MY WORD: The life of a dog through its eyes

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By Brenda Popp

Written in the voice of a kennel dog:

Hi, my name is Max. I was picked up a few months ago. My owner dropped me on the road. At least I wasn’t thrown from a moving car. I’ve heard of that happening.

This big nice guy put me in a truck and took me in. He gave me a shot and some yucky yellow medicine. I was put back in a place with a bunch of barking dogs. It sure seemed loud. Gee, so many other dogs here, some sad. Some look mad. Here comes a lady with some food. And water. She talked nice to me.

Just woke up. It got quiet for a while. I thought I better sleep while I could. How long have I been in here? There are people walking through looking at the dogs. It’s loud again with the barking. They left.

It’s dark now, quiet. Sleeping, dreaming of a meadow with tall grass, wild flowers, blue sky, fresh air. Hehe, I’m chasing a rabbit. It’s getting away. Oh well, I’ll wait around for another one. Oh wow, another dog over there likes me. It’s a good-looking Beagle. She’s coming toward me. She started licking my face. Nice. Hey, I’m awake. It was a dream. It seemed real.

Someone’s coming now. They are opening my door. She has a leash, hooking me up. Oh boy, get to go out. Walk in the grass. The other dogs are barking. They want to go out. too. This nice lady is walking me. She’s petting my head.

Wonder what she’s saying. We go back in. She gave me a dog biscuit and put me back in my cage. Oh, bye. I think she’s saying she will see me later for another walk. I can look out at the grass.

I see other dogs being walked. Wonder why we are here? Will we stay here forever? A family came in to look at a small Lab. Aw, they think he’s cute. They are taking him out. He’s gone. Well, back to sleep. Hope to get some food soon.

Yawn! Wow. Food is here. I’m sure hungry. I must be settling in to this place. It is getting dark again. I’m sleepy.

This family came and took me out to play. They came back later and took me to their home. This kid played with me, threw a green ball. I caught it and would go after it each time. The kid went inside. Guess he got tired of playing. I’m out in the yard alone. Think I’ll look around. Wow, now I’m not sure where I am. Guess I wandered away. Oh, down the street. There’s the kid. They are yelling for me to come back. They seem mad. They come and get me. They are arguing. I’m in the car now. We’re going somewhere. Uh oh, I’m back to the dog-barking place. I’ve been put in the kennel. Bye. Sorry!

As I look around I saw a couple of different dogs now that weren’t here before. A guy came and took a big growling dog to the back. Hey, I can’t see what’s going on. He never brought him back. I wonder what happened to that dog.

Brenda Popp resides in Shelbyville