My college football Top 10

Here's my college football Top 10 for this week:

1 (tie). LSU (8-0) & Alabama (8-0) - Nov. 5 here we come!

3. Oklahoma State (7-0) - Will the Cowboys get the winner between the Tigers and the Tide in the BCS national championship game?

4. Clemson (8-0) - Quietly, but steadily moving up. If the Tigers can win at Georgia Tech on Saturday night they should have clear sailing under a Thanksgiving Saturday game at South Carolina.

5. Stanford (7-0) - Still need lots of Luck to get into the BCS title game.

6. Boise State (7-0) - Air Force played the Broncos a little too close for my liking.

7. Oregon (6-1) - The Ducks' Nov. 12 game at Stanford should decide the Pac-10, or 12, whatever.

8. Kansas State (7-0) - The good news is the Wildcats are unbeaten, the bad news is they host Oklahoma on Saturday.

9. Oklahoma (6-1) - The Sooners showed a lot of moxie in coming back against Texas Tech. I'm guessing Kansas State is going to feel the brunt of Oklahoma's frustation from that loss.

10. Michigan State (6-1) - What a finish! If the Spartans can win at Nebraska on Saturday they have a clear path to the Big Ten title.