MY WORD: A student who learned her lessons

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By Felicia Lee

There is nothing routine about people who save lives. We call them "heroes." Whitney M. Young Job Corps students and staff give on a regular basis the gift of life via their Red Cross Blood Drive, hosted by the Student Government Association.  If you, a family member or friend ever needed a blood transfusion, then you understand every pint of blood counts. The students enjoy giving blood and helping their neighbor. 

Whitney M. Young Job Corps’ student body has earned the honor of being recognized for outstanding community service from the Red Cross. Each year a student is selected to receive monetary support, and this year’s American Red Cross Scholarship recipient is Sherika Hill.  She was awarded $2,000 toward her higher education.

Hill is another great student from WMYJCC. She is employed as a certified nursing assistant with Arden Court of Louisville via Job Corps’ work-based learning program. She earned a promotion within four months as the supervisor of three halls in the nursing home.  

She also has completed Job Corps and will transfer her current job to Arden Court in Atlanta while continuing her education at University of Phoenix. 

Hill came to Job Corps to avoid college loans and creating too much debt. As a result of her work-based learning, she has paid off her debts and is operating on a budget that will help her reach her financial goals.

She celebrates her decision to attend Whitney M. Young Job Corps Center.  Although Hill is transitioning out of this training program, she maintains a gold student level and will serve as the president of the first floor in Robinson Dorm on campus until her departure.

She said it was challenging to leave home and its comfort for Job Corps. She said it was more important that leaving her mom while facing her trials, and she said she thanks her mom for her support and love.

And Hill’s education helps her face another problem. Her mom is currently dealing with Alzheimer’s disease, and Hill has learned how to care for Alzheimer patients.

At the University of Phoenix, Hill is studying in the health care and management department, taking one class a month while working in order to study and maintain an excellent grade-point average.

Her words of encouragement for other students include the definition of insanity.  

"Whenever you repeat the same action but expect different results you are demonstrating the definition of insanity,” she said. “Therefore try something new, work with Job Corps. It can change your life for the good."


Felicia Lee is the business community liaison at Whitney M. Young Jr. Job Corps Center in Simpsonville.