MY WORD: Valentine’s Day verse

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By Beth Ferguson

I love my love an awful lot
but there are times I love him NOT!
Like when I want to watch my soaps
and he would rather dash my hopes
by telling me that there's no way
I'd ever hear my hero say
"I love you me more than life itself"
and I should put him on the shelf.

I stay up late, he turns in early,
I like hair straight, he likes it curly,
There's no telling why he moans,
when I ask him he just groans
and tells me that I'm crazy..
I tell him that he's just lazy!

I remember when we met
I called him "darlin," I was "Pet"
But that was long ago, today
I'm "Hey you" and he's just "Hey!"

The children think we hate each other,
they just groan and say "Oh Brother,
don't you ever say things nice?"
"Sure, we just like our love with spice!"

If you think our love is wrong,
you'd be surprised to know it's strong.
We defend each other's rights,
and it's our right to have these fights!

After all is said and done
We are married, we are one.
So when we kiss and say good night,
we know that everything's all right.

Beth Ferguson lives in Shelbyville.