MY WORD: Shelby County shares Arizona's issues

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By John D. Willis

The Supreme Court struck down much of Arizona's attempts to control illegal immigration but left a major part. Police still can check for documentation related to citizenship. I want to quote one sentence from Antonin Scalia's dissent – "Are the sovereign States at the mercy of the federal Executive’s refusal to enforce the Nation’s immigration laws?" – as questioning President Obama's decision not to enforce federal immigration law against 1.4 million illegals.

Obama took it on himself to ignore federal immigration. He did that to secure Spanish-speaker votes in the next election. He was insensitive to Arizona's real threats to its financial stability from a choking flood of illegals.

We should appreciate all illegals' motives for coming here. They came to seek a better life than poverty and desperation. They are like our ancestors. America was founded by immigrants.

We also know that among many illegals are some fine people. We see loving families here in all our stores. We see many parents and children who are happy, clean, well-dressed and glad to be in America. I, myself, speak, am friendly and show these human beings I accept them as human beings.

Readers of this paper know I am no racist, from my writings in defense of Dennise Escareno's case and questioning the death of Trey Williams.

However, while I share common humanity with the illegals, I hold them accountable for being the practical equivalent of thieves. They are stealing from me and from all other tax-paying citizens, or those with work permits who pay taxes. Illegals ought not enjoy anything in society paid for by taxes: schools, food assistance, medical programs…nothing.

They are part of a hidden economy that brought them here. We always have had that. Let their bosses pay them. And let their bosses be prosecuted for enabling the problem.

But illegals must not be rewarded with anything from the public coffers. The churches ought to help illegals. Jesus Christ commanded compassion. Yet he also said, "Pay unto Caesar what is Caesar's." Jesus was a taxpayer. He did not say, "Steal and smile."

For the good people who will say it is wrong to deny public schools, food, medicine, etc, to illegals, or that I am being anti-religious and cold, I say this:

You open your home. You open your checkbook. You pay for what you say you believe. But do not ask me, my adult children or my little grandchildren to be loaded with a debt to pay for thieves.

Give amnesty for those with jobs, and bring them on the tax rolls. Deport without compassion all the thieves.

Kentucky faces the same problem as Arizona, the difference only in degree. State Rep. Brad Montell, go to work, please, and defend your constituents. Sen. Rand Paul, please, do the same.

John D. Willis is president of Leadership Ethics Online. He can be reached at