Letters to the Editor, June. 22, 2016

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“The Greatest of All Time”

Dear Editor:

My brother and I went to Louisville last Friday to watch Muhammad Ali’s casket pass by. I will never forget that day. An overwhelming feeling of love and peace pervaded; everyone united in their grief and respect for “The Greatest of All Time.”

There are few people I respect as much as this man. I respect him for his stance against war. He could have agreed to be drafted and, like many other famous people, been placed in a position of safety. However, he chose to sacrifice millions of dollars and his heavyweight title to do what he believed was right. And the United States Supreme Court agreed with him. I respect him for his kindness, his love of children of EVERY color, and his work for peace and human rights for ALL people.

Once again, I was horrified to read an article by Bill Matthews, this one full of disparaging and racist remarks about Ali. It just doesn’t sit well with Mr. Matthews, a man of monied, white privilege, that “principally Muslims, and a few Blacks... served as pallbearers at his funeral.” Mr, Matthews, do you think it noteworthy every time a white “Christian” serves as a pallbearer? Of course not. Your bigotry doesn’t sit well with me.

Also, Matthews feels the need to point out that the Ali Center “has never made a profit.” How can we get it through your head, Mr. Matthews, that money is not to be worshipped; it is not even close to being the most important thing on Earth? The Ali Center teaches 6 core values: confidence, conviction, dedication, giving, respect and spirituality, all of which are necessary for our children and each one of which is more important than the almighty dollar.

I simply cannot believe this person was appointed a member of the local human rights commission. Hell, I could take a ride on the ferris wheel at the fair, throw a dart into the crowd and hit a better candidate. And when I think of all the noble people whose applications were ignored, all because they MIGHT support fairness? Well, it just sickens me, especially in light of the recent Orlando tragedy. Mr. Matthews should be removed and the remaining year-and-a-half long vacancies filled innediately.

Yours Truly,

Leslie McBride