Real estate deeds: Aug. 11-31, 2013

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Deeds are compiled from data posted on the Shelby County Clerk’s Web site. Property descriptions are based on the best available information provided in the database and may in fact refer to property and thoroughfares no longer formally identified. Financial terms include any value of the property stated on the deed, even if that amount did not change hands.


AUG. 11-22

Hamilton Housing Rental LLC to Gabriel A. Wood, Lots 3-5, Block A, Webbmont, $111,500

Donald Hamilton Inc. to John M. and Susan M. McFadden, Lot 7B, Reserve at Twin Springs, $163,000

Secretary Of Housing & Urban Development  to Gary B. Curry Building & Design, Lot 1, Block D, Tower Heights, $55,000

Cathy and Ricky Wayne Harlan to Thomas L. and Stephanie L. Hart, Lot 25, Guist Creek Ridge, Sec. II, Phase I, $142,500

JIL Develop Co. Inc. to Jared M. Williams and Erica Morin, Lot 79, Magnolia Place, Section 2, $225,000

Shawn M. and Kelly J. Cresap to Gerald D. Donoho, Lot 93, Meadowbrook, Section III, Phase II, $150,000

Secretary Of Housing & Urban Development  to Bryan Burton, 16 acres, Frankfort-New Castle Road, $95,666

Paragon Homes Inc. to John E. and Leigh A. Barney, 5.007 acres, Lot 11, Overlook at Persimmon Ridge, $668,310.20

Jonathan D. and Stacey D. Anderson to Robert B. Larkins, Lot 10, Osprey Cove, Section 1, $124,900

Elite Homes Inc. to Kamron M. and Megan B. Terry, Lot 28, Hidden Creek Woods, Section 1, $481,674.24

Eaton Capital Management Inc. to The Coots Family Trust, Lots 228 and 2B, Trailwood Lakes, $11,000

AKL Custom Homes LLC to Donald R. and Martha L. Richardson, Lot 19A, Dogwood Trace, Phase 4, $149,900

William D. Goff, Margaret J. Goff and Janet Goff Miller  to Carroll A. and Nancy L. Spencer, Lot 2, Colt Run, $177,500

Federal National Mortgage Association to Melissa English, Lot 177, Midland Estates, Section IV, $82,000

Jodi Lawson to 3 JS Investment Co. LLC, 2 acres on U.S. 60 near Jefferson County line, $46,799.35

Ray M. and Martha E. Quire and Debra M. Head to Larry W. and Beatrice Hedges, 2.94 acres on Bagdad Road, $145,000

Presequity LLC to George P. Broadbent Revocable Trust, property on Henry Clay Street in Shelbyville, $22,500

Robert and Virginia Chapman to Brent and Lela Hatter, 15.86 acres on Christiansburg Road, $68,500

William R. Tiller to William Todd Tiller, 57.43 acres on Ritter Lane, $125,000

Secretary Of Housing & Urban Development  to Griesser Properties LLC, Lot 22, Greenland No. 1, $39,914.90

Dominion Homes of Kentucky LTD to Brandon L. and Kara Gosnay Clark, Lot 174, Cloverbrook Farms, $188,689

Dominion Homes of Kentucky LTD to Kevin M. and Mary Beth Eades, Lot 181, Cloverbrook Farms, $187,342

Dominion Homes of Kentucky LTD to Megan M. Poole, Lot 391, Cloverbrook Farms, Phase 1, Section 3, $173,363

Republic Bank & Trust Company to Austin Hite Hays and Hannah Long Hays, Tract 2, LaFramboise Farm, $300,000

LT Armstrong Estate, Luke Turner Armstrong to Jecenia Alvarez, Tract 9, Martinsville neighborhood, Section 1, $20,000

Ruth J. Lewis Estate to Judy Davis Wolf and Timothy G. Wolf Sr., Lot 11, Monica Gardens, $60,000

Jacqueline A. Green to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, property on KY 1848, $4,050

Casual Living Worldwide Inc. to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, property on KY 1848, $69,250

Miles C. Threlkeld to ALK Custom Homes LLC, Lot  7,Threlkeld Property, $24,000

Austin Hite Hays and Hannah Long Hayes to Timothy A. McGee Koons and Roy L. McGee Koons, Lots 11-12, Block D, Catalpa Court, $203,500

