Real estate deeds: July 10-27, 2013

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Deeds are compiled from data posted on the Shelby County Clerk’s Web site. Property descriptions are based on the best available information provided in the database and may in fact refer to property and thoroughfares no longer formally identified. Financial terms include any value of the property stated on the deed, even if that amount did not change hands.

July 10-19

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Christy and Joe M. Branstetter, Lot 3, Orchard Crossing, $86,869

Dawn M. Barrett to Paul Russell Barrett, Tract 3, Smithland Estates, JTL Properties LLC, $565,000

Patricia A. Ward to Lisa G. and Joseph M. Lynch, Lot 47 and part of Lot 48, Ashland No. 3, $131,500

Charles G. Lawson and Lisa Simpson to Joyce G. Alexander, Unit 5A, Villas Section 1, Fairway Crossing, $205,000

Paul Russell Barrett to Dawn M. Barrett, 2.08 acres, Tract 7, Industrial Property/Baker Farm, $180,000

Shannon Kai and Ben Nutter II to Bobby L. Montgomery, Lot 17, Longview Estates, $150,000

Federal National Mortgage Association to Hewitt and Barbara Hurst, Lots 10 and 16, Creekside Village, Phase 1, $26,500

Baker Family Wealth Trust to Christopher D. and Anastasia M. Combs, Tracts 6 and 7, Lincoln Miller

Farms No. 1, $375,000

Orin B. Bond Revocable Trust to Orin B. Bond Sr. Trust, 1.7 acres, on Long Run Clark Station Road, $1.3 million

Barbara B. Scott and Judy L. Rayburn to Michael D. Doyle, Lot 56, Block 1, Trailwood Lakes, $4,500

Federal National Mortgage Association to Tim and Carrie Schmid, Tract 7B, Rutledge Farm East, $236,000

Veronica A. Russell to Steven N. and Melody A. Presley, 15 acres on Joyes Station Road, $142,000

Edythe V. Wise Revocable Living Trust to Carolyn A. Harrett Trust, Lot 26, Oakwood, Section II, $67,500

Federal National Mortgage Association to Adam Smart, Lot 117, Midland Estates, Section 6, $123,000

Eric C. and Mary A. Lehner  and Mary A. Wolfe to Weichert Relocation Resources Inc., Lot 218, Town & Country, Section 10, $243,500

Weichert Relocation Resources Inc. to Joseph Owsley, Lot 218, Town & Country, Section 10, $235,500

Lawren A. Just and James D. Garmon to Karlen B. and Dennis E. Dziedzic, Unit 9B, Building 9, Villas at Persimmon Ridge, $280,000

Glenn T. and Valerie L. Roberts to David E. and Theresa K. Bates, 5.39 acres, Tract 2, Breitenstein Farm, $108,000

Minnie Pearl McCann and Thomas McCann Jr. to Thomas Jr. and Minnie McCann Revocable Living Trust, Lots 1-10, Block D, Brown Acres, $140,000

Minnie Pearl McCann and Thomas McCann Jr. to Thomas McCann III, 33.66 acres on Scrabble Road, $10,000

Patricia Sturdevant and Martin Walters to Pitcock Properties LLC, future 5-unit apartment site, Meadow Run, Tract A, $200,000

James T. and Lisa Pitcock to Pitcock Properties LLC, Lot 1, Oakwood, $66,200

Louise P. and James Daryl Henry to William J. and Michele W. Andriot, Lot 12, Bayne Acres, $142,500

Clifford T. Farmer Estate to Sidney Scott McClain, Lot 3, Hazel Lawn, $100,000

Frances and Donald William Payne to Clayton and Candace Aylmer, 30.97 acres, Tract 1, Payne Farm, $132,861.30

Denver Bates to Madlyn Bentley, Tract 7, Burchfield Acres, $1 and considerations

Mary E. Jennings to Samantha Jennings, Lot 73, Ken Acres, $95,500

Dominion Homes of Kentucky LTD to Norman Pellot and Magdalena Figueroa, Lot 76, Cloverbrook Farms, $130,936

