Looking back: Jan. 31, 2014

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1959: Downtown fire claims 3 homes, 1 life

By Sharon Warner

Information was gathered from previous years of The Shelby Sentinel, The Shelby News and The Sentinel-News. You can reach the writer at sharonw@sentinelnews.com.


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10 years ago, 2004

For a man who went to college with no intention of going into law enforcement, Jason Rice moved up the ranks quickly. His latest move had him shedding his brown uniform and replacing it with a shirt and tie as he was promoted to detective….Ted Igleheart received the Shelby County Historical Society’s Community Service Award for his work with The New History of Shelby County, Kentucky, which was published in 2003….Brig. Gen. Ronald Van Stockum was given the President’s Award for his continued contributions and commitment to the historical society….Shelby County horseman R.H. Bennett was named the Herman Miles Horse Show Manager of the Year at the United Professional Horsemen’s Convention….Chip Minnis, who began at the Shelbyville Police Department as a patrolman 20 years earlier and moved up the ranks to captain, made it through the line of duty and announced plans to retire….Simpsonville volunteer firefighter Kathy Jones was elected president of the Shelby County Firefighters Association….Births: Brandon Skyler Johnson, Amiah Lynn Lay, Baylee Jane Stenger, Kathryn Mae Golden, Jacob Seaver Price, Stephen Jacob Summers, Sadie Abigail Terry….I’m one: Keaira Lee Wylie, Graci Jean Bradley, Brandon Cole Essex, Daelynn Margaret Dunn, Madeline Windsor Warren….Deaths: Dennis Carl Umensetter, 54; Effie Pearl Briggs, 80; Luther Eugene “Gene” Carroll, 75; Lewis Joseph “Shorty” Dodd Jr., 69; Mary Ellen Hackworth, 93; Rosia Moore Jennings, 94; Eugene W. Miller, 72; James Thomas Stucker, 72; Logan Ricketts, 86; Dorothy Kemper Ward, 89; Evelyn J. Pitcock, 74; Esther Kirkpatrick Ragland, 83; French Lee Smoot, 67; James G. Williamson, 81; Brenda Waters McCubbins, 64; Ruby Mayfield Bowie, 95; Elsie Lois Watkins Butler, 78; Eugene “Gene” Calvert, 71; Lucy Louvenia Neville Kelley, 85; Pauline Bright Nation, 80; Louise Mackey, 81; Mary Scearce Robertson, 82; Georgia “Nanny” Disponette Moore, 75.

15 years ago, 1999

Shelbyville Police Officer John Bailey had a new partner who turned many heads whenever he walked into a room. Boris had mostly black hair, with some brown, pointed ears, a tail and walked on four legs – a 3,5-year-old German Shepherd....A proposed 52-mile pipeline that would provide water from Louisville to Lexington and through Shelby County, was expected by year's end....Laura Donnell was appointed assistant commonwealth attorney for Shelby, Spencer and Anderson counties....With the merger of the Henry and Shelby County alternative schools in the near future as part of a Safe Schools grant, a new population of students would be served, expanding the services offered by Cropper Day Treatment/Alternative School....Clayton Wesley was awarded by Scoutmaster James Webb the Eagle Scout, the highest rank in scouting, for his service in Troop No. 270....Shelby County High School girls basketball team flogged Grant County, 85-26. Amanda Todd was crowned basketball Homecoming queen during that victory....Father John Trager retired from St. James parish....A post-secondary technical education facility was to be build in Shelby County to serve it and surrounding counties, in lieu of what many thought would be an expansion of the Shelby County Area Technical Center next to Shelby County High School....Renovation on the large house on 9th Street, dubbed the "Blue Goose," was part of the final phase of the Martinsville rehabilitation....Births: Andrean Nichole Banks, David Kesler Case, Rachel Elizabeth Gordon, Elizabeth Carmen Lutes, Margaret Elizabeth Myers, Destiny Dashay Newman, Myah Christen Rice, Frank Roger Hernandez Roblero, Alexis Danielle Rogers, Lauryn Elizabeth Romine, Zachary Keith Way, Abigail Elizabeth Manning, Erin Elizabeth Bailey, Julia Joann Easley....I’m one: Grant Perry Gartland, Isaac Ray "Zac" Goldsmith, Megan Marie Hill, Gabrielle Michelle Wentworth....Deaths: Wilma "Sissy" Hoskins, 47; Shirley Scruggs, 59; John W. Stigers, 74; Ann Turner Agee Brown, 72; James "Randy" Branscom, 20; Viola Buford Burns, 94; Helen Muriel Holston, 85; Owen Collins Goodwin, 90; Julian Gayle Shaw, 62; Robbie C. Smith, 86; Nellie Downey Raisor, 74; Ramona Pulliam Slattery, 68; Virginia Shearer Trammell, 82; Gayle S. Ethington, 82; Lamar Hundley Sr., 73; Louise Turner Ogden, 76; Frances Vawter Pollard, 92; Thelma "Pat" Ruble, 75; Shirley Ann Beach Stone, 54; Herbert A. Troxell, 73; Robert A. Young, 71.

