Old shoes hold memories of dad

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Diane Malone took this picture in 2003 on the day she wrote the Father's Day poem. Malone said something came over her when she was looking at the shoes. The shoes have had hen and chickens growing in them for 27-years. She wrote this for her dad, J.B. Yates, who died July 28, 1989. Her mother, Myrtle Yates, lives in Shelbyville.



Of days that so slowly have gone by,

he walked many, many miles.

He always carried a warm smile,

never weary did he seem,

For God's love was his beam.

He was such a giving and forgiving man,

sincerity and honesty was his way,

caring, sharing and loving always,

with a kind word to say,

giving his best each day.

He doesn't walk in his shoes no more,

you see they sit outside the home's door

covered in full blooms,

each time we look out and see,

it is a reminder to you and me

the footsteps he walked for us,

and oh the memories we hold so dear,

each time we look out and see....

Daddy's shoes.