Haute hot dogs

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With summer heating up and the 4th of July weekend coming, hot dogs are in peak season. But these succulent sausages aren’t just for kids.

By The Staff

Hot dogs are simply the perfect summer food. You don’t even need a plate to enjoy a delectable dog right off the grill – just a bun and some mustard or ketchup and you’re back hitting Wiffle balls and chasing fireflies.


But don’t be so quick to push the frankfurter off on the kids while the adults wait for more sophisticated fare from the coals.

With a little better quality dog and some extra topping, adults and kids can share the culinary delight.

Take care to look for an all-beef hot dog – we picked Hebrew National but Nathan’s are good and easily accessible, too – instead of one with a long list of animal by-products. Focus on quality ingredients – make your own hot onions and chili, buy the good mustard – and don’t skimp on toppings.

And finally, take a little more care on the grill. Keep those dogs turning to avoid burned spots, and focus on a deep, rich golden brown link that will be as visually appealing as it is tasty.