No Shelby-wide Thanksgiving services this year

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New organizers couldn't get event arranged but plan to resume next year.

By Steve Doyle

There will be no community-wide Thanksgiving service in Shelby County this year.

The Shelby County Ministerial Alliance, which has organized the services for the past several years, couldn’t pull a community event together this time, said the alliance’s president, Rev. Dave Charlton of First Christian Church in Shelbyville.

“All of us on the board are new, and when it came up, we just didn’t have time to get it done,” Charlton said. “We wanted to do it, and I regret that we can’t."

Charlton indicated that the alliance would resume the services in coming years.

These multi-faith services generally have been held in the few days leading up to Thanksgiving, and they have evolved in recent years.

From a single service typically conducted at one of the large churches in Shelbyville, they changed the past two years into two services, one in Simpsonville and another in Shelbyville, which were designed to allow more ease of attendance for a wider base of individuals, organizers said. Typically, they have drawn more than 100 attendees.

Some individual churches have had or will have Thanksgiving celebrations and services.