Dominion Homes of Kentucky LTD to Mark T. and Donna L. Mouser, Lot 334, Cloverbrook Farms, $144,844

Dominion Homes of Kentucky LTD to Beau A. and Nicole M. Jones, Lot 74, Cloverbrook Farms, $128,403

Robert M. and Deborah A. Taylor to Ray and Lisa K. Lang, Tracts 1-2, Reese Property, $162,000

Horace W. and Elizabeth C. Brown to Debra V. Petry, Lots 239-241, Plot 2B, Trailwood Lakes, $13,950

James T. and Lisa M. Pitcock to Pitcock Properties LLC, Lots 9-10, Block B, and Lot 8, Block A, Aqua Shores No. 1, $52,500

James T. and Lisa M. Pitcock to Pitcock Properties LLC, 33.1272 acres on Reynolds Way, $150,000

James T. and Lisa M. Pitcock to Pitcock Properties LLC, Units 120, 122, 124, 126, Building III, Seven Oaks, Lot 6B Smithland, $275,000

James T. and Lisa M. Pitcock to Pitcock Properties LLC, Unit 116 Seven Oaks, $36,000

Stacie L. and Charles R. Dicello II to Stephen L. and Delisa L. Riley, Lot 77, Brentwood, Unit III, $210,000

Linda Harley and Beverly Harley Rogers to Linda M. Harley, Steven L. Harley and Beverly Rogers, 16.0755 acres on Harley Thompson Road and 19.849 acres on Benson Pike, $105,800

Dane and Adonya Anderson to Gregory L. Bailey, 5.35 acres, Lot 5, Quire Parcel, $199,500

AKL Custom Homes LLC to Jane Stucker, Lot 19B, Dogwood Trace, Phase 4, $151,500

Damian P. and Sarah P. Parnell to Norma G. Murphy, Tract 7, Brittany Estates, $129,900

James T. and Lisa M. Pitcock to Pitcock Properties LLC, property on Washington St. in Shelbyville, $75,000

William A. and Sarah R. Brymer to Gretchen Bucknam, .92 acres, William Martin Farm, and 4.05 acres, Henry Smith Road, $225,500

Steven W. and Karen M. Aulbach and Robert L. Brown to Thomas J. and Juana I. Kough, 6.55 acres, Tract 3, Ethington Farm, $62,000

Larry G. and Sue F. Jones to Chad Lee Ramsley, Lot 26, Silver Creek, $210,000

Alice Edwards and Alice Cooper to Paul Robert Cooper, 6.06 acres, Tracts A and B, Troyer Parcel, $160,000

Orin B. Bond Jr. and Orin B. Bond Sr. to Holly Gate III LLC, 1.7 acres on Long Run Clark Station Road, $1.3 million

Donald M. Spear and John P. Scheidt to Willis C. and Sandra Jo Murphy, 5.09 acres, Tract D, Paddock Point, $80,000

MainSource Bank to June M. and Page G. Stephens Jr., 45.250 acres, Tracts C and D, J. Kenneth Lyons Division, $219,500

Gregory Allan Kelley and Emma Hall Kelley to Byron P. and Elizabeth Peters, Lot 233, Cloverbrook Farms, Section 4, $101,450

Robert T. and Carol W. Marshall to Carl W. Marshall Living Trust, 5.65 acres, Tract 4, Kramer Property, $241,000

Karen Webb Waits, Toby Webb, Terri Waits Summers and Keith Summers to Laura Morton, 4.76 acres, Tract 8, Clark’s Corner, $44,220

Charlotte L. Randle to Dale Delaney, Lots 9-10, Block B, Indianapolis Subdivision, $4,000


July 20-27

PL Lyons Inc. to Cynthia M. Fister and Jeffrey Hulker, Lot 17, Fairway Crossing, Section 3, $270,000

Kentucky Plum Creek LP to Kevin A. and Melanie D. Bergdorf, 7.85 acres, Tract 17, Equestrian Lakes, Phase 1, $680,000