Equestrian Estates, Randall C. Stivers, Frank Kees and Jeff and Robin Reynolds to Mark and Rhonda Edwards, 43.18 acres on Anderson Lane, $340,000

Joe F. Gillenwalter and Sharon M. Hagan to Dustine T. and Stephen W. Bosco II, 97.47 acres, Tract 2, Brown Farm, Catridge Road, $560,000

Henry and Rebecca Tolliver to Matthew S. Toliver, 95.79 acres, Moonlight Ridge Estates, $344,844

Anna L. Pennington, Jason Hines and Bridgette L. Hines Dean to Anna L. Pennington, 4.01 acres, Tract 1, Pennington Farm, $112,200

Michael R. and Valerie Birrell to Ian W. Birrell, 22 acres on Bagdad Christiansburg Pike, $73,733.51

IBP 1 LLC and American Founders Bank to Sharon C. and Robert L. Howell Jr., Lots 108, 118, 133 in section 2 and Lots 168, 171-175 and 187 in Section 3, Bridlewood Estates, $39,000

England Investments LLC to England Family Trust, Lots 16-18, Block C, Tower Heights, $118,000

Freddie and Sharon Hamilton to John M. and Kimberly Shane, Lot 48, Mulberry Heights, 134,000

Marisa K. and Chris Poe to Mack and Teresa Upchurch, 2.22 acres, Tract 2, KY 12, $23,000

Dwayne S., Barry L. and Cassandra Cardwell and Duane and Teretha A. Brooks to Cheston Blake Gregory, Lots 5-8, Block B, Brown Acres, $81,500

Shannon and William A. Bland III to Donna and Jackson C. Mullins III, Unit 480A, Building 8, Cardinal Townhomes, $97,000

Citizens Union Bank to Rick and Barbara Barrows, Lot 8B, Reserve at Twins Springs, $125,000

James W. Mitchell to Double R. Ranch LLC, 15.87 acres, Tracts 1, 2A, Bohannon Farm, $65,000

Kimberly Caudill to Keith and Summer Musanje, 5.003, Tract 9, Bramblett Farm, $30,000

Etolia Black Stewart Estate to Paul Mason McGowan, property on U.S. 60, $101,000

Bank of America NA to Secretary Of Housing & Urban Development, Tract 1, William Dwight Raisor Plat, $53,400

City of Simpsonville to Leggett & Platt Inc., 5.813 acres, Lots 69-70, KY 1848, $1 and considerations

Kathleen and Samuel C. Stringfield to Rhonda K. Turner, Tract 8, Todds Point Farm, $505,000

Amy and James Morehed to Cynthia F. Ash, 5.02 acres, Tract 5, Hills Farms, $30,000

Secretary Of Housing & Urban Development and Instant Equity LLC to Instant Equity LLC, Lots 83-83A, Ken Acres, $79,900

Donald Hamilton Inc. to Tammy Elmore, Lot 85, Meadowbrook, Section III, Phase II, $158,150

Edwin Neil Hartz Estate to Jay and Kim Hartz, Lot 102, North Country, Section 4, Phase 2, considerations

Brian S. Robertaccio to Leslie N. Robertaccio, Lot 83, Meadowbrook, Section III, Phase II, $140,000

Brandi S. Raizor to Christopher H. Raizor, Lot 2, Logan Acres, $115,000

Alizadeh Holdings Inc. to Alizadeh Holdings Inc., Tracts A and A1, Moody Pike, $343,000

Barbara L. Rea to Barbara L. Rea Trust, 15.13 acres, Tracts 3 and 3C, Burry Farm Divided, $648,000

Dominion Homes of Kentucky LTD to Michael R. Williams, Lot 182, Cloverbrook Farms, Phase 1, Section 3, $203,586

Dominion Homes of Kentucky LTD to Bryan T.  and Erin B. Adams, Lot 179, Cloverbrook Farms, Phase 1, Section 3, $175,899



AUG. 23-31


Madiagan Rentals LLC to Mary Lou Madigan, Part of Lots 29-31, Town N Country, $132,500

Anna M. Kitchen to Harry and Robin Hebert, 3.52 acres on Christiansburg-Cropper Road, $88,500