25 years ago, 1989

Paul Bottom (right) retired as Simpsonville branch manager for Shelby County Trust Bank after 10 years. Keith Medley, a 5-year bank veteran, took over....Mary Ann Hornback was one of just two women selected for the prestigious Philip Morris Leadership Development Program sponsored in cooperation with the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture. Hornback, 27, a Shelbyville farmer, was seeing farming methods in Argentina and Brazil as part of a study tour sponsored by the tobacco company....Trent Davis, the industrial arts teacher at West Middle School, was hired as the head soccer coach at Shelby County High School....Persons interested in county records of death, mortgages, wills and other documents could look them up in a fraction of the time it used to take because of a new computer system in the Shelby County Clerk's office....George Burch Kinsolving was named president and chief operating officer of the Shelby County Republic Bank, where his brother, Lee, had been president since 1979. Lee Kinsolving was named president of Republic Savings Bank, a $350 million group of eight banks....Students at West Middle School had to be evacuated after a light ballast blew and sent smoke billowing throughout the second floor. No damage was found....Angie Doyle, former Shelby County High School basketball player and honor student, learned that her liver had failed because of a rare, inherited disease called Wilson's. Both her mother and father, Deana and Max, carried an abnormal gene but had not contracted Wilson’s....Brent Aldridge, junior at Eastern Kentucky University, was elected to the office of sigma for the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity....Mitch McClain was promoted to assistant vice president with The Cumberland Federal Savings Bank....Max Heath, executive editor of Landmark Community Newspapers Inc., was named Most Valuable Member of the Kentucky Press Association....The Sentinel-News News Editor Duanne Puckett and staff writer Mickey Meece were recognized by the Kentucky Press Association for writing awards....Deaths: William Carey Belwood, 63; Keith Wayne LaRue, 29; Ester Murphy, 81; Mary Snider Roberts, 91; Freddie Lee Roberts, 73; Bessie Burgin Perry, 76; Mary Frances Marattay Fowler; Lorena Duncan Stigers, 67; Fraser Wilkins, 80; Mary W. Taylor, 75; Lillie Mae Shouse Buckley, 91; Mabel Simpson Griffin, 86; James I. Watters, Ph.D.; William "Ricky" Reed, 36; Mildred Johnston Ruhl, 73.

40 years ago, 1974

Neil S. Hackworth joined James H. Byrdwell in the private practice of law with their offices to be maintained at Byrdwell’s present location in the Smith-McKenney Building in Shelbyville….Armstrong Insurance Agency on Main Street was the scene of a break-in, and the discovery was made when the office was opened for business on Monday morning. Harry Smith Jr. reported that the thieves entered the building in two places in the rear, disturbing the Chamber of Commerce facilities as well….Harvey Sutherland Jr. was the new Music Director at the Beechridge Baptist Church….High winds and torrential rains hit the county causing twister-type effects in some areas and plenty of fallen limbs nearly everywhere….Tana Ray was named Shelby County High School 1973-74 Betty Crocker Family Leader of Tomorrow….Shelbyville received honorable mention in recognition of All-Kentucky Cities by the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce’s annual Opportunity of Progress program….A 1974 Gran Torino station wagon was delivered to the Shelby County chapter of the Red Cross to be used in a program that would provide transportation for the elderly….Teresa Murphy was crowned the 1974 Shelby County homecoming queen….Births: Leigh Anne Schmidt, Amy Catherine Goode, Bradley Carroll Price….Deaths: Andrew McFatridge; Irene Burnett Hickman, 55; Marguerite Miller Sutherland, 77; Charles William “Buster” Barrickman, 54; Mary Rose Hughes, 84; Jonas R. Weller, 90; Julia Glenn McAfee, 82; Zilpah Perry Rice, 92; Myrtle Proctor Carriss, 76; Sol Tingle, 95.

55 years ago, 1959

The annual awards session – a highlight event of Farm and Home Week – gave top recognition to several Shelby Countians for their service to agriculture in Kentucky. Honored were Ben Allen Thomas Sr., Mrs. J.L Coots, and C. Wise Shipman….John B. Clark was awarded the Knight of the York Cross of Honor, a Freemasonry honorary degree that is the highest in the York Right….Shelbyville’s telephone dial equipment was installed by a Shelbyville native, W.C. Marshall. He is job supervisor and in charge of 34 men who were installing and wiring the new equipment while will be completed by June 7….Fanned by a wind that carried blazing embers onto a building on Main Street in downtown Shelbyville, flames destroyed three residences and took the life of Herb Murphy at 5th and Bradshaw. The fire was of undetermined origin but was believed to have started from a coal oil lamp in his upstairs room in the house owned by James Ritter….James W. Lea, a senior at Shelbyville High School, was named state winner of the Voice of Democracy contest….Three traffic lights on main Street will be replaced and a new one added by the state highway department. The new light will be installed at the Main and Sixth Street corner….Birth: David Marvin Harris Jr….Deaths: Hettie Sudduth Young, 81; Cleo Montfort Stivers, 72; Reba Mae Kelly, 47; Lucien Young, 75; Zack Harper, 62.

