Letters to the Editor, May 20, 2015

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Cemetery clean and without issue



In your April 10 issue, allegations were published that a private cemetery was neglected and being abused. Because of the reports of damage and desecration, the Shelby County Cemetery Preservation Board was contacted for comments.

It is our challenge to protect the 350-400 cemeteries located on private property in Shelby County. We visit some onsite and have recently been working diligently to preserve a few of historical significance to our county.

The recent newspaper article referred to the Buck Creek M&E Church Cemetery/Williams Cemetery, located on Taylorsville Road south of Finchville that is on private property.

Members of the Shelby County Cemetery Preservation Board met with the landowners onsite after the article was published. Our goal was to either prove or disprove the allegations. After walking through the cemetery, we found there had been no damage or desecration. What we did find was the cemetery was mowed and being maintained.

An addition in 1980 to a book published by the Shelby County Historical Society showed six graves. Since then, surveys have been conducted to show there are 11 graves. There are only four marked with tombstones. There are a few marked with pieces of concrete but others are not identified in any way. So this makes it impossible to know the exact perimeters of the cemetery.

Kentucky Cemetery law states it is a felony to damage any cemetery. A landowner is required to protect a cemetery on his property not to maintain. We are pleased with the condition of this cemetery and want to set the record straight that no damage had been done by the property owners.

The preservation board stands firm on protecting cemeteries and would love to see all of them restored and maintained but we realize this is an unrealistic goal. However, with community volunteers, we can make a little difference to keep the past intact for the future.


Shelby County Cemetery Preservation Board,

Linda P. Clemmons, Secretary



Editor’s note: A story stating that Buck Creek M&E Church/Williams cemetery was clean and clear of incident appeared in the May 6, 2015 edition of The Sentinel-News.



Support for powder-puff game


Dear Editor,

First and foremost, we would like to thank you for publishing our story on the powder-puff football game. We appreciate your time and effort. However, we would like to draw attention to a misunderstanding we noticed in the article.

Collins High School has a support system the size of a mountain. The staff here genuinely loves the students and they want nothing but the best for us. The paper said that there were many staff members that didn’t want the game to go on, but the opposite was true. Every teacher that we spoke to supported the program 110 percent.

The only objection came from a coach who was concerned for the safety of his players (and everyone really).

Mr. Leeper objected the idea at first, but that was only because he didn’t want to add to the stress of the students because this is testing season and the original idea called for the game to be played on a weeknight.

Once we revised our plan and found a Saturday that worked, he was behind us all of the way. The main goal for everyone employed at Collins High School is to take care of their students and to prepare them for the real world.

We love our faculty and staff and we want the community to know that this is a terrific group that we are blessed to be around every day.


Yours Truly,

Eli Megibben and Shai’Anne Moorman