Letters to the Editor: March 20, 2013

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The sun shines light

I have been around for a long time, also I’m 87 years young. However, one could never prove that humans have caused global warming by studying birds. Instead of birds one should study the sun from the beginning (“Evidence of global warming,” My Word, March 6).

Every 11 to 12 years, the Earth alternates between a cooling period and a warm or hot period, which is a natural phenomena caused by the activity of the sun. Last summer, the sun experienced many storms in the form of flares, which sent millions of charged particles to the Earth.

These storms have a huge impact on the Earth’s weather and climate, which could even
damage the electric grid. I have never seen any proof that humans have caused global warming.

What tests did the “scientists” use to reach their conclusions? Are the tests valid? Did they first look at the natural causes, which are many? Where are the figures that are supposed to prove their

In the latter part of the eighth century, the Earth was so warm that the Vikings were able to
herd cattle and grow crops that they could not do before the warming. This warm period lasted for 300 years. The ocean did not rise, although the glaciers had apparently melted.

Also, blue herons have been seen in Kentucky for a long time. In the ‘60s and ‘70s, on my father’s farm in Fayette County, we use to watch a blue heron catch fish from the pond; in the ‘80s, on rare occasions we would see a blue heron on Kentucky Lake or Lake Barkley.

This nonsense about global warming is all about control. The socialists want to control every aspect of your life.

Catherine Hail


Power line location


East Kentucky Power Company should locate its proposed new lines on the north side of I-64.

The main concern is that if the power lines are installed on the south side of I-64 it will disrupt our farm crops and farmland along I-64. To take these croplands away from us each year is not “working together to arrive at the best solution.” The power lines should be installed on the north side of I-64, considered industrial.

Arlene M. Redinger


Successful history event


The Shelby County Historical Society would like to thank everyone that participated in the, "Community Tapestry A celebration of local Black History” on Feb. 10. This event took several months to plan, and it would not have been possible without the help of our committee that put together a very informative and educational exhibit for the whole community. To everyone that donated photos, gave oral histories and helped with the displays for the event, your contributions did not go unnoticed. The event was a huge success. There were well over 100 people in attendance.  We appreciate The Sentinel-News and Shelby County Life magazine for covering the event.  Thank you to the Shelby County Public Library and the local VFW for allowing us to display some of our exhibit.

Sanda Jones and Kerr Magan, event co-chairs