NFL thoughts: Week 2

Here are five quick thoughts on Sunday's NFL action:

1. Great way to end the day with a great game between the Eagles and the Falcons! I hated to see Michael Vick go down with an injury, but his backup played well on Philly's last drive of the game and it definitely wasn't his fault they lost (see that dropped pass on fourth down). Still you have to think the Eagles would've won the game if Vick would've been in there the whole time.

2. The New England Patriots are easily the best team in the league. Meanwhile, the Peyton Manning-less Indianapolis Colts are easily the worst team in the league (although the Kansas City Chiefs aren't far behind).

3. Speaking of the Chiefs you hate to see any player go down with a serious injury, especially one as wonderfully-talented as Jamaal Charles, but that's part of the game. Early reports are that Charles, who luckily isn't on any of my fantasy football teams, will miss the season with an ACL injury.

4. Injuries were all around the league today, but you've got to give a game ball to Tony Romo for his comeback performance against the 49ers, broken rib and all. It seems everyone has an opinion on Romo, so I'll admit that I like Romo, especially when he's throwing passes to Miles Austin (who I have on all three of my fantasy teams).

5. Finally, I know it's only two games into the season but the most impressive team to me is the Detroit Lions. They've outscored their first two opponents by an unbelievable 52 points. If Matthew Stafford stays healthy the Lions will definitely be in the playoffs and possibly could give the Packers plenty of competition in the NFC North.