MY WORD: Shelby County's community support is impressive

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By Jeremiah Heath

Every generation of our culture has been faced with its own problems and must come up with creative solutions to solve them. I believe our generation’s problem today is that we are afraid to admit to the real problems we have.

The development of our culture, though done with good intentions, is now drowning us in problems, and the only solution is to be transformed by the renewing of our minds and the way we relate to each other.

How terrifying is the thought of reformation and potentially giving up the way of living that we have grown so accustomed to? What would this look like?

I believe we can see a glimpse of what this reformation might look like right here in Shelbyville. I have seen with my own eyes people living in a counter cultural world.

People at the Mercy Medical Clinic live to take care of those around them, who through life’s circumstances do not have the means to do so for themselves. At the Omega Women’s Shelter people give because much has been given to them.

At the Open Door of Hope men’s shelter they love others unconditionally and wait for them at the door. At A Loving Choice Pregnancy Resource Center people are there for others in times of crisis and uncertainty. The volunteers and workers at Centro Latino are there to offer a since of family and protection in an unfamiliar world.

All of these people live out there every day, pouring their belongings, life and love into others. Their lives are examples that challenge us to do live for something much greater than ourselves.

The challenge is to be more than applause, a check or a pat on the back. The challenge is to be a personal part of those lives that struggle to make it. The challenge is to change the way we live to the point that “sacrificing” for others becomes a joy in our lives instead of a struggle. The challenge is to love those around us.

Another part of this reformation that our culture is faced with is how we operate within the new health-care reform.  The idea of preventing the problems instead of dealing with them after they happen is at the forefront of every hospital.

The Leadership Shelby Class of 2013 had the opportunity to tour the facility and listen to the long-term plans of the Jewish Hospital Shelbyville. We were all impressed with the extensive services that the hospital provides, some of which we were unaware of.

We were also impressed with the Hospital staff’s initiative to be ahead of the curve in preventative methods. The hospital, however, is not left alone when it comes to needing support. and the support they need is for the local community to use their services. 

From the Leadership Shelby Class of 2013 to the community: We are proud of you and keep up the excellent work.


Jeremiah Heath is a member of the Leadership Shelby Class of 2013.