George N. Busey Estate to William M. Busey and Susanne B. Osberg, 50 acres on Vigo Road sand 49.08 acres on Vigo and Harley Thompson Road and 222 acres on Harley Thompson Road, $1.399 million

Jennifer L. Guelda to Richard Dean Clinton and Connie Lynne Clinton, Lot 99, Cardinal Club Estates, Phase 2, $349.000

Jonathan Martin Co. LLC to David P. and Sandra R. Alvey, Lot 1, Cardinal Club Estates, Phase 1, $59,500

Robert B. and Rhonda V. Durrett to Donald Payne and Kristen Walsh, Lot 53, Majestic Oaks, Section 3, $90,000

Frances and Donald William Payne to John Mark Miller and Amy Jo Miller, 3.55 acres, Parcel A, Payne Farm, $89,100

US Bank NA and GSAA Home Equity Trust to Craig ray, Lot 25, Cloverbrook Farms, Phase 1, Section 1, $129,900

Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company NA and JPMorgan Chase Bank NA to Donald and Lea Ann Kramer, .96 acres on KY 53, $25,000

Steve and Jennifer Anderson to Steve and Jennifer Anderson, 36.72 acres, Tract 1A, CAB 8, SL 209, $540,000

Barbara B. Hale to Marilyn B. and Carlton E. Banner, 15.004 acres, Tract 2B, John Sangalli Farm, $280,000

Roberta and Donald J. St. Esprit to Joshua S. Schank, Lot 86, Midland Estates, Section IV, $126,000

Jonathan, Lisa and Jonathan Ray Bannister II to Jonathan Ray Bannister II and Jonathan Bannister, 1.322 acres, Residual Adams Property, CAB 7, $130,500

Citizens Union Bank to AKL Custom Homes LLC, Lot 5G-8A and 5G-8B, Dogwood Trace, Phase 5, $20,000

Daniel and Sarah Elizabeth Bullard to Calvin and Betty Burris, 8.03 acres, Tract 6, Greenhaven Farm, $40,000

Gertrude Ellen Slucher Estate to Philip A. and Andrea L. Meade, property on Graefenburg Church Road, $85,000

Susan R. Keller to Devin M. Danehy, Lot 26, Cloverbrook Farms, Section 5, $125,000

Jennifer and Richard McGuire to Robert and Sheena Willgin, Lot 4, Block 5, Fairview Addition, $169,900

Michael and Stephanie Roberts Bolen, Patricia E. and Tony Carriss, Ryan and Jennifer Roberts Stegner, Terry E. and Tom Hayden, James F. and Lyn E. Land and Kimberly Roberts Bates and Jason R. Bates to Tom Wathen, 1.02 acres on Todds Point Road, $208,000

Heather Marie Alvey and James Edgar Alvey IV to James C. Garman, Lot 64, Magnolia Place, Section 1, $221,000

Dennis and Karlen Dziedzic to Charles L. and Deborah Ann Whitlock, Lot 317, Persimmon Ridge, Phase XV, $425,000

Jerry W. and Cynthia T. Noblin to Jerry W. and Cynthia T. Noblin, 10 acres, Tract 1, Noblin Property, CAB 8, SL 289, $175,000

Francisco and Maria Rios to Michael A. and Margaret M. Pendriss, Lot 7, Thoroughbred Acres, $203,500

HSBC Mortgage to Helen J. Reynolds Inc., Lot 58, Ken Acres, $64,000

Nancy Davis to Charles W. and Vickie Taylor, 5 acres, Lots 4 and 4A, Aldridge Farms, $125,000

Brian G. and Nancy S. Baker to Shannon Lee and Mark A. Denney, Lot 23, Cardinal Club Estates, Phase 1, $262,500

Adam T. and Jessica E. Shephard to Dorothy D. Moffett, Lot 39, Town N Country, Tract 2, $112,500

Hite Management LLC to Daniel L. and Silvia S. Brown, Tract 9, Brittany Estates, $108,500