MY WORD: There are attrocities right here in the U.S.

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By John Shindlebower

If a picture is worth a thousand words, video evidence must warrant a book. It's a book the Obama administration recommended to members of Congress and the American people last week as the president and those in his circle made the plea for military strikes against the Syrian government in the wake of gas attacks they allegedly carried out on citizens of that country.

Of course, the strike and the congressional vote authorizing it was put on hold following a deal brokered by Russian President Vladimir Putin that may convince Syria's Bashar Assad to surrender his chemical weapons stockpile. However, the impassioned plea by the Obama Administration that was aimed at the conscience of Americans struck me as ridiculously hypocritical.

"I ask every member of Congress and those of you watching at home tonight to view those videos of the attack, and then ask, what kind of world will we live in if the United States of America sees a dictator brazenly violate international law with poison gas and we choose to look the other way?" Obama begged.

Earlier that same day, Obama's National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, who just one year ago was dishonestly blaming a terrorist attack in Benghazi that killed four Americans on a YouTube video, was trying to push more videos on members of Congress as she lobbied for their support of Obama's military response. Her appeal was a bit more emotional and personal.

"As a parent, I cannot look at those pictures, those little children lying on the ground, their eyes glassy, their bodies twitching, and not think of my own two kids," she said.
No doubt, the videos and pictures are gut-wrenching. Seeing human beings suffer the cruel effects of sarin gas and other chemical weapons is not easy on the eyes and no one with a heart can rationalize such inhumane atrocities.
Here in America, we have our own atrocities that we choose to shield our eyes from. Each day in the nation, thousands of innocent babies are killed by abortion. Most of those take place by suction of a vacuum hose that's 30 times more powerful than the household vacuum. The suction rips the baby apart and discarded into a bottle. Sometimes the abortionist is aided by a hook-shaped knife that helps cut the baby into pieces.
When a child reaches later stages, forceps are used to twist and tear the bones of the baby. Once the child is dismembered, it becomes easier to remove from the uterus. Another method during this stage is the saline injection. The abortionist injects a salt solution into the mother's abdomen and into the baby's sac. The baby swallows this which then begins to burn and corrode the outer layer of skin. This usually takes over an hour before the baby succumbs to this torture. There have been babies who have actually survived this type of abortion, although they have scarring and defects that last a lifetime.
In later stages of a baby's development, the abortion process is even more hideous and barbaric, if you dare to imagine. There are videos of this and plenty of photos, but Obama and members of his administration would look highly unfavorably on these being broadcast or published for the masses to view.

On the contrary, Obama has been the greatest champion of abortion to ever occupy the White House, and the 2012 Democratic Convention was a 3-day celebration of the right to take a baby's life. Let' not forget that as a state senator in Illinois, Obama lobbied
and voted twice to protect partial-birth abortions and allow medical personnel to legally walk away from babies who somehow survived an abortion, meaning they would be left to starve, suffocate or freeze on a cold metal table.
Is this practice any less barbaric or inhumane than the gassing of citizens? Of course not. But supporters of abortion-on-demand sterilize the practice by keeping these images hidden, changing the language by calling a baby a fetus, and appeasing their own souls by claiming that they don't like abortion while arguing that a woman's right trumps a baby's life.
Two days after Obama's speech and appeal to the conscience of America, Putin chastised Americans for claiming the label of being 'exceptional' among nations. While I disagree with Putin's argument and will contend that the principles that defined individual liberty based on God-given freedoms make America an exceptional Republic, I must concede that we have abused our free will by claiming the right to kill the unborn.

While the American concept as envisioned by our Founding Fathers remains exceptional, we have veered far from the common decency, morals and values that those Founders insisted were necessary for our Republic to thrive. It should be noted that some estimates put Russia's annual abortion toll at over 2 million babies. Putin's motherland is certainly not exceptional either.
John Adams declared that "our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is inadequate to the government of any other." He and others understood that our freedoms and liberties could survive only if they were tethered to an adherence to the greater, superior moral law of our creator. If a video of Adams' statement existed, I wonder if Obama and his supporters would encourage Americans to view it. His quote and similar quotes from other founding fathers do exist, although most have been stripped from our children's textbooks for several decades.
We have an exceptional Constitution, and we can again be an exceptional country – but that will require that we pay much closer attention into who we accept into leadership positions. Poison gas is not the only way leaders can destroy a nation from within.


John Shindlebower lives in Finchville.