Parades highlight Labor Day

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Two Shelby communities plan Monday celebrations

By Lisa King

There won’t be many people hard at work on Monday, unless you count the chores of grilling hotdogs and mixing up mounds of potato salad.


But many people, especially in Shelby County, will be celebrating their year-round labors by taking a day off from their jobs to have some fun.

Two celebrations in Shelby will help them do just that, with Labor Day festivities planned for Martinsville and Waddy.

The annual Labor Day festival in Waddy will kick off at 7:30 a.m. with breakfast at the Waddy Ruritan Club.

The parade – the activity that most people look forward to most – will begin at 10 a.m., as usual, and will start from the Waddy Fire Station, near King’s  Highway.

Waddy Ruritan Club member Greg Darst said that though there won’t be a grand marshal this year, the parade promises to be as big as ever.

“We’ll have fire trucks, politicians, floats, horses – lots of horses – the whole nine yards,” he said.

“It’s open to everybody.”

Darst said anyone who wants to join in the parade procession may do so by just showing up at the staging area at the first station.

“The only thing is, we do not allow four wheelers in the parade,” he said.

Activities at the festival following the parade will include a silent auction, music, and a pedal pull for children at noon.”

 “As soon as we finish breakfast, we’ll start cooking lunch there at the ruritan grounds,” said Darst. “We’ll have concessions until things clear out in the afternoon.”


Martinsville Festival

The Martinsville celebration wasn’t part of the Labor Day festivities until 2012, but it was so well received that festival organizers planned to make it an annual event.

Even so, it almost didn’t happen this year, said organizer, Kevin Crittenden, who almost had to postpone the festival because he has been ill.

“I wasn’t going to go through with it this year, but so many people said to me, ‘Oh, no, we’re looking forward to it,’” he said.

Crittenden said the festival would feature all of the activities as last year, including a parade at 11 a.m. that will start out from First Baptist Church on Midland Trail and continue down to 5th and Main streets.

Organizer Janice Harris said that anyone who wants to set up a booth in Martinsville is welcome to do so.

“There’s no fee; it’s a community day,” she said.

Crittenden said that this year, a new booth will be set up from noon to 4 p.m. on Martin Luther King Street, where most of the activities will take place.

“We’ll have free blood pressure screening and we’ll also be doing drug and alcohol addiction awareness,” he said.

Said Harris: “We’ve been getting the parade lineup together, we’re working on that. And we’ll have music going on all day, lots of different food vendors, and we’ll have churches singing in the evening. Also, I know that several of the candidates will be coming through.”

Harris said it will also be an opportunity for people to get a jump on the voting process.

“The NAACP will have a booth up there and we will be registering voters during that time,” she said.

Labor Day


When:Monday at 7:30 a.m. in Waddy and 11 a.m. in Martinsville

Parades: U.S. 60, 11 a.m.; Waddy, KY 395, 10 a.m.