College Street, $2,510

Janet Callahan to Janet Callahan, Lots 50-52 and part of Lot 53, Highland Manor, $62,000

Ann P. and John Wesley Ruble to Rebecca S. and Timothy J. Stivers, 5 acres, Tract 2, Bohannon Farm, $36,000

Frances Payne and William Donald Payne to Callie Walker, 5.42 acres, Tract 2, Payne Farm, $21,463.20

Frances Payne and William Donald Payne to Dalton Smitha, 5.38 acres, Tract 3, Payne Farm, $29,590

Kelly and Elizabeth Dugger to Bobby R. and Mary Jo Thornton, Lot 33, Station Pointe, Phase 1, $200,000

John M. and Brenda Jaremczuk to John M. and Brenda Jaremczuk, Lots 25-28, part of Lot 29, Block D, Tower Heights, $147,500

George A. and Patricia A. Evans to Laruen D. and Brian D. Sanders, 6.43 acres, Tract 21, Twin Lake Estates, $565,000

Ronald D. Conn to John A. and Laura E. Atkinson, Lot 217, Town  & Country, Section 10, $240,000

Jane Stucker to Kirk and Marcia L. Cashman, 2.44 acres on Benson Pike, $210,000

Randy and Carissa Sanford/McClain to Randy and Carissa M. Sanford, 2.042 acres, Lot 1, Sutherland Farm, $75,000

Audrey and Michael Willett to James A. and Sharon Pass, 5.12 acres, Lot 9, Pine Meadows, $450,000

June M. and Page G. Stephens to Damian P. and Sarah Allen Parnell, 7.2 acres, Lot 2, Rockbridge Farms No. 1, $364,000

Kathy R. and Michael A. Mangeot, Jamie Mangeot, Mark D. Mangeot and Michelle M. and Dean Dennis to Jerry L. and Mary Lou Bohannon, 15 acres, Lot 1, Brown Farm, $357,000

Federal National Mortgage Association to Todd and Lauren Gutermuth, Lot 13, Dale Place, $200,000

Marvin E. and Mary E. Wishman to Debra and John T. Caudle, Lot 70, Block 1, Trailwood Lakes, $8,000


July 6-9

Flagstar Bank FSB to Secretary if Housing & Urban Development, Lot 2, Gravett & Arnold Subdivision, $85,000

EG Properties Inc. to Cynthia and Adam Finnell, property in Graefenburg, $46,000

Sara Willena Marion Estate to Michael and Lisa Moore, Lot 3, Bonnie Brae, $147,500

Gayle Viola Ivers to William Dale Ivers, 5 acres on Truax Lane, $115,000

Daniel R. and D. Ross Kessler to Karen and Santosh S. Bhatt, Lot 230, Persimmon Ridge, Section XI, $90,000

Dominion Homes of Kentucky LTD to Brian and Penny Wigglesworth, Lot 184, Cloverbrook Farms, $193,353

Mary Ann Hammond to Jack Cumber, Tract 11, Martin Farm, $295,000

Norma G. Murphy to Gina M. and Billy Gene Watson, Tract 5, Clark’s Corner, $125,000

Joseph E. and Bonnie Hall and Marvin and Dori Lewis to Amber R. Miller an Misty N. Caudell, property in Mount Eden, $13,000

Frances and William Donald Payne to Anthony G. and Tiffany L. Parrett, 39.66 acres, Tract 4, Payne Farm, $157,053.60

Robert L. and Betty L. Chisholm and Betty McKinney, to Robert L. and Betty L. Chisholm, property on 1st Street between Main and railroad, Shelbyville, considerations

Dominion Homes of Kentucky LTD to Reginald M. Hicks, Lot 169, Cloverbrook Farms, $186,702

Robert A. and Susan L. Schutte to Sara Jan and John S. Schilling Jr., Lot 15A, Fairway Crossing, $221,000

Thelma J. Becker Estate, Brian, David, Deborah, Mark, Steve and Gail Becker and Michael and Debra Stephenson to Federal National Mortgage Association, Lot 8, Dogwood Trace, Phase 1, $93,073.79