Real estate deeds: Dec. 1-31, 2013

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Deeds are compiled from data posted on the Shelby County Clerk’s Web site. Property descriptions are based on the best available information provided in the database and may in fact refer to property and thoroughfares no longer formally identified. Financial terms include any value of the property stated on the deed, even if that amount did not change hands.


Dec. 1-14

Herman E. and Mary M. Potter to Potter Waddy Land Trust, 15.21 acres on KY 395, $35,000

Raymond G. Mackey Estate to Jerry W. Brown, property on U.S. 60 West, $165,000

Federal National Mortgage Association to Robert Thompson Jr., Lot 20, Oakwood, Section 2, $62,000

Icon Cardinal Investors LLC to Deville Homes Inc., Lot 81, Cardinal Club Estates, $29,900

Toby K. and Katherine M. Voberg to Mamiko and Masakatsu Hiramatsu, Lot 131, Cloverbrook Farms, Section 4, $129,900

Eve Properties Limited Partnership to Presequity LLC, property on Main Street in Shelbyville, $290,000

Jason and Carla R. Larkin to Jason and Carla R. Larkin, Lot 1, Brittany Estates, Section IV, $125,506

Benjamin and Bidgette Mueller to Jeffrey P. and Deanna M. Bishop, Lot 400, Cloverbrook Farms, Section 3, $170,900

CH Realty LLC to Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, property on KY 1848 in Simpsonville, $12,025

Dan R. Ison and Holloway Ison Land & Cattle Company LLCto Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, property on KY 1848 in Simpsonville, $5,575

David Charles Ransdell to Paul Jordan, 7.05 acres, Tracts 2-2A, Howard White Farm, $135,000

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA to Cory Woosley, Lot 52, Midland Estates, Section II, $64,000

AKL Custom Homes LLC to Sandra F. Bartlett, Lots 5G-8B, Dogwood Trace, Phase 5, $162,500

Robert E Andrews & Richard W Droukas to Robert E Andrews & Richard W Droukas Revocable Trust, 5.05 acres, Tract 11 and 12A, Todds Point Farms, $275,000

Royden K. Cullinan Jr. and Phyllis M. Thornton to Royden K. Cullinan Jr., 11.97 acres, Lot 6, Cedarmore Ravines, considerations

Joetta Parker to Callie Walker, Lot 6, Section 1, Arbor Green, $28,000

Pabby J. and Harold W. Hayes Jr. to Brad W. and Petra Myers, Lot 264, Persimmon Ridge, Phase XII, $455,000

Carlton K. and Jodie B. Spink to Stephen Nicholas Barton, Tract 6, Graefenburg Heights, $265,000

Pamela E. and Billy D. Pridemore to Pamela E. and Billy D. Pridemore, several parcels, $733,450

Christine and Egon Tirbs III to Devon Cook, 11.382 acres, Tracts 8-0, Ridgemore Estates, $329,000

James E. and Ronda S. O’Donoghue to Kay M. and Roger D. Jordan, 111.33 acres, Tracts 33-36, Valley View Farms No. 1, $175,000

Dennis K. and Cynthia Devary to Nancy Davis, Judy Davis Wolf and Timothy G. Wolf Sr., Lot 33, Meadowbrook No. 2, $50,300

Robin M. and Jenny L. Maestas to Christine and Egon Tirbs III, Tract 6, Cranbourne Grange No. 2, $241,900

Kevin and Jennifer Pennell Davis to Michael Z. Stone, 13.05 acres, Rice Property on KY 1472, $237,450

John and Brittney Willoughby to Suzanne and Ruben Rodriquez, Lot 111, Bridlewood Estates, Section 2, $143,600

Timothy R. and April Probus and TABS Properties LLC to TABS Properties LLC, Lots 17-20, Block C, Brown Acres, $77,000

Frederick J. and Patricia K. Elfast to Russell Scott Elfast and Frederick J. and Patricia K. Elfast, 5.02 acres, Tract 4, Burchfield Acres, $99,000

Jeffrey J. Rutkowski to Jeffrey J. and Carley Lynn Rutkowski, Lot 66, North Country, Section III, $148,500

Dominion Homes of Kentucky LTD to Travis A. and Leslie M. Roberts, Lot 170, Cloverbrook Farms, Phase 1, $199,911

Darryl R. and Carrie L. Willis to Hettie and Kyle Harless, Lot 85, Hi Point Villages, Section II, Phase II, $146,500

William T. Donnell to Laura L. Donnell, Lots 17-18, Colony Subdivision, considerations

