Police searching for missing Mount Eden teen

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15-year-old girl apparently ran off with 19-year-old man

Police are searching for a missing Mount Eden girl whose father said she apparently took off with a 19-year-old man.

Officials at the Spencer County Sheriff’s Office said that around noon Wednesday the girl’s father, John Ray, of 165 Goodlett Road, had been able to track the 19-year-old’s cell phone to a location off Anderson City Road, about six miles west of Lawrenceburg.

The location of the phone signal was deep in a river bottom area off Anderson City Road that is inaccessible by vehicle. At 2 p.m., the sheriff’s office was seen bringing in ATV in an effort to access the area.

Ray said he used a game system to “ping” the 19-year-old’s cell phone. He said by the time deputies began their search, a laptop computer he was carrying showed that the phone was in Ohio.

Ray said witnesses saw his daughter with the 19-year-old loading her clothes into the man’s car early Monday morning. He said the girl took $1,700 in cash out of the house and took off.

“I don’t care about the money,” he said, adding that his daughter left her cell phone at home. “I’m just out here trying to find her.”

Ray said he had only met the 19-year-old recently and that he lied about his age.

“When I found out I told them they could just be friends,” he said. “They’ve been running around, but they’re not supposed to be.”

Ray said his daughter’s disappearance has been particularly hard on his family.

“My wife’s just sitting at home, staring at the walls,” he said. “She’s totally whacked.”

Ray said the Spencer County Sheriff’s Office has filed an all points bulletin on his daughter, and has an order for custodial interference against the 19-year-old. Orders have also been issued, he said, against his daughter for theft and for being a runaway.

Anyone who has any information about the teen’s whereabouts is asked to call the Spencer County Sheriff’s Office at 502-477-3200.