Real estate deeds: April 26, 2013

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March 22-31

RG & RW Bryan Irrevocable Trust to Jacob T. Bryan LLC, 146.37 acres on U.S. 60 in Simpsonville, $40,000

Cliffton and Kimberly Willoughby to Keith and Debbie Yvonne Long, 6.506 acres, Tract 5, Ezra Cook Estate, $13,000

Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to John and Lisa Baldwin, Tract 11, Long Run Estates $152,053

TJ Mark LLC to Creative Properties LLC, Lot 3B, Baker Farm, $2.5 million

Paul C. and Donna K. Palmer to Mark J. and Tracey P. Harris, Lot 208 Persimmon Ridge Phase IX, $362,500

Woodfield Inc. to AKL Custom Homes LLC, Lot 29, Meadowbrook, Section III, Phase III, $27,000

Jeffrey P. and Tammy W. Holbrook to Kesha T. Smith, Lot 113, Bridlewood Estates, Section 2, $155,000

Bank of New York Mellon and CWABS Inc. to Jeffery and Laurie Stohlmann, Lot 179, Osprey Cove, Section 2, $106,500

Chris and Dawn Horine and Eddie and Connie L. Holmquist to Linnsey R. Cabbage, Lots 44-47, Block E, Tower Heights, $105,500

John C. Wright and Kay T. Roberts to Roberts & Wright Residence Trust, property on Webb Road, $221,000

Citizens Union Bank to Barbara G. Wolfe Revocable Trust, Building 18, Unit 18A, Villas at Persimmon Ridge, $130,000

Rebecca M. Werner to Ken and Stacey L. Pettibone, property on Main Street between 10th & 11th streets in Shelbyville, $40,000

Shelby Group Limited to George and Evelyn Harp, 118.047 acres on Bullskin-Hebron Road, $450,000

Christina Marie Smith and Bobby Smith to David Blethen, .5 acres on Cemetery Street, $47,000

Donald Hamilton Inc. to Gavin B. and Virginia R. Sullivan, Lot 88, Meadowbrook, Section III, Phase II, $156,500

Lori M. Quire Estate to Marisa K. Poe, 2.22 acres on KY 12, $1 and considerations

Gary B. Curry Building & Design Inc. to Michael and Kasey Purcell, Lot 11, Payton Place, $120,000

Larry K. and Theresa Rogers and Sharon and William H. Hanking to Timir Banerjee Revocable Trust, 85.10 acres, Smith, Tract 1, and 2.35 acres, Ladlee Farm, $594,032

Plum run Farm LLC to Timir Banerjee Revocable Trust, 15.6 acres, Tract B-1, Ladlee Farm, $105,968

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Cynthia H. Willimon, Lots 40-46, Block C, Simpsonville Gardens No. 1, $102,500

Robert J. and Roxann V. Hieb to James E. Fogle, Lot 4, Osprey Cove, Section 1, $117,900

Margaret Sheets to Eddie and Beverly Sheets, 39.04 acres on Vigo Road, $60,000

Kelly L. and Derek W. Jones Willoughby to Kelly L. and Derek Jones, Unit 805, Building 10, Lot 35, Gardens at Station Pointe, $1 and considerations

Charles Patrick McGraw to McGraw Family Wealth Trust, 4.06 acres on KY 1005, $25,000

Kim and Karen Owens to HBC1 LLC, 5.15 acres, Tract 1, McCarty Farm on Vigo Road, $10 and considerations

Billy S. Holloway Estate to Sabina and John M. Phillips, 65 acres and 9.75 acres on Zaring Mill Road, $500,000

Barbara R. Adams to Linden and Barbara R. Adams, 5.32 acres, Tract 9, Davis Property on Hooper Station, $1 and considerations

Daniel J. Lanham to Lanham Properties LLC, 5.228 acres in Kingbrook Commerce Park, Section 1, $1 and considerations

Daniel J. Lanham to Lanham Properties LLC, 2.05 acres, Nethery Farm on Haley & Figgs Store Roads, $1 and considerations

PNC Bank NA to Harry L. and Laura L. Johnson, Lot 45, Partridge Run Estates, $135,500




April 1-5

Scott and Dena Phipps to Adam L. Freeman and Laura M. Brown, Lot 35, Hunting Hills, Phase 2, Section II, $138,000

Bank of New York Mellon to Francis A. Brettnacher, Lot 144, Midland Estates, Section VII, $99,900

MJ Acres LLC to Michael F. Meinze, several parcels, including Breighton Business Center and Rockbridge Farms, $239,000