Republic Bank & Trust to Midland Holdings LLC, 3.636 acres, Midland Blvd. Townhouse Apartments, $1.877 million

Citizens Union Bank to Misty Creek Properties LLC, property on Mount Eden Road, $800,000

William D. Jones to Larry and Lori Pennington, Lot 19 and Parts of Lots 17 and 21, Montclair, $40,000

Kyle G. and Hettie O. Harless to Camie Payton and Matthew Hagan, Lot 20, Ardmore No. 2, $115,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Dustin Switzer, Building 9, Lot 35, Gardens Of Station Pointe, $85,000

Ronnie and Sabrina A. Barnes to Lucy C. and Robert W. Alexander, .89 acres on old U.S. 60, $162,000

Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Larita Wolcott, Tract 1, Raiser Plat on Cedarmore Road, $55,000

Jeanie M. Carlson to Harry J. Bratton, 5.01 acres, Lot 5, Chadwell Farm Estates, Section 2, $275,000

Doug Aldridge Enterprises INC to Casey M. Jensen, .278 acres on KY 53, Mount Eden, $73,500

Geraldine Scearce to Mitchell L. Wylie, Lot 49, Osprey Cove, Section 1, $130,000

Tammy L. and Bobby L. Bosier Jr. to Sirlene and Paul Lawrence Vanopdorp, Lot 50, Guist Creek Ridge, Section II, Phase 3, $157,000

Sandra and Chris L. Miller to Joshua Johnson, Lot 14, Partridge Run Estates, $158,900

Karie E. Bond to Catherine A. and Cameron A. Bahl, Lot 30, Cloverbrook Farms, Phase 1, Section 1, $179.900

James P. and Barbara J. Schlotterbeck to Karie E. Bond and John Marcum, Lot 26, Glenview Estates, $163,000

Eloise I. Terhune and Ann Tipton to Affordable Plumbing LLC, Lot 8, Sparrow Farm, $40,500

Shelley Thompson to Shelley Thompson and Thomas J. Lowry, Tract 18-19, Canterfield Way, $350,000

Laura W. Donnell to William T. Donnell, Lot B, Shelton Parcel, Henry Clay Street, $59,000

Alea T. and John Daniel Haydon to Mark R. and Karie M. Dazey, Lot 59, Osprey Cove, Section II, $140,500

Cliffton and Kimberly Willoughby to HBC1 LLC, 5.15 acres, Tract 1, McCarty Farm on Vigo Road, $25,000

Roderick C. Miles to Martha R. Yocum, Lot 81, Section IV, Midland Estates, $128,000

William L. and Patricia A. Gerlach to Barry J. and Janice L. Cleary, 5.02 acres, Jacksonville Rattletrap Road, $13,850

ICON Cardinal Investors LLC to PL Lyons Inc., Lot 132, Cardinal Club Estates, Phase 3, $55,900

Torrey and Bethany Smith to Tammy L. and Christopher T. Rannells, Lot 33A, Brassfield, Section II, $274,500

Thomas R. Edwards to Crystal Edwards, 2 acres on Christianburg Bagdad Road, $118,000

Todd and Sarah Hill to ELM Holdings LLC, Lot 102, Todds Station, Phase II, $175,500

Champions Way LLC to CCG Louisville LLC, 210.23 acres, Tract 57A, Cardinal Club Estates, $5.35 million

Todds Point Properties LLC to JCEM Properties LLC, Lot 11, Simpsonville Business Center, Phase 2, $510,000

Mary Elizabeth Mayrose to Lucio S. Andrade and Poliana F. Leite, Lot 39, Country Manor, $134,000


Dec. 15-31

Steven Morris Cook Estate to Gary Cook, property in Bagdad, $4,000

Bank of America and Fannie Mae Remic Trust to Cora K. Beckley, Lot 63, Midland Estates, Section II, $65,900

Christina Whitfield to Mark McGuire, lot 14, Silver Creek, considerations

Jennifer L. and Kevin Edward Brown to Robert William Higdon and Andrea Lyn n Higdon, Lot 38, Indian Springs, Section 5, $65,000

Rita and Lambert Webb to Travis and Georgia Danielle Ashcraft, 2.621 acres on KY 421, $10,500

Robert C. and Sharon Shaw Dyer to Terry M. Hagan, Lot 26, Town N Country Tract 1, $103,000

Ernest Wagers to Jeffrey W. and Amee L. Delbridge, 18.439 acres, 2 tracts on Catridge Road, $139,500

Federal National Mortgage Association to Helen J. Reynolds Inc., Lot 8, Spring Valley No. 1, $70,000

