Real Estate deeds: April 6, 2012

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Feb 13-20

Mary G. Kearney to Harold R. Kearney, Lot 4, Simpsonville Gardens No. 3, $110,000

Dominion Homes of Kentucky LTD to Natalie Laszkowski and Stefan M. Naughton, Lot 402, Cloverbrook Farms Phase I, $166,759

Donald M. Spear and John P. Scheidt to Mary C. Whelan, Tract E, East Paddock Point, $157,330

Gretchen Christensen to Gina and Chad Feger, 5.18 acres, Lot 4, Rockbridge Farms II, $30,000

James P. and Dorothy Green Collings to WCM Land LLC, 135 acres, Shelbyville Smithfield Pike, $600,000

Orma Morgan to Emily C. Foster and Thomas F. Clarke III, Lot 3, Block 14, Fairview Addition, $84,900

Keith E. Kamenish to Catherine J. Kamenish, .22 acres, Cunningham Farm on Hanna Road, considerations

Garnett Coleman Burge to Garnett Coleman Burge, 49 acres on Beechridge Road and 1 acre on Bagdad Road, $1 and considerations

Darin and Marti O’Neil to 104 Cherry Hills Lane Land Trust, Lot 27, Persimmon Ridge, Phase 1A, $1 and considerations

Derek S. and Patty Smothers to Derek S. and Patricia Ann Smothers, 5 acres, Rogers Farm, $1 and considerations

Troy W. Kuhl to Teresa A. Kuhl, 5.643 acres, Stoneybrook Woods, $399,000

Teresa A. Kuhl to Troy W. Kuhl, 1 acre, Lot 3, Charleston, Section 1, $215,000

Matthew and Rachael Caddo to Troy W. Kuhl and Jennifer C. McCall, 8.02 acres,  Solomon Tract, Tract 1B, and 1.17 acres, Earl Smith Farm South, $763,000

Barbara J. and Charles E. Davis Sr. to Lisa L. Davis, 205 acres, Hempridge Southville Pike, $250,000

Bobby and Michelle England to Kevin Underwood, residual tract from England Farm, $250,000

PBI Bank Inc. to WCM Land LLC, 39.31 acres, Tract 6B and 43.07 acres, Tract 7, WM Martin Farm, $350,000

Commonwealth Bank & Trust to Charles G. and Robin E. Kenyon, Lot 17 Park Place, Phase II, $30,000

John E. and Betty Hammond to Ronald S. an Mary Joann Caughron, Lots 31-35, Block A, Tower Heights, $200,000

William H. and Julie McDonald to Jacob E. and Beth N. Guerney, Lot 1, Block 9, Fairview Addition, $218,000


Feb. 21-26

James Robert Walters and Jess and Elizabeth Walters Settle and Kitty Walters Caudill Revocable Trust to Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, .407 acres on  KY 1848, $51,000

Kent A. and Kellee M. Helbig to Nicholas P. Morris, Tract 3, Walter Figg Farm, $166,000

Kenneth and Tamie Webb to Jennifer N. Webb, Tract 6A, Edwards Farm, $43,000

Woodfield Inc. to Donald Hamilton Inc., Lots 87 and 95, Meadowbrook, Section III, Phase II, $54,000

Doreen Platea to Lauren M. Wilson, Lot 11, Dale Place, $195,000

Mary Lou Webb Estate to Nathan and Erin Reed, 8 acres and 4.78 acres on KY 53, $275,000

William B. Purvis  and Alexus Dainelle Doneghy Irrevocable Trust to Benjamin M. and Alexandra N. Watts, Lot 94, Fairway Crossing, Section 2, $258,000

Federal National Mortgage Association to Hannah and Austin Hite Hayes, Lot 59, North Country, Section III, $91,500

Brittany Irving, Courtney Irving and Brittany Edelson to Troy e. and Kelley L. Logsdon, Lot 26, Block E, Catalpa Court, $135,000

Jeffrey S. and Susan R. Craig to Nicole T. and Richard Allen Brown, Lot 132, Midland Estates, Section 6, $101,450

Citizens Union Bank to Nat A. Chesser, Lots 7-9, Block B, West Eden Addition, $55,000

Citizens Union Bank to Fireside Properties Inc., Lots 15, 15A-15D, 16, 16A-16D, 19, 19A-19G, Ronnie Layne Estates, $100,000

Ruby Lee Conn to Margaret C. Puckett and Salathiel H. Snider, Plainview Ave. and part of Lot 56, Ashland No. 2, $151,800

Commonwealth Bank & Trust to Christopher and William Lee Perry, 3.99 acres, Central Bank Farm, and 38.61 acres, KY 43, $200,000