Real Estate deeds: Feb. 17, 2012

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Jan. 17-31

Robert M. and Leigh F. Underhill to Ashley and James E. Judd II, Lot 31, Rolling Ridge Phase II, $124,900

Housing & Urban Development to Stephanie Baughman, Lot 22, Rolling Ridge Phase II, $110,000

Justin W. and Amy S. Roberts to Blanca and Marcelino Zapata, Lot B, Roberts Lot, Hazel Heights, $96,000

George Downs Estate to Ricky Downs, Lot 69, Block 1 Trailwood Lakes, $4,500

Elite Homes Inc. to Michael D. and Carol L. Chinberg, 5.002 acres, Lot 15, Overbook Bend, $497,775,47

Osprey Limited LLC to Peach Properties Home Rentals LLC, Area C-1, Villa of Osprey Cove, $1 and considerations

Carol Lawrence to Robert D. Lawrence, 5.018 acres, Tract 17, Brunerstown Farms, $283,300

Douglas and Lori L. Glass to Keith and Samantha Tanner, property at 8th & Washington Streets, $25,575

Edna Louise and George Houchin Morris Revocable Living Trust to Charles W. and Amanda Kaiser Jones, 1.845 acres on Hedden Lane and .93 acres on Rockbridge Road, $150,000

JIL Development Company Inc. to Shannon A. and Sarah B. Gregory, Lot 28, Magnolia Place Section II, $210,000

Brian P. and Shannon R. Weaver and Shannon R. Leezer to Melinda and Estaban Vasquez Jr., Lot 37, North Country Section 2, $152,000

Robert and Patricia Ethington to Robert S. Ethington Qualified Personal Res. Trust, 1.324 acres, Ethington Building Supply Property, $180,000

Dana J. Burke to James Lee Burke, 75 acres, Waters of Benson Creek, $75,000

Deann and Dennis Crossno to Candace D. Endsley, Tract 19, Fox Run Farms Section 1, $256,000

Ruby B. Lewis to Thomas Earl and Eve Lewis, Lots 5, 8, 17, Fairview Addition, $10 and considerations

Herschel Thomas and Stacey Hope Redding to Thomas E. Barnes, Lot 36, Brittany Estates, Section 4, $129,500

Robert D. and Gwendolyn Wagner Johnson and William Bradley Wagner to Mary Wright, 5 acres, Tract 8A, Copper Coin Farm, $300,000

George C. and Carolyn S. Wilson to Megan Davis and Aaron T. Hortenbury, 1 acre, KY 241, $135,000

Timothy Wayne and Elizabeth Whitehouse Banks to Elizabeth Whitehouse Banks, Lot 51, Southgate, considerations

Persimmon Ridge Golf Course Inc. to Cheri D. and Richard W. Elmore Jr., Lot 277, Persimmon Ridge Phase XIII, $110,000

Dennis and Janeen Mengert to Michael D. and Tonya L. Stearman, Lot 41, Creekside Village Phase II, $194,000

Roger A. McGuire to Alayna Tia McGuire, Lot 3, Weissinger Estates Section 1, $235,800

Century Bank of New York to Richard A. and Marilyn M. Ross, Lot 6, Osprey Cove, Section IIIA, Phase A, $235,000

Tonya M. Hampton and Tonya M. Pazmino to Harold Clayborn, Lot 4, Lees Court, $109,900

William Keith and Leann Thompson to Leonard and Bonnie Cheek, 49 acres, Mount Eden, $150,000

Larry J. and Deloris Thompson, Charles and Betty T. Tippett and Judy T. Vanmeter to Presequity LLC, Tract 2, Brittany Estates, $150,000

Elizabeth Terhune, Ray Elwood Gunn, Janice Hayden, Michael Hayden, Teresa Hayden, Nanette McCarty, Jerry McCarty, Louis Williams, Casey Barber, Randall Ragland, Kathleen Ragland, Janie Sanning Saylor, Martha Schuler, Donald Schuler, Katherine Yager Perry, Janette Landers Powell, Kitty Perry, Danny Perry, Etta Lo Crutcher, Nancy Crutcher, John Crutcher, James Crutcher, Jack Crutcher, Debbie Crutcher, Jill Reynolds, James Reynolds, Jannette Frederick, Margaret Meyer, Chris Meyer, Linda Allen Wiley, Gary Wiley, Dru Terhune, Margaret L. Blakeley Testamentary Trust, Helen Allen and Janet Cox Landers Powell to Andrew and Annie Anderson, ,29 acres, Waters of Guist Creek, $85,000

Wister M. and Francis P. Curtis to Sharon M. Veech, Unit 8, Washington Square, $68,000

Diane Louise Ogle to Diane Louise Ogle Revocable Living Trust, Lot 85, Persimmon Ridge Phase IV, $1 and considerations

Mark B. and Brenda L. Hall to Robert J. Valeri, 5.2 acres, Fox Run Farms Section 1, $191,500

Cathy J. Lamb to Sharon Hamilton, Lot 2 Bonniemere No. 1, $53,000

Nellie Garrison, Joe B. Drury and Mary Drury to Nellie Garrison, .17 acres, Lots 15-17, Block B, Maplewood Park, $1 and considerations

James and Kay Owens Briad to Daniel A. and Anna K. Bastin, 15.08 acres, KY 1790, $100,000

Charles E. Williams Jr. to Jacqueline Y. Williams, Lot 30, Todds Subdivision, considerations

Glenn E. and Roxana P. Redd to Desirae M. and Kyle D. Idleman, 80.158 acres, KY 362 and KY 1408, $760,000

Jagoe Land Corp to Jagoe Homes Inc., Lot 55, Meadow Glen Section II, $25,000

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Kimberly Sage and Chris Sowder, Lot 55, Meadow Glen Section II, $178,500

Nadene Starrett Estate and Jeanie and William D. Mason and Melinda L. Stoess to William D. Mason, Tract 10, Westview Estates, $10,000

Richard Shepherd to Lon Edward and Goldie Ann Shepherd, 115.4 acres, 1 acre, Bagdad Harrisonville Pike, $1 and considerations

Jacqueline Y. and Charles E. Williams Jr. to Charles E. Williams Jr., Lot 91, Persimmon Ridge Phase IV, $520,000

Tonya Miller and Antoinette Vitale to Tonya Miller and Antoinette Vitale, Lot 7, Hunters Pointe Estates, $562,000

Kenneth W. and Dolores Taishoff to Taishoff Irrevocable Trust, 7.872 acres, Lot 12, Old Stone Farm, $41 and considerations

Mark A. and Patricia A Burks to Nicholas and Reesa Headley, Lot 35, Partridge Run Estates,  $164,000

Deynese Zubieta Cassidy, Allen Gray, Ethel Cassidy Johnson, Larry Johnson, Charlene Cassidy Hoke and Sharon Cassidy Gray to Barbara A. and Christina A. Burgess, 4 acres, Aiken Road, $165,000

Richard A. and Marilyn M. Ross to Richard Allan Ross and Mary Mae Ross Trust, Lot 6, Osprey Cove, Section IIIA, Phase A, $1 and considerations

Jaclyn Caughron and Michael Scott Bitterman to Jeremie N. and Laura Kelly, Lots 46-50, Block C, Brown Acres, $105,000