MFM Farms LLC to Michael F. Meinze, several parcels on Guist Creek, $840,000

Rockbridge Farms LLC to Michael F. Meinze, several parcels, $1.35 million

ISF Properties to Michael F. Meinze, 130 acres on Finchville Pike, $1.82 million

Donald Hamilton Inc. to David and Dayna Koons, Lot 98, Meadowbrook, Section III, Phase II, $156,500

Nathan R. and Courtney S. Poole to Stacy O. Tipton, Lot 22, Southgate, $132,900

Daniel W. Adams to Keith and Lamay Williams, Tract 1, CAB 7, SL 109, $164,500

AKL Custom Homes LLC to Steven M. and Amy Anderson, Lot 42, Old Mill Village, Section 2, $287,000

Kevin D. King to Christopher Herschell Coomer, Lot 77, Midland Estates, Section IV, $118,400

Banning C. Hatchett to Janet L. Morris, Lot 43, Bayne Acres, Tract B, Amended Lot 44, $173,000

Mary S. Christine Shouse Estate to Gary Allen Shouse, Kathy Shouse and Judy Smith Miller, 1.090 acres on U.S. 60, $1 and considerations

Rebecca Ann Spinks to James E. Spinks, .57 acres on Christiansburg Road, $53,200

Herbert and Annette L. Toler to Georgann and Anthony Lee Nichols II, 25 acres, Tracts 1A and 2A, Toler Property, $550,000

Sharon C. and Robert L. Howell Jr. to Jeanna Elaine Wyatte Robison, Lot 92, Rolling Ridge, Phase 3A, $149,900

William F. Koch and Paula Koch Nieto to The Luci Center, 15 acres, Tracts 1B-2 (A-2), Gaba Farms West, $150,000

Roy A. and Mary Hano to Rebecca Lindsay and Robert Pennington, Tract 2, Ostrander Farm, $250,000

Terri McClaren Gimmel to Robert Gimmel, Unit 305C, Town N Country, Section XI, considerations

Robert Gimmel to Teri McClaren Gimmel, Lot 78, Old Mill Village, Section I, considerations

LNV Corporation to Tracy L. Mattingly, 6.24 acres, Tract 4, Lochner Martin Farm on Pea Ridge Road, $237,500

Sarah F. and Paul Holladay to Abbigail Houk, Lot 154, Rolling Ridge, Phase 5, Section 2, $128,500

Christina H. Fry to Salina C. and John Hume, Lot 22, Osprey Cove, Section I, $138,500

Karem 4 LLC to Preferred Properties Partnership LLC, Lot 6, Village Plaza Shopping Center, $150,000

Sheryl B. Pilsen to Kevin M. Pilsen, Tracts 19-20, Christianburg Farms II, $1 and considerations

Donald Hamilton Inc. to William M. and Danielle L. Wade, Lot 63, Old Mill Village, Section II, $288,500

Debra K. Bradley Johnson and David W. Johnson to Joseph K. and Rita J. Weis, Lot 7, Pine Meadow Estates, $435,000

Dawn M. Prewitt to Dawn M. Prewitt, Lot 27, Brittany Estates, Section 4, $10 and considerations

Susan Ann Gaines Estate to Charles Brent Gaines, 28.34 acres on KY 148, $1 and considerations

Billy H. Bohannon and Reva S. Bohannon to Clay Houston Bohannon, 2.26 acres on Bohannon Road, $1 and considerations

Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Gregory Allan Kelley and Emma Hall Kelley, Lot 233, Cloverbrook Farm, Section 4, $70,000

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Shoan Imtiaz Mohammed, 1.5 acres, Tract 1C, Walter L. Roberts Farm, $115,000

Myrtle McGee to Gilbert E. McGee, property on Old Veechdale Road, $1 and considerations

Melissa and Dale Curtsinger to David and Margaret Early, property on U.S. 60, $165,000

Cheryl Lynn Shropshire Testamentary Trust to Cheryl Lynn Shropshire, 6.5141 acres, Tract 2, Stone Ridge Farm, considerations

Mark E. and Jeannie F. Wilborn to Mark E. and Jeannie F. Wilborn, Tract 2, High School Court, Bagdad, $1 and considerations

Roger D. and Kay M. Jordan to Stephen R. and Donna R. Meador, property on Burks Branch Road at Snow Hill, $40,000

Republic Bank & Trust Company to Chasta and Blane M. Hawkins, Tract 15, Majestic Oaks, Section 1, $160,000