Real Estate deeds: July 20, 2012

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May 18-22

Kevin Hinkle to Kelly Hinkle, Lot 28, Charleston, Sec. 1, $229,900

Donna Watts Henshaw, Donna Watts Nethery and John Kevin Henshaw to Linda Noell Penn, Part of Lots 4 and 6, Block B, Ashland 2, $125,000

Scott G. and Leah L. Ammerman to David Lance Grebe, tracts of 6 acres and 5.99 acres on Vigo Road, $25,000

Timmy White to Jay L. and Evelyn R. Hollingworth, 9.414 acres on Rockbridge Pike, $82,000

Ryan J. and Jessica R. Smith to John L. and Beverly D. Coots, 5 acres, Tracts 1A, 1AA, Irwin Holland Farms, $95,000

AKL Custom Homes LLC to Larry J. and Tina M. Fowler, Lot 104, North Country, Section 4, Phase 2, $184,000

Hidden Creek Woods LLC to Gilbert Dennis Carraco and Rita Diane Carraco, 5.121 acres, Lot 24, Hidden Woods Section 1, $99,900

James M. and Rosetta Tingle to Robert and Patricia Ethington, 85 acres on Bullskin Creek, $280,000

Knobview Partners LLC to Kevin r. and Kevin R. and Tina D. Maynard, Lot 168, Partridge Run, Section III, $225,000

Richard & Arwilda Zapp Trust to Walter L. and Tracey Hare Gibson, Track 16, Taylor Wood Estates, $305,000

Wallace G. and Robbie A. Hardin to William M. and Annie M. Johnson, Lots 7A, 8A and 9A, Meadowbrook No. 1, $90,000

Richard W. Paul and Judith Lynn Cruze Revocable Living trust to Richard W. Paul and Judith Lynn Cruz, 6.999 acres, Tract 5, Kaze Farm, considerations

Louis and Alex M. Eicherberger to Louis Eicherberger, 3 acres on Van Dyke Mill Road, $1 and considerations

Stad W. and Sarah S. Smith to Elite Homes Inc. 5.02 acres, Tract 10, Ethington Farm, $47,500

Joshua M. and Angela G. Blank to Elite Homes Inc., 5 acres, Tract 5, Gravett Farm, $65,000

Susan Ann and John William Weibel to 407 Garden Court Land Trust, Lot 12, Simpsonville Gardens No. 3, $60,000

Patricia R. Nethery Estate to Michael Davis Nethery, 5.03 acres, Nethery Farm, $240,000



May 23-29

Justin R. Hubley to Justin R. Hubley and Kelly Johnson, Lot 27, Long Run Farms, Section 2, $345,000

Clara June and Mahlon S. Huff to Kathleen M. Mulcahy, Unit 8D of Villas, Section 1, Fairway Crossing, $138,000

Loretta J. Rogers to John L. and Beverly D. Coots, 5 acres, Tract 5, Rogers Farm, Vigo Road, $140,000

Flora and Willie Knight to Lester V. Mack Sr., Lot 14, Block A, Eastview, $1 and considerations

Miter Construction to Travis Fuhrmann, Lot 79, Fairway Crossing Section 3, $262,500

Gary B. Curry to Wayne D. and Julie M. Trotter, Lot 12, Monica Gardens, $89,500

Eugene H. Currens Trust to Lyndell L. Shepherd, Tracts 1A, 2, 3A, 3B, Buzzard Roost Farms, $235,000

John S. and Karla Littlefield to Joshua Masticola and Laura Sanders, Lot 3, Creekside Village, Phase 1, $148,750

Kathy Gail Livers to Sharon C. and Robert L. Howell Jr., 28.93 acres, Tract 1A-4, Sheets Farm, $200,000

Kathy Gail Livers to Titus and Christine Riner, 6 acres, Tracts 1A-5, Sheets Farm, $160,000

Edward Greiner Estate to James Lee Griener, 6.36 acres, Lot 9, John V. Barnett Farm, considerations

Steve and Carolyn Claycomb to Ruth and Earl D. Cook Jr., Lot 72, Thoroughbred Acres, $153,000

Linda Gianciola to Philip Gianciola, 5.02 acres, Lot 2, Scrogham Parcel, $399,000

Citizens Union Bank to Kathy Gail Livers, Lot 14A, Reserve at Twin Springs, $160,500$

Lillian Ann Abshire and Shawn A. Martin to Shan A Martin and Lillian Ann Abshire, Lot 16, Catalpa Addition, $1 and considerations

Brassfield Inc. to AKL Custom Homes LLC, Lot 83 North Country Section 4, Phase I, $21,500

Shirley and James H. Chappell III to WCM Land LLC Series 8, 70.68 acres in Chestnut Grove, $233,244

Joshua c. and Malia W. Hurst to Lee Ann and Jason Michael Lois, Lot 40, Brassfield, Section III, $206,900

Homer E. and Nellie L. Druin to Dickie and Pam Ray Phillips, Lot 10, Country View Estates, $65,000

Federal National Mortgage Association to Ryan and Holly Wonderlich, Lot 3, Block 13, Fairview, $80,000

Ryan and Holly Wonderlich to R&W Property Management LLC, Lot 3, Block 13, Fairview, $1 and considerations

Donald Hamilton to Roger A. McGuire, Lot 60, Old Mill Village, Section II, $251,000

Jennifer H. and William B. Decker to Kerry D. and Amy D. Scrogham, Tract 3, Hargadon Farm, $88,000

Shelby County Fiscal Court to Shelby County Board of Education and Commonwealth of Kentucky, property on Old Taylorsville Road, $1,000

Gary B. Curry Building & Design Inc. to Eartha L. Gibson, Lot 10, Payton Place, $114,500

GSC Associates Inc. to Gary E. and Jacquelyn Stoess, Lot 23, Osprey Cove, Section 2, $24,500

Jason M. and Lee Ann Lois to Jack M. Sharer, Lot 76, North Country Section IV, $141,500

Andrew T. and Holli Hayes and Holli C. McDowell to Mark A. Gibbs, Lot 157, Rolling Ridge, Phase 5, section 2, $122,500



May 30-31

Kelly G. Nesta to Gary B. Curry Building & Design Inc. Lot 5, Block 16, Fairview, $29,000

Frederick Lee Tapp and Elaine B. Tapp to Eric L. and Margery L. Grady, 54.46 acres, Zaring Mill Road and Haley Road, $135,000

Juanita S. Green to Robert S. and Sandra D. Chenault, Lots 15-18, Block B, Grandview, $130,000

American Founders Bank to City of Shelbyville, property at 3rd and Washington Streets, $16,500

Jagoe Land Corp to Jagoe Homes Inc. Lot 43, Mead Glen, Section III, $28,460

Jagoe Homes to James T. and Yolanda Nickell, Lot 43, Meadow Glen, Section III, $205,323

Hope E. Dwyer to Judith Ann McNeish, Lot 8, Block 14, Fairview, $144,000

Shirley Shelburne to Jesse Clayton, .15 acres on KY 53, $120,000

William A. Conder to Kyle M. and Elizabeth Ann M. Nichols, 622 Spring Oaks Estate, $239,900

Leslie Jo Rayond to John and Patsy S. Montgomery, Lot 7, Rolling Acres, $72,000