Letters to the Editor: Oct. 3, 2018

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One Democrat responds to ‘Drivel and Tripe’


Roy Smith’s Letter to the Editor in the Sept. 19 edition of The Sentinel-News [“What have Democrat’s done?”] displays an amazing amount of vitriol for someone so deeply enchanted by the current administration.

As a country of immigrants I am not surprised that some choose not to follow the guidelines promoted by the American Legion and others dealing with respect for the flag of the United States. Would Mr. Smith be so incensed if Colin Kaepernick were a Native American. I think not: Drivel and Tripe.

I am very guilty of over reacting when Republicans, led by our own Marvelous Mitch, hold a Supreme Court seat open for a year and then seeks to ram through the appointment of another thuggish, Trump like, nominee who’s only qualifying factor seems to be his support for Trump and his likely vote to acquit if his Russian collaboration ever comes to trial.

The smokescreen of enhanced G.D.P. and lower unemployment are the result of initiatives begun during the Obama administration and coming to fruition at this time. Once again Mr. Smith: Drivel and Tripe.

When you are the minority party, even if you became so because of an Electoral College system that is open to manipulation, you don’t need a plan. You need resistance. See the Women’s March on the day after Trump’s coronation, or the rise in Democratic candidates for the mid-term election, or the increase in organizations opposed to the Washington gridlock. Make no mistake Mr. Smith, the Democrats are coming and they will bring plans aplenty. They will also be trying to restore dignity and civility to the public discourse. I say again Mr. Smith: Drivel and Tripe.

And finally I want to thank you for recognizing that great American comic, Ron White, whose influence on your observations can best be viewed through the bottom of the glass of vodka from which he sips during his act.

I think you nailed this one Mr. Smith: NOT Drivel and Tripe.

Walter Anderson