Mix-up sends Shelby County pageant runner-up to state fair

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Two will share Little Miss title at county level

By Lisa King

Two little girls will share the title of Little Miss Shelby County Fair, but only one will be permitted to compete at the state level.


Lucy Woods was crowned with the Little Miss Title at the fair, but at that time, pageant officials did not realize that she was too old to compete for the title. When Woods’ mother, Brenda Woods, tried to register her to compete at the Kentucky State Fair, officials there contacted pageant officials in Shelby County, seeking the name of the runner up.

The runner up, Brianna Patricia Isa, daughter of Candice and Fernando Isa, will represent Shelby County in the Little Miss pageant at the state fair Thursday night at 7:30.

Isa’s grandmother, Patty Ethington, said that pageant officials in Shelby told her that they don’t intend to take the crown from Woods, but will instead, permit the girls to share the title at the local level.

“The other little miss will stay little miss [at county level] too, because they don’t want to take it away from her, which I can understand,” Ethington said.

“So she [Woods] will not be able to be in the pageant, even though they say we are having two little misses.”

It is not clear how the mix-up happened.

“It should have been caught, but they didn’t realize it; it just slipped through,” Ethington said.

Pageant official Danielle Dixon called the incident “a misunderstanding.”

“She [mother] thought she [Lucy] could compete that year as long as she was eight before June 30, instead of could not be eight until after June 30 of the year you compete,” she said.

Dixon said that to register for the pageant, parents must fill out a form and include their child’s age.

“They did put down a birthdate, but I mean, I don’t know,” she said.

Dixon said the decision was made for the two girls to share the title, rather than to take it away from Woods and give to Isa, the reasoning behind her desire not to have the mix-up publicized, she said.

“I just don’t want to hurt Lucy’s feelings when she had no part in it,” she said.

But Ethington said she called The Sentinel-News about the incident because she thought it was only right that people know that her granddaughter was going to be represent Shelby County at the state fair.

“They are giving Brianna a sash that says she is Little Miss 2013; she is getting a crown, and I guess the prize money, too.”

Brenda Woods could not be reached for comment.