Letters to the Editor: June 19, 2013

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In praise of Puckett


It was with great pleasure that I read Bonnie Gray’s excellent article on Duanne Puckett in The Sentinel-News (“Saying thanks to a legend,” MY WORD, May 29). I would like to add my own accolades to hers.

It was my privilege to get to know and admire Duanne during the 10 very happy years I spent in Shelbyville as the pastor of Annunciation Catholic Church, from 1983 to 1993. She is a sterling example for all of us of courage, perseverance, cheerfulness and accomplishment under very difficult circumstances. She was the editor of The Sentinel-News when I was in Shelbyville. Her great love of Shelbyville and Shelby County was evident to all who knew her. In these later years, I know she must have been a great influence on all the Shelby County students.

It is my hope and prayers that God will continue to bless her abundantly now and in the future.

John Lesousky



Preview of obituary

The attention I have received due to my retirement has been overwhelming. I have consistently told people, "I feel as if I have died and no one told me." If this is an indication what my obituary will be like, I am thrilled.

It all started with Bonnie Burks Gray's glowing column (“Saying thanks to a legend,” MY WORD, May 29), followed by Todd Martin's terrific story (“A community treasure,” May 31), even though the archive photos showed my former poor taste in oversized glasses and funky hairstyles.

The accolades and antidotes shared at the community reception made me smile and laugh. I was honored that Dr. Leon Mooneyhan and Tina Tipton hosted such as fabulous reunion of family and friends to enjoy delicious food as well as the exquisite floral arrangement designed by Judge John David Myles.

   The most recent humbling factor was your editorial (“We congratulate: A retirement well-earned,” June 12). It is hard for me to comprehend having made such an impression on people, let alone this community. I simply did what my dear parents inspired me to do after marrying my wheelchair: Try hard, do your best and live life to the fullest.

I will follow those instructions until I end up at Grove Hill Cemetery and my actual obituary is written!

Duanne B. Puckett


Beautiful music


Thank you to the Memorial “Big Band” and audience members who were so gracious in their time and giving at the concert on May 11. Susie Saunders, Ernie Threlkeld and Mel Owens would have been proud of the music making that night. Many gave very generously that night to the SCHS/Collins orchestra and to SCHS band. Words cannot express what it means to us and especially the students. Erie’s sax and Susie’s viola were used in the concert that night. They are still making music.

Mary McGillen SCHS/Collins High School orchestra

David Roslon SCHS band