Paul speaks at Rotary

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Dishes on social and other issues

By Lisa King

After a tasty meal at the Shelbyville Rotary Club Tuesday, Sen. Rand Paul treated the crowd of more than 100 to a dessert discussion of topics close to his heart, such as immigration reform, criminal justice, minimized government influence in the private sector, and his ideas on how to bring more money into the U.S. economy.

“For the last three months or so, I’ve been working with [Senate Majority Leader] Harry Reid…and it’s over something that a lot of people agree on whether you’re Republican or Democrat, that we need to have enough money to build our infracture,” he said. “Roads, bridges, etc. It’s something that has been part of what the government has been doing for quite a while now, but like everything else in government, it’s broken. We spend about forty billion on roads and we bring in about thirty billion. So I have a great idea, it’s to lower what we call the repatriation tax. If an American company makes money oversees, like in Ireland, they pay taxes there, but then to bring it home, we tell them they have to pay thirty-five percent on top of the taxes they paid in Ireland. As a consequence, companies aren’t bringing it home – Apple has $180 billion overseas, Caterpillar has $55 million.”

Reid, a Democrat, had commended Republican Paul publically in June for introducing legislation that would restore voting rights to nonviolent felons in federal elections, a cause that he himself has championed in the past.