William Le Perry to Thomas Lee Walker and Regina Lynn Walker, Lot 18, Palmer Addition, No. 1, $35,000

KY Investments 1 LLC to Andrews Real Estate LLC, Lots 1-3 and part of Lot 4, Middleton Heights, Block F, $1 million

KY Investments 2 LLC to Andrews Real Estate LLC, two lots in Middleton Heights, Block F, $180,000

Patricia Bonza to David and Carolyn Blanton, 5.11 acres, Lot 4, Rockbridge Farms III, $230,500

William K. and Brenda C. Ashby to Andre R. Quincy and Anna Nicole Ashby, .5 acres, Tract 2, McDowell Farm Divided, $120,000

Nila J. Gillahan to Ryan M. Hurtt, Lot 7A, Cross Keys Shores, $125,000

Anthony and Erin Saylor to Scott and Kathleen Vost, Lot 28, Rolling Hills Estates, Section 2, $159,000

Radcliff Farm Inc. to Glenview Farms LLC, 6.525 acres southeast of Guist Creek Lake, $25,000

Donald Hamilton Inc. to Matthew S. and Leslee D. Johnson, Lot 16, Meadowbrook, Section III, Phase III, $164,500

Libby D. and Todd E. Bartlett to Gabriel A. Nation, Unit 305B, Town N Country, Section XI, $90,000

Woodfield Inc. to Donald Hamilton Inc., Lot 17, Meadowbrook, Section III, Phase III, $27,000

Glenview Farm LLC to East Kentucky Power Cooperative Inc., .175 acres on KY 1779, $37,500

Sams Legacy LLC to East Kentucky Power Cooperative Inc., .195 acres on KY 1779, $25,000

DMD Enterprises Inc. to Republic Bank & Trust Co., 3.636 acres, Midland Boulevard Townhouse Apartments, $2,449,478.55

Robert T. Marshall and Carol W. Marshall to Carol W. Marshall Living Trust, Tract 2A, Kramer Property Divided, considerations

West Shelby Land LLC to Matt and Anne Brandon Norton, 5.9 acres, Tracts 3B, 2A, Oliver Property Divided, $101,500

Louisville Outlet Shoppes LLC to Louisville Outlet Outparcels LLC, Tracts 8-10, Outlet Shoppes of Louisville, $202,409

Marcella and John Carroll Hill to American Founders Bank, 30.82 acres, Tracts A and 2, Davis Farm, $757,000

Rebekah N. Stewart to Jesse P. Stewart, Lots 1-4, Cross Keys Cove, $112,500

Noella and Jason S. Humphries to Nicholas J. and Christina M. Lebish, Lot 209, Rolling Ridge, Phase IIIB, $147,000

AKL Custom Homes LLC to Kevin and Stacey Comp, Lot 30, Meadowbrook, Section 3, Phase 3, $203,500

Viola M. Poel to John William Nuckols, Lots 4-7, Fairlane Acres, $92,500

Joshua B. and Jona Chisholm to Billie S. and Kimberly J. Smith, Lot 35, Highlands at Summersfield, Section 1, $115,000

Joyce L. Boyle and Patricia L. Ivey to Donald Ram Crumley, Lot 39, Benson Trace, Section 1, $55,000

Russell and Brenda Broady to Balvir K. and Gurmukeh S. Pandher, 5.131 acres, Tract 5, Majestic Oaks, Section 1, $125,000

Pamela P. Hardesty to Daniel L. Davenport, Tract 2, Headen Hills, $110,000

Daniel L. Pearson, Sandra Branham, Cheryl Shuck to Daniel L. Davenport, Daniel L. Pearson, Larry Pearson, 18.017 acres, Tracts A, B, WA Smith Property, $123,800

Eric J. and Stacey Herndon to Donald B. and Kelly M. McAllister, Lot 32, Todds Station, Phase I, $185,000

John E. Jones Estate to Christi Eye, Tracts 1-3, Southview Estates, $1 and considerations

Charles W. and Betty Jo Huffman to Jay R. and Rebekah G. Kinsey, 138 acres on Buzzard Roost Road, $375,000

Jay R. and Rebekah G. Kinsey to les W. and Betty Jo Huffman, 2.001 acres, Donnie Bohannon Farm, $157,500