60 years ago, 1954

Edward Kerr of Simpsonville was one of the nine district winners receiving awards at the Farm Awards luncheon in Louisville. He won first place in the North Central District on his outstanding farming program and FFA activities.... Ruth Lipman was elected Noble Grand of Boy John Rebekah Lodge No. 30; Mrs. Ollie Green was vice grand; Frances P. Scofield, secretary; and Mary Ellen Hamilton, treasurer.... Paul Ratcliffe, who was Shelby County's representative in the Legislature, was named chairman of the 1954-55 Red Cross annual drive in Shelby County....Ellis Gunn, who had been in the body and paint shop at Pearce Motor Company for 13 years, retired. He had been in the garage business 29 years and planned to devote his time to his farm on Seven Mile Pike.... Louis B. Payne, Shelby County farmer, received an award from the University of Kentucky Department of Agriculture for "achievement and meritorious service" in agriculture....Clarence L. Houchens, 26, veteran of World War 2 with the U.S. Navy, was associated with Hall-Taylor Funeral Home....Elizabeth Sue Holland represented Shelbyville 4-H Club, which was among the six top-ranking 4-H clubs to receive awards from Kentucky Utilities Company, sponsor of the annual 4-H achievement contest....Charles Long, with Climax Roller Mills, was chosen to head the local 1954 Heart Drive....Fred Hauck, Production Manager for Roll Forming, resigned his position with the firm to take over full-time duties of his business, the Shelby Office Equipment Company....Fire starting in the basement of the Brazin Hardware Store caused considerable damage....One way to get out of jail, though not recommended, is to burn out. A 19-year-old drunken girl prisoner tried to get attention by banging on the bars with a tin cup, throwing everything she could out the window and finally setting fire to the bedding. Jailer Luther Hammond and wife showered the prisoners and burning bed with water....Birth: Edwin Allen Hanna....Serving our country: Army Pfc. Raymond F. Miller spent a 7-day rest and recuperation leave in Kokura, Japan. Stationed in Korea with the 40th Infantry Division he stayed at one of Japan's best resort hotels and enjoyed many luxuries unobtainable on the war-torn peninsula....Deaths: Mrs. Price Willis; Rev. George C. Cates, 85; Jennie Wilkinson Hammond, 82; John William Houchin, 65; Mary Bell Rogers Sanders, 79; Samuel Elliott Tracy, 79; Danny Carl Bolin, 8-month-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Bolin; John W. Cook, 81; Martha E. Funk, 75; Tilden H. Brown, 77; Mary Jane “Jenny” Franklin, 81; J.J. Allen, 78; Julius E. Bird, 79.

70 years ago, 1944

Coach Astor Tackett's Shelbyville's Red Devils had their 10th consecutive victory, 31-28, over Manual....Aviation Cadet William P. “Billy” Thompson completed his pre-flight training at Lodwick Aviation Military Academy, Avon Park, Fla....County basketball results were: Simpsonville 32, Finchville 31; Bagdad 36, Henry Clay 33; and Waddy 41, Glenyrie 19....The Shelbyville Red Devils remained on top of the CKC pack as they edged out the Lexington Blue Devils, 29-27. Orville D. Johnson, 16, of Eminence was killed in a head-on collision 2 miles north of Shelbyville.

80 years ago, 1934

Betsy R. Rives was appointed postmaster at Dunedin, Fla….Deaths: Addie Finney; Mrs. J.S. Bersot; Newton Thompson; James Monroe Watts.

90 years ago, 1924

The 88-acre Chester Turner farm on Mulberry Pike was sold to Philoman Bird for $111 an acre....The volunteer members of the Shelbyville Fire Department were Vic Schneider, H.P. Pulliam, Stoney Blair, Frank Ramsey, Will L. Smith, Benny West, Roy Hundley and Edgar Waters.... The beautiful brick residence of J.P. Lapsley, on his farm south of Shelbyville on the Hempridge Pike, totally was destroyed by fire with a loss placed at $35,000 with $12,000 insurance....Hart Wallace and Co. sold the bungalow on South 10th Street, owned by Miller & Bond, to Harry P. Pulliam for $3,700....Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Snyder sold their 1-story frame cottage on Washington Street, near 5th to Mr. and Mrs. James V. Glass, for $2,500....Deaths: Charles H. Grasty, 61-year-old newspaperman; Sophronia Haley Hedden, 79; Simson McDaniel; Bertha Rosenfield; Mattie Wilson, widow of Walker Daniel; Paul Stivers, 12-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Stivers; Mrs. Fred Burgin, 32; Margaret Whitehouse, wife of W.A. Whitehouse.