Cecil Franklin Estate to Helen J. Reynolds Inc., property on Shelbyville Bagdad Pike, $70,000

Jack C. Langston to Levi A. and Amy Kamer, property on Scotts Station Road, $120,000

Dobson Family Limited Partnership to Haymarket Real Estate Holding LLC, 23.6 acres, $141,600

William T. and Laura Donnell to Troy and Heather Masden, 5.2 acres, Lot 132D, Pleasant view Farm and Estates of Notting Hill, $165,000

Rebecca L. Glover to Bryan C. and Erin Whitney Glover, 18.405 acres, Ritter Lane, $98,000

Bryan C. and Erin Whitney Glover to Rebecca L. Glover, part of Lots 23-24, Block B, Middleton Heights, $98,000

Joseph C. Oldham Revocable Trust to Oldham Shelbyville Farm LLC, 141.77 acres on Eminence Pike, $170,400

Nikki and Jerry Waldridge and William S. and Robin D. Norris to Randy Farris, 2.38 acres, Tract 4, Norris Farm, $20,000

Elmer H. and Gerry B. Blackburn to Blackburn Rentals LLC, 1.99 acres, West Shelby Industrial LLC, $88,000

Melvin T. and Laura L. Nethery to Richard and Linda Rogers, part of Lot 19, Middleton Heights, $40,000

Wilmington Trust NA, Citibank NA and Bear Stearns Alt A Trust to Presequity LLC, Lot 151, Midland Estates, Section 8, $69,100

Rudolph J. and Sharon W. Lewis to Majestic Oaks Farm Inc., Tract 6, Majestic Oaks, Section 3, $10 and considerations

Michael K. and Melissa J. Nutgrass and United States Bankruptcy Court to Logan Shields, Tract 2, McFarland Estates, $56,600

Charles W. Grosse to Walnut Farm LLC, Tract 2, Burk Shelburne Farm, $170,000

Logan E. Smith, Wallace E. Smith III and Paulette Smith to Faye E. Blair, Lot 243, Cloverbrook Farms, Section 4, $119,000

Kristie L. Kronk to Jason W. and Anna C. Sponel, Lot 246, Persimmon Ridge, Phase X, $400,000

Sonic Restaurants Inc. to Fireside Properties Inc. Lot 9A, Stonecrest Business Park, Section 1, $392,500

Melissa D. Pittman to Gregory B. Pittman, Tract 3, Joseph Thomas Long Farm, $75,000

Catherine Canady and Marti J. Wilkins to Marti J. Wilkins, Lot 76, Midland Estates, Section IV, $120,500

Brenaird E. and Kathleen M. Collins Trust to Joseph Michael Seely and Morgan Sizemore Seely, 5.059 acres on Hinkle Lane, $163,000

Callie Alexis Greiner to Jodie L. and Bradford E. Thomas, 5.05 acres, Tract 5, Crossroads Farms, $245,000

Copley Family Wealth Trust to Dale E. and Jeanne Lujan, 5.394 acres, Tract 2, $320,000

Fay T. Smith and Margaret Fay Thompson Smith to Smith Irrevocable Trust, Tract 2, Smithland Estates, $155,000

Michael M. and Marcella A. Young to Stephan and Melodie Schmidt, 10.08 acres, Tracts 3-4, Young Farm, $70,000

Wayne and Gary Lawrence to Joe and Patty Lerding, .32 acres, Parcel D, Simpsonville Gardens No. 1, $25,000

Ethington Brothers Inc. to Heritage Legacy III LLC, .83 acres, Tract 7, Commercial Property, Baker Farm $370,000

Travis and Georgia Danielle Ashcraft and William Hartman Brammell Sr. to Travis and Georgia Danielle Ashcraft and William Hartman Brammell Sr., 2.621 acres on KY 421, $40,500

Holly Riney and Holly Vest to Marc A. and Linda S. Rucker, Lot 16, Flowers Property, $150,000

Roy W. and Edith Shannon to James and Sheri Murphy Smith, Lot 58, North Country, Section III, $136,500

Donald Hamilton Inc. and Rogers Realty Trading Company to Ronald H. and Doris L. Smith, Laketa Smith Clay, Ronda Smith O’Donoghue, 15.04 acres, Tract F, Hail Farm, $90,000

Nancy Hughes Estate, Nancy Pickrel Estate, Sydney E. and Elsie R. Wright and Shelsun LLC to Douglas Loop Station LLC, 2.414 acres on Sunset Way and Midland Trail, $3,992,864.32