MY WORD: The evience for global warming

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By Horace Brown

I have sat around long enough without making a public statement about this issue. If you don't believe that it is actually happening by now, then the reason you won't accept it is one or all of the following:

1.    You have some monetary gain, through maybe your stock, or a similar situation, so you just continue to say that it is all a bunch of hogwash.

2.    You are constantly watching one of the biased television stations that must be up to their neck in investments in big oil.

3.    You are continually hanging out with those people making statements, saying it's all a bunch of horse manure.

I'm sure there may be many other reasons, too numerous to mention here.

If I had never read one word about climate change/global warming, I would know it just because of my study of birds, since the age of 4, and, believe me, that has been a while. I have seen quite a few birds around here lately that just would not have been here without climate change. For instance, I very seldom, if ever, saw black vultures in Shelby County.

However, now, they are much more numerous than our turkey vultures and certainly dominate the TVs at any carrion carcass. Another species is the Great Blue Heron, which never was seen in our area. We only had the much smaller Green Heron that all of the locals called the Shike-Poke. Today, we seldom ever see the Green Heron, because this species now, has to be very careful of where they place their nest sites and have to be looking constantly over their shoulders, not only for the much larger more dominant Great Blue Heron, but also, the Black Vulture, both of which will raid the GH nest and eat their eggs and young.

The only nesting of a pair of Green Herons that I have found was in a very dense evergreen site that was fairly close to a Bald Eagle nest, on the Kentucky River in Henry County. Another species is the Bewick's Wren, which has been totally replaced in our area by the House Wren. Even though the House Wren is smaller than the BW, it is much more aggressive. I understand that a few Bewick's Wrens still nest in far Western Kentucky.

And I could continue telling you about many other species, but by now, hopefully you are beginning to believe that, yes, we are indeed going through a major climate change/global warming happening.

To add more fuel to the fire: When in a large city, look around you at the hundreds of gasoline burning vehicles. How can you possibly think that this type of energy waste can go on forever?

Fossil fuels are going to be all gone one day, and will we by then have created a new energy source? That would be a source that doesn't cost everybody an arm and a leg and hopefully will be good to the environment.

Environmental protection, by the way, must become the top priority of everyone, because, after all, it is where all of the life on our wonderful planet Earth exists.

The polar icecap is going to be totally gone by 2015. This is much sooner than anyone could have possibly guessed just a short time ago. Yes, the polar bears – the largest bear on earth – will die off because it exists by swimming from ice floe to ice floe and catching seals. Instead they will drown trying to find the next ice floe that doesn't exist.

Grizzly Bears, a more aggressive but smaller bear, is already moving north, and yes there has been some inbreeding.

Yes, all of our coastlines will move inland, and this will hit Florida especially hard, because a big portion of the state will be under the ocean. Yes, ships will have major shortcuts and will be able to sail across the Arctic Ocean a portion of each year.

Yes, the oil companies will, of course, be able to persuade those in charge and will be allowed to drill and poison and contaminate the Arctic Ocean as they have already done all over the world and most recently in our Gulf, in case you have forgotten.

Please don't forget Exxon's fiasco in Alaska several years back. That was horrific. Of course, a major portion of the company’s fines was excused by our prior president, whose entire family is in the oil business.

Then what about the weather that we are having, with most every storm being most severe. A 1,600-mile-wide hurricane in the northeast, 70 mph winds out of nowhere, fluctuating temperatures that are so unreal for the time of year and summers that are becoming hotter and hotter. Again, I could just go on and on.

After reading this, I hope you will have realized that, yes indeed, we are having a serious climate change/global warming situation and that each of you will start using any powers of persuasion that you may have to influence those in powerful positions to help save this wonderful planet and all of the life that exists here, so that future generations can enjoy life on Earth, as we have.


Horace Brown lives in Bagdad.