Letters to the Editor: May 1, 2013

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County needs recycling


As I ponder what project to do for Earth Day this year, I can't help but think how disappointing our county government is to abandon the curbside garbage/recycling issue.  Offering garbage pickup and recycling at a lower price makes sense and helps protect the environment.

I am not loyalty to any vendor, and I don't have time to compare prices.  The city and county can get a better rate than just one person.  This negotiated price should include recycling.

Keep in mind it is us, the taxpayers, who foot the bill for the landfill. The quicker it fills up, the more we will pay for additional space. It makes sense to keep everything that can be re-used through recycling out of the landfill. More people would recycle if they understood the economic impact and it were more convenient.

If the 109 board builds a new facility, they need to scale back the plan. Charging a usage fee for garbage is a bad idea. Those who won’t pay will dump their garbage on county roads. Keep the Waddy facility open. Close the 7th street location; move it to the new site and expand the scope of recycling, i.e. CFL bulbs and TVs.

I hope the county will reconsider. Work out the billing issues, offer a senior citizen discount and get this project moving again. Every surrounding county has successfully worked out a plan that includes recycling at lower rates than the price I pay per month for garbage pick-up.

Judy Cunningham



Supports garbage plan, opposes LED signs

I support mandatory garbage collection. I believe it is in the interest of all Shelby County residents to do so. Though it does disturb me that the City of Simpsonville, of which I am a resident, collects the additional fee without providing curbside recycling service or showing any promise of doing so in the future. Perhaps this is something to consider for the county as a whole.

In addition, I would like to thank all of you who have been involved in this process. As evidenced recently at the Triple S Planning and Zoning meeting, without the involvement of residents and leaders in the decisions that shape our community, the future of our county will remain in the hands of very few people. After the vote by Triple S, it appears that with only one person speaking against LED signs in the “Village Center of Simpsonville,” namely me, the city is on track to allow such signage to provide visual pollution in what appeared to be what planners and residents originally intended to reflect the “small-town character” there.  Hopefully a vote for mandatory trash collection in our county will at least help to curb illegal dumping.

Donna Costelle



Terror and tears


First an act of terrorism,

Then surely there are tears.

We come together in great resolve

To overcome our fears.

With disfunction in our government

And commonality lost to greed,

How sad, it takes a tragedy

To show us what we need.

There was an age of innocence

When fears were innocent too.

A secular world was yet to come

With evils that were new.

With events of nine eleven,

(They were not so long ago)

Our world was changed forever

By a cowardly new foe .

Why now do people hate us

Who don't know who we are?

Their agents of distruction

Can find us from afar.

We're still the nation in all the world

With freedom sought and won.

As a child of fiction famously said

"God bless us every one."

Don White